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  1. Today i were chased by group of NN ships (russians) i stood by the french fort, to not let them fight me easily. They stood besides me outside battle circle. Then suddenly french bellona came out of port and tagged me letting russians to join french side. In battle french Bellona just struck sails, never wanted to fight me, just letting russians fight under french side near french capital waters. Its an exploit and i demand from administrators to take an action against involved players. Richelieux from france and Fanta 1 from NN.
  2. Jan Bellaq

    Ponce PB crashed

    Im just curious why devs changed today range of capturable ports (from free towns) from 2 to 3, not giving us a before notice.
  3. Im two hands up for xp swipe. In my opinion i would go even further, swiping books too.there are some veterans hunting for newbies and poundering them to the bottom time after time, not a good thing to keep those new players in game, dont you think?. I see no reason to make new players live harder after full release. As veterans with 1000+ hours of play, you know all the tricks, manual sayils, keeping the wind, good ships or even perk builds etc. No sense to make your advantage bigger, by letting you stick to your ranks and free upgrades in forms of AoS, or GE. Good job devs, dont let be cried over by those who are affraid of fair fights.
  4. Cześć, jakiś czas temu PFK zmieniło się w PRIV. Mamy 5 portów pomiędzy Fajardo a Christianstead. Obecnie nasz stan to około 15 aktywnych graczy, a poza nami w Polskiej nacji pływa jeszcze może z 5 osób. Zapraszamy serdecznie do powrotu i przyjmiemy Was z otwartymi ramionami Tu macie link do naszego discorda: https://discord.gg/FudH7q Do zobaczenia na morzu. Jan Michelle Bellaq
  5. Well i dont mind this new system, but it needs rebalancing. Blockading ports with exotic goods is quite a nice idea :). IMHO every trader that reaches port, should drop little amount of every good which drops in that city. This way we can make blockades to ports, but some portion of goods or woods will drop there, ie. at night.
  6. I dont know what happened to trade goods drops, but they are non existent. For a 5 days there were no drop of sumatrian pepper in Pasaje, and trader tool says it drops there. We have contract there and our clan is keeping an eye on it, because we felt that trade goods drop rate fell down. And its true to most trading goods in our ports. So can someone give us information about changes made by recent patch to economy system?
  7. When you produce in ports with LH bonus perk, game incorrectly calculates maximum amounts for production, taking into consideration LH amount without bonus. You need to make many production cycles to use your avalible LH.
  8. Nad i dont have outpost there. You know Polish nation changed living places ;) I got 2 lgv in Fort Royale, lgv in Jacmel, and 2 other ships in Portobello. I dont have outposts in those ports, and sailing south to PB from La Mona, even in Trade Lynx and coming back without tow in OW is just waste of time. Not mentioning that i cant open OP in Fort Royale or Portobello.
  9. After recent patch i got 6 ships that were on auction in ports from my looong past. I cant tp there, i cant sell them, i cant destroy them. And i really don't want to sail 2 hours just to free my ship slots. I would really enjoy option to destroy ship in other ports without going there.
  10. As someone mentioned earlier, you get no gold or xp from captured and sunk npc ships, even those you can't capture (in my game i capped Santi and sunk her in cargo transfer screen). Another thing is graphic glitches with damage shown on the ships. They show up on different camera angles and zoom levels, on other times they are not shown. For testing we should be given more rum. Im playing on ultra 1440x950, and on OW sea looks better, and i think there are fewer glitches with ship trails on water. In battle smoke is looking like big balloons, totally not realistic.
  11. Wasa - really nice ship, but its too powerful for a 4rd rate. It should be nerfed in guns and maybe armor, and it should steer like a wooden barn (that's why it sunk). Now it will be king of PB. You could give as Agas, to try to mach them, but when i made Wasa Live oak-White Oak, i went thru Reno and Surp in mission loosing maybe 10% of armor.
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