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  1. Question is can you? You see the word meta and come on here to say death to meta. Have you bothered to compare the stats? What is getting nerfed or buffed? If you would bother reading what most of the people have wrote is that we have largely achieved balance across the board and there is no clear meta atm. However, with proposed thickness changes and speed changes to the teaks it will create a teak meta all over again.
  2. @admin In my opinion the current wood stats we had were fairly balanced with the exception of a few things as stated like White Oak Planking being faster than Teak. Some buffs were needed to some of these woods, such as Danzig Oak, Riga Fir, and New England Fir to warrant the minimum buy price these woods are now at. However, I do disagree with several of the proposed changes as they unbalance stats that were fairly closed to being balanced across the board. Teak, Malabar Teak, and African Teak should not have received a thickness buff and most definitely shouldn't be the same speed across the board. Malabar Teak and African Teak were already highly sought after woods before, with African Teak prices staying in the 15-20k range since it was released and Malabar will also being a similar range. These woods will still be highly sought after even without any proposed buffs and simply make teak redundant if you can get your hands on these as they have negligible draw backs compared to seasoned teak. I would suggest that for the frame parts, the thickness stay what it is currently and the speed is staggered with Teak (S) at 4.4%, Teak at 3.4%, Malabar Teak at 2.4% and then African Teak at 1.4%. The planking changes I am fine with as it solves the issue of White Oak being faster than teak, however I also suggest that the speed is scaled with Teak (S) at 2.8%, Teak at 2.2%, Malabar Teak at 1.8%, and African Teak at 1%. Again, this will give the teaks with huge amounts of thickness drawbacks when it comes to speed. Sabicu, the speed should be left alone. Sabicu is already extremely underused and making it even slower will only further hurt it. For most of us, certain buffs to the teaks aren't needed as they are viable as it is now and large buffs to their speed and thickness will make them borderline op even when compared to the heavier woods like Locust and Live Oak. Other than that, most of the changes I have no issues with unless I overlooked something as most are changing acceleration, speed, and repair across the board.
  3. Sorry, should've added a little more info on that screenshot. I used that one to demonstrate how the market was flooded by people liquidating their rare woods assets due to the high buy price of the NPC. That's Vera Cruz today for example. Compared to the buy price at KPR. If you buy at 17.5k per log you can still make a profit if you sell it at Vera Cruz, of around 9-10k per log. So a 5/5 TLynx that can go 17 knots with 500 tons loaded can make a profit of around 4.5-5 Mil. What's really bad about this is that all the ports have good prices from the NPC. As the logic in game is the further the sail the higher the price. So there are ports that are hardly ever used by anyone that are buying for 29-30k per log. At least with trade goods you can predict the route in which traders take as most trade between capital to capital. With the rare logs you can choose any port, regardless if it is a capital or not and for the most part avoid those players that hunt traders as there is no predictable pattern compared to trade goods. Take a British player for example. He can buy the rare logs in KPR and as long as he gets them at 20k or lower, he can then sail to San Fernando (In the Gulf), which is hardly ever used and sell the goods for 3.5 Mil profit and in a TLynx that's a comparably quick sail. And with Trader Lynx's the risk is little to none as there's only a handful of ships that can catch it and unless you have one of those ships most players pay you no attention. Yeah they might turn towards you to see if you are afk but once you turn off they keep going on their way. It also have ramification on the player driven economy. As if I can sail the woods to a port in which the NPC buys for 30k per log, then why would I sell to a player for anything less than 29k. And for rich players this is just supplemental income. It takes say a day or 2 for a contract to fill, and in that time they continue trading, making more money, and then when their contract for 500 logs is filled make and easy 3-5 Mil with little to no effort or risk and just repeat every other day. One could average around 10-15 Mil per week just from buying and selling rare woods from NPC to NPC, this on top of the income you get from trade goods and other trading. I believe in these items being treated like shipbuilding resources, but the NPC prices dissuade the use of these in shipbuilding and promote their use as a trade good, also in which it is treated different than all other shipbuilding resources. That compounded with the the minimum price being 10k, the minimum price for the frame of a Connie being 6 Mil, for planking an additional 6 Mil. So if you can get a wood for the bare minimum you are looking at 12 Mil for just the wood for a Connie. In reality the woods are running 17-20k which means 10 - 12 Mil just for the frame parts for a Connie, 20 - 24 Mil for both frame and planking. Even for the richer players, those prices are simply not worth it to use in building a ship out of, so better to buy and sell to the NPC.
