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  1. Great to see the founder of the legendary SLRN back at it. Welcome back good sir. o7
  2. I truly wonder if the people throwing all the mud on the tribunal post clearly understand how bad this can get if this is allowed. You could essentially lock down countless front lines all over the map by just having another nation generate a port battle and no show it. Regardless of how you feel about Russia, Sweden, Truxillo, San Juan, and all the other BS; this could get very bad very quickly and shut down RVR among numerous front lines.
  3. Connie and USS would need a major nerf if that was to happen. They just recently buffed the speed which was needed as well as the dual deck 42 carros now. Dropping it to 4th rate again would require a nerf to both it's hp and well as thickness since these are much higher than the 4th rates. Connie as it stands now has same thickness and slightly more hp than 3rd Rate and USS has more hp than Wasa and same thickness. Both are also faster than every 4th and 3rd rate other than the Leopard. So sure, drop Connie and USS back to 4th rate, but to do that would require quite a big nerf. Personally I think it is well suited where it is with the recent buffs it's received.
  4. I am addressing the system as it is currently implemented. Out of the 3 ways to get seasoned woods atm, well there's 4 but the 4th one isn't available to everyone on the server, privateer fleets should be the most efficient because it requires the most people and group activity and as it stands now the rewards aren't that great for the number of players required. This rework changes that. As it stands now, I can get around 250-500 seasoned logs through privateer fleets, around 100-200 through breaking up DLC ships, and around 80 through crafting in a single day. What y'all are proposing is adding to the ways to get seasoned woods, which isn't a bad idea, but regardless is a completely separate issue than what I am addressing.
  5. Any chance there will be an increase in the number of logs dropped through crafting? I'm fine with the cost in doubloons and tools, but due to the high LH restriction it is the least efficient way to get seasoned woods. Privateer fleets are the most effective way and should be, but I get more seasoned logs by breaking up my DLC ships in a day than I do from crafting them on average. Overall, love and agree with most of the proposed changes. Also, any idea if we can get any insight into the change of wood characteristics planned?
  6. One of the biggest issues with tools atm is the weight and amount one needs. The most you can transport at any given time is 156 and that's with 4 Indianmans and a fourth of what's needed to craft seasoned logs for an Endymion and now with the number needed for LH Contracts even more are needed. My suggestion, would be to remove tools as a trade good and reclassify it in the same category as copper ingots, Royal Navy Academy Graduates, etc. Now this in itself presents some issues but could solve or mitigate some. 1. Removing them as a trade good could mean that you could drop the weight from 100 to say 50 or lower, enabling you to transport more. 2. It allows players to place contracts on them, rather than relying on luck of the draw to be in the port at the right time when it spawns. Now this presents it's own set of issues I will discuss below 3. It removes the ability for players to make an easy profit. I agree with the reduction in the price to craft tools as that was another thing that drove up the price of seasoned wood, however, it did open a big money making opportunity to players with the blueprint and it is the only trade good that is crafted. Even with the price cap on the ports, you can still make 1400-2700 profit on each tool with no risk that players have when dealing in other trade goods. I can craft 450-500 tools a day and if I was to sell them I could make 1.7-1.9 Mil a day just by selling to NPC. Some down sides are the prices in the player driven economy is super inflated. Ports that spawn tools close to crafting ports will probably see high bidding wars just increasing the cost of seasoned woods and labour hour contracts. However, if you keep the number of ports that spawn tools at 50 then there will be ports that are less visited and thus the price theoretically would be lower than what it is to buy from the NPC. I tend to try and visit the more remote ports that sale tools but due to the distance from crafting ports it's usually not worth the time required hauling the tools that I need due to the weight. Given my distaste for player controlled pricing in the game, I'm not sure it would be better than what we currently have. But figured I would throw my two cents out there.
