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  1. And what else are you supposed to kill on the PvE server????
  2. Old Crusty

    Moderation rules

    After Patch 27, and a statement from ADMIN about the direction they are taking the game I created a poll to see if the players on the Forums agreed with the patch and ADMINS statement. In my comments I I explained that I disagree with the direction the game was going. At the end of my statement I said that I do not believe that players want this game to become a World of Tanks sailing ship style. ADMIN quoted that statement, said it had no basis in reality and locked the poll. Tell me why they do not want to know if players agree or disagree with the direction they are taking the game and why they would lock the thread in the Forums.
  3. Yes, sorry, I was thinking hunting not trading. My bad
  4. Yes, you could make 4K in one trip, because of RNG you could make less than a thousand in 5 trips. BAD, VERY BAD
  5. It might better for you that 5th rates are now the biggest ships we will see in outer world but not for me. Charleston had Enemy SOL camping outside 2-3 days a week and now haven’t seen any.
  6. How about you read all the posts concerned in context? A player is complaining that he attacked an ENEMY TRADER BRIG and got crap from it. Admin says, why are you attacking a poor player? I am asking Admin how do we know if they are rich or poor? Read it all in context then give me your comments
  7. To some of us, SOL Battles was the best thing about this game. Now you will no longer see 3-6 Enemy players in Bellonas sit outside of the reinforcement zone of s Capital and wait there for an Enemy fleet to form up and challenge them. It is extremely sad that was taken away. Before you say that you can still do that, you know as well as I do that the AVERAGE PLAYER ( like me ) will not risk losing a SOL anymore like that. Very sad.
  8. How exactly are we to know if the ENEMY that we see is a poor Trader or a rich Trader? We can’t look at the ship and tell if it is riding low in the water from being weighed down can we? We can’t tell what rank that player is can we? Players are complaining about having there limited play time wasted by some very stupid game mechanics and all of your replies are just sarcastic and degrading.
  9. How about you concentrate on all the problems in the game that the players have been bringing up in the Forums? A tutorial that would accomplish the tasks in Welcome to the Caribbean is good to teach people the basics. Forcing people to join a clan, and forcing clans to accept people is wrong period. If you would fix the Patrol Zones everyone would lead new players there to get PvP experience. Requiring a person to set up ports where you want them to is simply wrong unless you give us several more. Just concentrate on fixing the problems that we have been bringing up and the game will be a lot better.
  10. Old Crusty

    Reward for Enemy Retreating.

    In every game that I have played for more than a couple of weeks, you were rewarded for effort. People play that play games want rewards. Remember that the average person has average skill and will lose almost always to players with higher skills. If you want those a average players to stick around and feed you your rewards, then there better be some incentive to keep them playing.
  11. Old Crusty

    How to promote ganking

    Make people do missions against AI by Enemy ports
  12. Old Crusty

    Fleet perk

    This has been brought up before but now with the Developers new emphasis on capturing ships it needs to be addressed again. Every Captain should be able to have one ship in fleet without using a perk. Fleet control one should give an additional fleet ship for a total of two, Fleet control two give two additional for a total of three.
  13. That is a very poor excuse for a design flaw. If the Trader was sailing just fine before you captured it, it should sail just fine after you capture it.
  14. I have said it before and I will say it again. Risk verses reward is way out of wack. Yes I have seen a few people post about the magical Trader ships they found with thousands of Doubloons but I have not actually talked to anybody that has found one. I sailed, did missions, and tried to set up my production for several hours this weekend. Unfortunately didn’t make to Nassau patrol zone. Without the Patrol Zone I, and most of the people I sailed with, did not made enough Doubloons or Reals to be happy. Some decided to move on to other games already. I don’t want to move on yet because this Era in warfare has a special place in my heart. Problem is that for me I want to see fleets of 3rd rates in the OW fighting each other. Those days are gone. All that is left in the OW is 5th rates and smaller and that just does not excite me. I have very little hope that things will change because of the unshakable attitude of Admin and his Cheerleaders telling everyone that says anything negative about the new system that we are crying. In gaming as in real life it is all about risk verses reward. For the average player there is now way to much risk and not near enough reward.
  15. You completely miss the point.
  16. I could write a thousand words in explanation but people have explained it in threads all over the Forums. The risk verses reward ratio has been dialed up so high that the game has become more of a job than a fun way to escape from real life for awhile. Players should have been enticed through rewards to do PvP and not forced into it.
  17. Old Crusty

