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  1. Not being able to find a meaningful fight in a reasonable time (up to 45 minutes), which would allow me to sail in cooperation with people from my clan.
  2. vazco

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    I believe all 3 options are bad for the game (third being do nothing). People will be exploiting to get content*. In my understanding the only reasonable solution is to give them a way to get it. Non-gank RoE for patrol is the only solution I know, but any solution that gives it would work. *content - in this case non-gank meaningful battles which are quickly available to groups of 2-6 people. [edit] thanks for at least trying to discourage people from doing this. I'm still pesimistic about it though.
  3. vazco

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    If it's allowed to fight only a selected enemy targets and avoid others, that's what I will do in patrol zones. It can give me a non-gank environment. If this is not prohibited, I'm in! It's very shitty for those that I'll sink or those that will sink since I won't help them, but hey, who cares. It's content! @Caramon Mayer / Yordii, are you up for this? We'll set up staged battles. We'll fight each other, but as soon as someone joins, we'll avoid each other and focus on newcomers.
  4. vazco

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    Not fighting part of enemy in patrol zones should be simply prohibited. It's an exploit now as well and will lead to issues. We can prohibit this now, or wait a week or two until it becomes a cancer of patrol zones Lower BR would at least allow you to not to be forced to gank others.
  5. vazco

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    The issue of this battle is that if no consequences are taken or new rules introduced, next we'll see a lot of bait battles in patrol zones. One side will tag another and will wait for others to join in. First-joiners will keep killing newcomers, avoiding fighting other first-joiners. This is not fun, not sporty, gamey and bad for the game, yet the same as this battle, as no rules were broken.
  6. vazco

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    A good start would be to introduce an anti-gank RoE for patrol zones. At least it would remove the excuse for people to not to fight.
  7. vazco

    Hercules OW Spam

    Pavel, Wasa or Consti have good characteristics of a DLC ship. You can peform well in them, but they don't fill any special niche. Such ships are not pay-to-win. Once a ship fills a popular niche, it starts to be a pay-to-win ship.
  8. vazco

    Hercules OW Spam

    No DLC ship should fill any niche - that's the problem. Craftable ships are for this. DLC ships should only be easily available all-round ships, with no special performance in any situation. Then noone would be so mad about them.
  9. vazco

    Hercules OW Spam

    @Intrepido, soon you'll hear from all the smart people on this forum that Herc is indeed not dominating the OW, and that it's just your delusion - that ship is balanced and not used often. You're going against the tide, they'll be re-admited to RvR soon Steam doesn't have any rules for nerfing content of DLC - it's a myth. Herc could be rebalanced and Steam wouldn't mind. In fact, it happened in the past already I think 2 times Have a good day and a good struggle. You will probably loose it, but at least it's good to see someone try.
  10. Then put some action behind your words and accept the bet Or don't state that doubloons balancing is a closed case.
  11. Ok, I say price of doublons won't drop to or below 80 reals per doubloon until end of December. Who wants to bet for 50k doublons? (that's the price for contracts that people put to sell their doublons in capitals)
  12. How are you able to do this, getting 1-1.5k doubloons every hour?
  13. If you want them to stabilize at this price, you need to add better doubloon rewards for RvR and PvP. It's 6x difference to your goal right now, and I expect it will still grow. I predicted it correctly until now. Almost noone sails 1-4th rates, unless they have stacked ships from before the patch. 2k+ doubloons for Agamemnon is a lot. In my opinion doubloons prices should be readjusted, eg. ~7k for 1st rates, being around 2.5k for 2nd rates, 1.5k for third, with 4th rates free. This would help RvR better than latest proposed patch changes.