  7. First rule of NA diplomacy. Negotiations and proposals should be made in person (TS) and discussed there. Second Rule of NA Diplomacy. Post agreed upon treaty on forums after having been ratified by respective parties. Third Rule of NA Diplomacy. Read the fine Print, because otherwise they other party will find loophole to break said treaty, ............. Christmas Truce
  8. Hmm. Didn't we drive y'all out of Panama? And I remember a quite crushing Victory over Spain at SDC that forced the Three Admiral's Treaty. Not to mention when I reduced Spain from 56 ports to 12 in 72 hours. Now that was a true ZERG. 2016 was the best year of this game, but I think you may have swapped Spain and Britain.
  9. I wouldn't call this quite an exploit due to the nature of the current use of Labour Hour Contracts. The increase in number of labour hour contracts being made is due to the fact that they must be used if you want to make crafting seasoned woods somewhat efficient. The increase of tools from 4 to 20 will make seasoned woods drastically much higher than they already are. Many clans have moved to crafting labour hour contracts to have a remote chance of crafting seasoned woods. Buying tools is extremely difficult due to low spawn rate and limited numbers of ports in which it spawns, as well as the difficulty in transporting tools due to their weight. Crafting tools is even more expensive and is high in resource usage. At the moment, a Level 7 crafter with the 25% additional labour hour perk can craft 89 seasoned logs a day. Realistically you average about 70 a day. A Level 7 crafter 25% additional labour hour perk can craft 625 tools a day. Realistically you average about 500 a day. To get enough woods to craft a Santi it would take you 39 days and for tools, 6 days with the perk, 49 days for woods and 8 days for tools without. And that's just crafting wood and tools, nothing else. An Endymion, 8-9 days for wood and 2 days for tools. Crafting seasoned woods without labor hour contracts is extremely inefficient. Before this fix, to craft a seasoned Santi, the cost just for seasoned woods, labour hour contracts, and doubloons was as followed. 3472 seasoned logs = 3472 tools, 3472 teak logs , 10,416 doubloons, and 146k Labour hours. - Tools: To buy you needed 6.5 Mil. To craft, 3.5 Mil and 17,360 iron (1 Mil), 17360 coal (70k) , and 21k labour hours. Buy: 6.5 Mil. Craft: 4.5 Mil - Doubloons: 10,416 for seasoned woods, 8745 for ship itself. 19,161 Doubloons. Reals conversion: 5.4 Mil - Labour Hours, 146k: 292 Labour Hours contracts. In other words, 1,168 tools (2.2 Mil to buy and 1.2 Mil to craft (Crafting: 5,840 coal, 5,840 iron, and 7k Labour Hours)), and 58,400 provisions. Buy tools (292 LH Contracts): 3.1 Mil. Craft Tools (292 LH Contracts): 2.5 Mil. Santi Total Cost in reals just for seasoned wood, doubloons and LH Contract cost: 15 Mil if you buy tools, 12.4 Mil if you craft tools and LH contracts just for seasoned woods. With the change, this is what happened with labour hour contracts. - Labour Hours, 146k: 292 Labour Hours contracts. In other words, 5,840 tools (11 Mil to buy and 5.8 Mil to craft (Crafting: 35,040 coal, 35,040 iron, and 35k Labour Hours)), and 58,400 provisions. Buy tools (292 LH Contracts): 14.2 Mil. Craft Tools (292 LH Contracts): 9 Mil. Santi Total Cost in reals just for seasoned wood, doubloons and LH Contract cost: 26.1 Mil if you buy tools, 18.9 Mil if you craft tools and LH contracts just for seasoned woods. One can make the argument that a Santi is an extreme case so let's look at an Endymion before this patch. 