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  1. I agree! That is exactly why I hope that it will be back. Players should be able to help others if they are nearby. It was very frustrating for everyone but the gankers.
  2. We need a solution to be able and help. I remember countless times when we had to wait on OW for the battle to be over, unable to help out a solo buddy being ganked by 5 others...
  3. ^^ This! Strongly agree! The more I sail a ship the more knowledge I should gain on that particular vessel. There is no need to attach ships to each other. Why would I gain knowledge on a Trinco if I am sailing on a Surprise?
  4. Thats an intresting question sir, would like to know as well!
  5. I believe we need the timers back though. People getting killed in front of capitals in trader ships and and now you cant even help them despite the fact that you are 30 seconds away. The 2 minutes timer was good, you cant get reinforcements from far away but you can get help if your friends are in your vicinity. PVE missions are open for half an hour and the pvp battles are insta closed. What is this if not the promotion of ganking? I understand that if one does a hostility mission on enemy territory it can be attacked in order to stop him, but I see so many people doing missions in their capital region. There is no hostility generation there and when a single guy gets attacked by 4-5 others that is in fact a gank. I believe if the PVE missions are open the PVP battles should be open as well at least for a few minutes. It could work like it does in the newbie area, you can join until the BR limit is even or just simply have the timer again.
  6. There is a Naval Action Discord by the way, and the number of members are slowly growing. https://discord.gg/9ff9aeP
  7. Admin you have beat me with this comment. Was about to say the same thing. In EVE there is a lot of special edition ships, that - unlike NA - are exists in game in a limited number. Here you have the BP and you can build as many as you wish. In EVE you have a blueprint copy with x amount of runs on it so you can craft the ship lets say 10 times and its gone. They give out a few of these copies to the winner teams and thats it, never again. Those ships are truly limited. Every time one of these gets destroyed the remaining ships value goes trough the roof.
  8. Lockheed

    Not fun?

    1. Wind is very predictable. This counter-clockwise rotation needs to go away. It is very annoying when you beating up into the wind but you can not take even legs because of the constantly turning wind. Please let it blow to one direction for a while then make it slowly turn to another total random direction and stay there for a while. It would be nice if its strength wasnt constant but hey 1 step at the time. That is less annoying then its steady rotation. 2. Extremely poor variety and quality of loot. I think a PvP player should be able to maintain or grow his wallet by doing only pvp. I dont do port battles, I prefer duels or small gang pvp with 4th/5th/6th rates. In those battles you dont end up with half (or more) a million of gold so you either start trading or do pve, I have found both a very boring and a dull way to spend my time in the game. I really enjoy the combat, that is the main reason I play it and I hate that I am forced to do something I dont want to in order to be able to do pvp. I believe the loot quality and/or the gold can be earned from these battles should be improved significantly especially now, that a Fine Trinco 1mil(or a lot more). Also, in my opinion, destroyed ships should drop their cargo and modules with a % chance (every module should have a 50%-50% chance to be destroyed or appear among the loot) that would make it worth risking your precious ship with expensive modules in pvp combat. Because if I take out my exceptional (or worth the quality doesnt really matter) ship with expensive modules on it I am risking loosing it. And the most I can earn from these battles is around 50-80k gold. Im not saying that we should always earn a lot more then this, but it would be nice to have a chance to loot something expensive. Like 1 of its 3 modules dropped and it was a pink one. 3. The storms are boring. I really like that we have a storm, not a single times I have complained about it to anyone, but they are so boring. We should have massive waves and winds some damage to the rigging at least. And there are no storms whatsoever during battles. That is so disappointing, it takes away a lot of immersion. I still remember the heavy sea during the sea trials, and how much fun that was, and here we are playing a later version of the same game, with the total lack of stormy weather during combat. I really enjoy this game, I think you guys have done an amazing job so far and the way you include the community with topics like this is exceptional. Keep it up guys, we are having great fun testing this game!
  9. Nope, it was counting back b4 the first round... I did had a 2:1 crew adventage prior boarding though...
  10. Same here bud! Sadly, I was in a middle of a boarding. Guess, that dura is gone lol.
  11. Oh yes, you're right please accept my apologies English is not my main language I have been confused by the term "chased me down", I thought he was chasing you and you could not get away. I have an LGV myself but I prefer to use her sailing abilities close hauled, not many ship can follow her there. It has gold staysails, and copper and its a sweet sailing vessel. I have found the speed of Rattlesnakes and Renomees quite dangerous to her so I have decided to further strengthen her already exceptional upwind capabilities. She is quite fast downwind but I do not think she would be a match for the Endymion/Renomee/Rattlesnake so im not surprised the Endymion was faster since she is the fastest ship in the game as far as I know.
  12. Here the numbers with 24/9/9/9 armaments. Thats a LOT of crew on gunnery! As long as you can maintain your speed its fine and happy, but the moment you drop bellow 5kn and just think about tacking you will wish that you would had wear the ship instead. I will probably end up using her with 18 pounders especially, because the speed difference on the one I have capped (Bermuda Cedar, French Refit) is 0,03kn between 18 and 12 pounders. It is a very nice ship when it comes to run down someone downwind, she has a very decent armament ( can be fitted with 32pounder carronades on both decks ) and she is really beautifully done.
  13. Turn upwind and say goodbye! Endymion's sailing profile: Le Gros Ventre's sailing profile: Learn the strength of your ship and use it to your adventage. If you running downwind you will never going to get away it's one of the fastest if not the fastest downwind sailer in the game at the moment and compared with an LGV she is really bad upwind. I was in a fight where we were chasing an LGV with a Surprise and an Endymion in our fleet, but this guy sailed ridiculously close to the wind, and the Endymion was miles behind the whole time. There is no easier situation in an LGV then running from a solo Renomee/Endymion/Trincomalee. Especially if you invest into a gold staysails. The ship is not broken, it has a few downsides so it is well balanced imo. It has a very bad turnrate, only 340 crew for her heavy armament so running 24 pounders on her can be quite tricky.
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