  4. The issue is that with the changes is the rich got a lot richer. Looking at supply and demand, simply put some of these woods are not worth 10k per log. Greenheart was selling for 6-8k per log before. Danzig Oak in the 4-6k range, same with Riga Fir. They were accessible to many players in which supply and demand drove the price and now the minimum buy price for them is simply not worth buying it to build a ship out of. With that said I have huge concerns in regards to NPC buys prices for the new woods. If today is evidence for some woods they are much more useful as trade goods in selling to the NPC rather than actual woods for ship building. These are just some examples, I have much more and we have seen some such as the Caracas screenshot. The prices of these logs are are continuing to rise and in my opinion mostly going up not because they are valued in shipbuilding but because you can sell them for insane amount of money to the NPC. KPR is a perfect example as players who I have never seen place buy contracts for Greenheart started today of all days after the price to buy them doubled. As long as you can buy for 20k you are still able to make 5-10k profit for log depending on the sail. And then one has to account for the weight as since these woods are treated as shipbuiding resources they weigh 1 ton. 2 Indianman's full of these logs can sell at the right ports for 150 Million and if you buy at 15k per log you are looking at 60 Mil profit, 30 Mil profit if you buy at 20k per log and this is with 2 Indianman's. A single Trader Lynx can carry enough goods to make 15 Million, 7.5 Mil profit if you buy at 15k per log. To compare this, a few weeks ago, Anolytic posted the video of the treasure fleet that sailed from Vera Cruz to Bermuda and back. That fleet consisted of 62 Indianman's and sold it's goods for 300 Mil, with a profit of say 260 Million, which requires extensive work on the players part. Why would I use these woods for shipbuilding when I can make insane profit from such little work compared to trade goods. Unless the price got so high there is no longer any profit margin. And at that point, there is no point in using the wood for a ship because it would be too expensive to risk losing, I mean 17.5 Mil for the frame parts of a Connie if you buy at 30k per log which is the highest you can sell the wood at to the NPC. @admin Question is are these woods going to be treated like a trade good or as a crafting resource? I would suggest that the ability to sell these woods to the NPC for profit should be removed and treated like all the other shipbuilding resources. Otherwise, the richer players are going to use these woods as an easier way to make more money and not for their intended purpose which is shipbuilding.
  5. Well yeah, that's because they decided to sail literally 6 ports over and make 5k profit. But imagine sailing from Oranjested or Road Town to Bermuda and netting 25-30k profit per log
  6. Oh, so the minimum buy price for the new logs is now 10k per log. So any contract below 10k is not filling and you can buy from straight from NPC. Awesome, the price for some of these logs were at least somewhat reasonable, staying in the 3k-6k range per log. Now, the only thing this those is super inflate the prices widening the gap further between the 1% and the rest of the player base. Hell, the 1% already had an advantage when it came to the new woods, so let's make it so they are the only ones that can afford it by making the minimum buy price 10k per log. These prices won't hurt rich players, but congratulations on ensuring 99% of the players never have a chance to afford these logs. I mean hell, just the frame parts for a Connie is going to cost you over 6 Million with the new woods. 12 Million if you included the planking and that's if you can buy it at 10k a log, which for a lot of these you can't. Not to mention some of these logs aren't even worth 10k per log. I'm not paying 10k per log for Danzig Oak or Riga Fir as it is simply not worth it, where as before I I could see paying 3k - 5k per since it wasn't in high demand. It wasn't like inflation in this game wasn't high already.
  7. If I recall at one time there was talk about adding the MontaƱes to the game. Don't ever know what really came out that though.
  8. It was from Vera to Saint George's an back. Won't go too much into details, but figured I would add point A to point B for context.
  9. Only 3/5th of that group was his
  10. 4 is pushing it. 5 I don't like, 6 is fine, more is optimal It can be done with 6 guys fairly ok. Not saying it is not challenging but doing it with 6 guys is quite common.
  11. In one of the other threads it stated that you would teleport to where the AI fleets used to join and then would have 5 minutes to join PB from there. X and Y on the map.
  12. HDF won't change. As the way I understand it, flags will drop from HDF's and then can be used to attack any port of any nation.
  13. Now, I don't like having to be PVE to get flags but something to consider about what you wrote. Solo players won't be doing Port Battles...... And Port Battles need on average 12 guys to do them. If you don't have enough to do a HDF (Which require less) then you don't have enough to do a Port Battle. Now for some nations without easy access to HDF's, then yes it can be a little more difficult.
  14. Oh you didn't. I just ask if you quote me, make sure you read everything I post. Might put it into context. And yeah, been up for 20 hours. Didn't realize I posted twice....
  15. Yes, and if you bothered to read the other posts that I wrote after that initial quote you will find I changed my opinion. See stats only say so much. Testing a half a dozen different builds in instance show things not shown in stats. And I have every right to change my opinion and if you bothered to read the detailed post I posted, which you chose to ignore you will see I suggested a nerf to Locust. But yeah, if you're going to quote me; make sure you quote everything I say and not pick and choose.
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