676 seasoned logs = 676 tools, 676 teak logs , 2,028 doubloons, and 29k Labour hours. - Tools: To buy you needed 1.3 Mil. To craft, 676k and 4,056 iron (251k), 4,056 coal (16k) , and 4k labour hours. Buy: 1.3 Mil. Craft: 943k - Doubloons: 2,028 Doubloons. Reals conversion: 568k - Labour Hours, 29k: 58 Labour Hours contracts. In other words, 232 tools 435k to buy and 232k to craft (Crafting: 1,160 coal, 1,160 iron, and 1,392 Labour Hours)), and 11,600 provisions. Buy tools (58 LH Contracts): 435k. Craft Tools (58 LH Contracts): 494k. Endymion Total Cost in reals just for seasoned wood, doubloons and LH Contract cost: 2.3 Mil if you buy tools, 2 Mil if you craft tools and LH contracts just for seasoned woods. With the change, this is what happened with labour hour contracts. - Labour Hours, 29k: 58 Labour Hours contracts. In other words, 1,160 tools 2.2 Mil to buy and 1.2 Mil to craft (Crafting: 5,800 coal, 5,800 iron, and 7k Labour Hours)), and 11,600 provisions. Buy tools (58 LH Contracts): 2.2 Mil. Craft Tools (58 LH Contracts): 1.8 Mil. Endymion Total Cost in reals just for seasoned wood, doubloons and LH Contract cost: 4.1 Mil if you buy tools, 3.3 Mil if you craft tools and LH contracts just for seasoned woods. So Santi cost increased by 10 Mil and Endymion increase by 1.8 Mil. Then take into account the permits for these ships run around 4 Mil for a Santi and 2 Mil for an Endy, not to mention upgrades. This just further widens the gap between players and clans, as those with huge amount of resources (i.e. Alts) will still be able to push out seasoned woods in good amounts just with added difficulty, but at the same time makes it that much harder for the players/clans who do not have that many resources. My suggestion is that it might be advantageous to increase the number of ports with tools, increase the drop rate, or lower the cargo weight; essentially make tools more accessible to buy. Especially with the reduction of the cost of crafting tools, it makes those clans with a lot of players and resources a step above those that don't. Other than the LH Contracts, fairly enjoy the patch.
  10. I think you are missing the picture Greg. We all hate the AI Port Battles, but at the moment have to live with it. This was the 5th AI Port Battle at Nassau I believe. The time before this the AI fleet spawned in the wrong location and saw 7-10 ships have to fight 2/3rd of the AI and the port was only won because the other 1/3rd of it grounded themselves, and was confirmed to be bugged. We were told the bug was fixed, but we haven't seen any patch notes and by all accounts they were far faster than the previous 4 times we have defended Nassau. This wasn't our first rodeo, and considering Russia and Sweden lost their AI Port Battles and the Brits almost lost theirs with the AI getting over 800 points on the same day, one has to ask that when the Nassau bug got hotfixed that something else wasn't done.
  11. Any idea if we can get some insight into the proposed changes? With Seasoned woods, ships are now super expensive with a Santi costing 19k doubloons, 11 Mil in tools, and 145k Labour Hours in converting woods. Spending hundreds of hours moving resources, trading, and in logistics to craft a fleet of seasoned ships, only for them to be made obsolete with the advent of a monumental game change would mean all that work for nothing.
  12. Didn't know this thread existed. Good fight against the US from a couple months ago. One of my the more fun fights I've been in since coming back after release. This one eventually turned into a 1v1 Endy duel/ who could snipe masts quicker duel since VirtuallyIdiotic died very quickly to the fort and Endy before I could get close. Had a decent one last night. Newer guy that I gave some tips too and eventually capped but still, since 4th rates can now carry heavier and more carros they are a lot tougher to deal with in 5th rates.
  13. For some ports yes it is extremely difficult but not impossible. The last Port Battle at Morgan's Bluff will attest to that as that is a port with 2 forts, 2 towers and every single circle is covered by fort fire and Russia should have won. I personally like the reducing of the guns on forts from 42 pounders to 12 pounders. The towers on shallow water ports are already at 12 pounders so it makes sense dropping forts to that number. Also the lowering of the BR of the Mortar Brigs from 80 to say 45 where it is on par with Brigs would also give you more flexibility given that most shallow water ports are 900 BR.
  14. I already know the answer for the most part. That was sarcasm on my part.
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