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  1. And my god, I hope they do not implement the rest of that post 😄
  2. So guys... I was going through some of the old threads I made... I found this one: Any chance I can claim a reward for the implementation of China? 😜 Done.
  3. On the other hand, imagine tagging him, demasting him and finding out who it was at the end of the battle 😉
  4. This was my initial idea, but figured the following stated by @Je maintiendrai was going to be a problem. It's important to consider that this is a game for a wide audience, not just the elite few 🙂 What other solutions do we have? I really feel like it's becoming an issue.
  5. Hey guys! For a while now, it has been a problem that people leave when they see who you are in battle. Sometimes people prefer an easy fight, other times they tag someone they realise is a friend. Other times they have heard rumours of the person that they have attacked and prefers to stay away from whoever this person may be. This problem first started back when names were removed from Open World. This was not too bad initially, although I personally wanted the names to be displayed. With the latest changes to tagging I see some new problems arising in battle. People now spawn
  6. I think it'd be a sound idea to create a sub-forum for general discussions in 'other language' - but giving special treatment to a language as small and insignificant (For the NA community) as Catalan seems over the top. Given that there's a fairly large chinese player-base I'd say they should have a much higher priority.. The same is the case for the Scandinavian community who are often treated as having just one language and in this case is without a subforum (Denmark-Norway and Sweden are even in-game as seperate nations..). Furthermore, I bet the vast majority of Catan speakers are pe
  7. https://www.aos.ultimateadmiral.com/ Scroll to the buttom I downloaded and played it yesterday for around 15 min. So far it seems good, but with limited gameplay available at this stage (Alpha/Beta), don't expect anything big just yet. Will there be seperate sub-forums for those of us who wants to provide feedback?
  8. I’m sorry to break it to you but that’s just not true.. though it was not the preferred material, frigates were routinely built of fir by multiple nations and carried 18lb cannons and bigger, you need not look further than the Endymion-class ships. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endymion-class_frigate What would be interesting to see though is a simulation of real life maintenance costs. Since there is no maintenance on ships ingame, this could be done by greatly increasing repair costs on light ships and making repairs cheaper on oak based ships. This could potentially simulate the
  9. That makes no sense If modding is possible in this game then the developers already know. It will have absolutely no impact on whether France and/or Spain will be playable. I'm not requesting a feature so don't worry about me blocking your spanish dreams , with modding available you may even be able to add Spain to the game yourself. A game such as Naval Action is moddable, but your options are limited due to most of the data being stored on the server.. seeing as this is a Single Player game, there is no reason not to open the files to the public. It's basically a yes/no questi
  10. Will modding be possible? and if so, what areas of the game wil be moddable? One feature that'd I'd personally love to have is community made ships. I really enjoy modelling and would appreciate being able to put my own ships to sea.
  11. I do not believe that you should be able to choose the weather conditions on the OW, or in PvP/OW-PVE battles. But I see no harm in PvE'ers getting to choose their own weather in missions. If a feature doesn't hurt my gaming experience but improves the experience for others, them I'm always for it
  12. The developers have decided to make a much needed wipe, this has left every player with only 50k, future wipes are very likely to happen so try not to get too attatched to your items. Good luck out there! Safe sailing
  13. Looks like the game I've been waiting for since Age of Sail II: Privateers Bounty - Thank you gentlemen
  14. I certainly see your point, but I'd fear that the opportunity for a little PvP on the PvE server could make some players make the jump from the PvP to PvE server.
  15. I really think you've done a great work with the recent patch, but there are things that I'd definately like tweaked. I have to say though that it's hardly fair to compare the suggestion put forward by @Vile Executioner to features you have already implemented that has no real alternative for players. Please do not take this the wrong way, however: Claiming the new ROE it is a great feature because it's used by every player is a bit far fetched when that is the only way you have left us to play the game we love personally given the choice between the old ROE and new ROE, I'd certain
  16. If you ask me you should keep Global and Nation Chat free of "banter", not all of us is interested in reading it, nor do we find it funny. It has been seen on several occasions that "banter" spirals out of control and turns into very hateful arguments. Keep "banter" in Clan Chat and PMs where only friends can read it. There are lots of ways of joking in public chat rooms that does not involve having to resort to death threats.
  17. It feels completely random who gets to join, can't wait for the fix
  18. I don't think anymore guarantees are going to be given by the development team on what stays and what goes - besides that would only lead to further toxicity in the community if such guarantees were to be taken back due to unforeseen changes in development. The best course of action is to just lean back and enjoy the game, if you're worried about future wipes and big changes you can always leave and come back post-release. We all need a break from time to time.
  19. I understand your problem, and I agree with you that an asset wipe is probably not the first thing to come to mind when buying into early access - with that said, it is a natural thing for a game that is in development to change and potential wipes do occur. The reason for doing a complete wipe of certain materials, ships and other assets is to test changes quicker. eg.: trying to balance the economy will take months if people have assets worth millions - this is why a wipe is a great tool for developers because with a complete wipe of assets and cash you can test and balance the economy
  20. I feel like people in this topic has completely forgotten what they bought into... the game is unfinished and wipes WILL happen. You're basically here to test the game.. if you do not wish to test then I'd say the solution is fairly simple.. wait until the final release. I have disagreed hundreds of times with moderators, developers and admin himself, but that has been in regards to game-changing decisions. The decision to wipe the server has zero impact on the gameplay and will force us TESTERS to go through things for a second time in order to TEST if things work properly.. Which is exa
  21. That’s a work-around, not a solution.. we need solutions.
  22. I know this is off topic of me but that is just brilliant 😂
  23. What difference is that going to make? people will be pissed off having to move their stuff and then two months later you will be calling for no reinforcement zones or for them to be moved back to their original position?
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