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  1. message said I killed it and but it kept grappling me with 0 crew...
  2. I attacked 2 Loceans NPCs, sunk one, it caught fire and I killed it. then Dead NPC grappled me with full crew and we both exploded. Then it turned into Imported dead Vic. explain it? )) reported ticket... Crew is 0 while boarding?
  3. @admin I will not name the Nation, but here is the problem we face. When map was first reset large clans quickly migrated from other nations and capped ports, then those large clans left and their leaders no longer play for this Nation (clans still exist, but not active). When clan is trying to friend other clans they do not respond, but they are owners of those capped ports and block port investments and expansion. My clan has resources and money to expand ports, but can not do it due to original leaders and their members are no longer present. To me this is a broken mechanic that can be easi
  4. Port Governors DLC, Ability to participate in weekly port Governor Election. (Governor salary and perks).
  5. -Properly scale port buildings. Reduce their size, add more trees and vegetation, add more buildings only in capitals or larger ports. Add variation. -Add port sounds when docked, people working, whistles, wood creaking, forge working, metal clanking, seagulls, crows sounds, bells, soldiers marching...
  6. 2 missions , 2 large boats like these in rank 6. Why? @admin
  7. @admin Should be - Buildings required for the production of provisions for sea travel. It includes fish workshops, livestock farms, and mills. No description in Build menu for structures. Player must buy it and then read it? How it should be: vs
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