    Closing ports

    I don’t know if this is a bug or not. The Btitish took Omoa where I have an outpost. I had an LGV, and a Trader Brig with a few things in warehouse. I loaded the LGV and went to Truxillo and then tried to close my outpost in Omoa. The warning came up and said I would lose any ships and all stuff in warehouse, it had me type close, then it said unable to close because I have a ship docked. So now I can’t close Omoa unless I jump in a basic cutter and waste 45 minutes of my valuable time to do a round trip to Omoa so I can close the output? I am hoping this is a bug and not another scheme to get me out sailing (wasting my time for no gain)
  18. Old Crusty

    Risk verses reward

    I’m at work so I can’t check, did they raise the Doubloons reward in Patrol Zones?
  19. Old Crusty

    Risk verses reward

    I want to unbox my Bucentare, Constitution Classic, Dianna, or any other ship. I am an average, at best, skilled player. I think it is insane to take a new ship into a high probability of PvP situation. Do you seek out PvP in a ship with no ship knowledge? Did you know that all new players will have no ship knowledge on any ship they get? This new mission method is throwing players to the PvP Wolfs. I have Outposts in far out neutral ports. I use them to go to the Patrol Zones because they rewarded lower skill players like me and allowed me to stay somewhat competitive. Now the rewards from the Patrol Zones will only cover my teleport in and out. I will be closing those Outposts.
  20. Old Crusty

    Risk verses reward

    Look at the map and see the distance between your Capital and Enemy ports. Then look at the distance of Charleston from Enemy ports. Huge difference. That’s why you will see Enemy AI and we don’t
  21. Old Crusty

    Risk verses reward

    I think you better look at the map again
  22. Old Crusty

    Risk verses reward

    I do believe you missed the part about no AI Enemy fleets on our coast
  23. Old Crusty

    Risk verses reward

    I will take the time to explain how you have forced people into unprofitable PvP. After the update everything is now all about Doubloons. To buy anything that you need to compete in PvP or RvR you need Doubloons. The best upgrades, and the Bigger ships need Doubloons. Thousands of Doubloons to build a SOL but you cannot sell it for Doubloons. The players with the majority of the Doubloons will be setting the price of Doubloons for everyone else. So how does a player that is of average skill get Doubloons so we can buy the best upgrades to try and compete with the higher skilled players? Simple, we sail to where these higher skilled players live and hope we find a trader To sink or capture. Then we hope that the Trader has hundreds of Doubloons, and then we hope we can kill the Enemy players waiting for us outside our battle, or that jumped into our battle. After the battle we hope we can escape the Enemy players so we can get back to port and actually get our reward. MISSIONS. The concept for the missions that the Developers came up with is very good in my opinion. The problem is that to fulfill the missions you must go to Enemy territory where there are Enemy players waiting for you to attack the AI for your missions so that they can attack you after the battle and take your loot. There is the kill missions that are in friendly territory but the rewards are very small. The game in a couple of weeks will boil down to this. Waiting for people to come into your territory hunting AI so that you can gank them. If you go after AI fleets in Enemy territory you will have about a 100% chance of getting into PvP. You won’t be able to go hunting by yourself because you will spend most of your time running or getting killed. If you avoid going into Enemy territory you will not be able to earn enough Doubloons to teleport to your outer Outposts so you will close them and now only have Outposts in home waters. Patrol Zone: I am one of the rare people that used the Patrol Zones. I was able to earn PvP marks by PvPing even when I lost. Yes I lost a lot of ships but with what I earned I could replace them. Now the rewards for the Patrol Zone is a joke with the new currency. With this new patch the people that are not good at PvP will quit. When they quit, that’s make some players that are still playing the worst PvPers. They won’t be able to earn enough Doubloons to compete so they will quit. That cycle will continue until the death of the game. I write all of this from the perspective of a USA player. Along the US coast we have hardly seen any AI fleets that we can harvest. A few Russian AI fleets thatvwe will now all compete for. We are forced to go to Enemy territory. I hope this explains everything without being to long.
  24. Old Crusty

    New Buildings

    Would be nice that a description of what the building does is given when you mouse over it.
  25. How about you let him answer that for himself