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  1. 4 days ago on may 14, died Henryk Jaskula, third man in world who made around the world sail trip without entering any port. Maybe admins can arrange some kind of event? I.e. missions from Santo Tome to New Orleains, with timer around 8 hours, that will make captains to do trip as fast as possible? Below image of trip made by Jaskula, and link to his wikipedia page. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henryk_JaskuĊ‚a
  2. Seems they want fight fire with explosives. It was reported that cooldown timers were abused by alt clans to secure ports. But removing cooldowns on live server in released game (not beta)? Its atomic bomb to current war situation...
  3. As you propably know nvidia just released they game streaming aplication called GeForce Now. Here you have link to q&a section of it https://www.nvidia.com/pl-pl/geforce-now/faq/ . I personaly tested this software and its great. It lets you play games you own on different platforms like Steam, Origin etc. on nvidia hardware. No instalation of games, best graphics and no single lag issue for me (even on shitty laptop). The problem is they dont have Naval Action avalaible yet. I already made a suggestion to them in GeForce Now luncher about getting NA into their library. Can you all who use this software make similiar suggestions to them? And can @admin try to communicate with nvidia about including Naval Action in their supported games library?
  4. I sailed Redoutable (t(s)/w(s)) in game, solo against Wasa and Bellona. Its a real monster, fast (more then 12knots fully laden), durable (thickness 92 with one upgrade), with firepower of second rate (as current 36pdersy are almost same as 42pders), 690 crew. Its very fast on OW (Wasa could not catch me), it turns great in instances (dont look on the turn rate, it has very strong yards). In its current state its pay to win ship. I very liked how the developers tuned Ratvisan after release, and i hope Redoutable will have some weakness even non historical, to make other craftable ships (like Buccentaur) worth their price in CM's and materials. BTW with current BR i can already see the PB spamming with 10 Red and 2 Req on 5,7k BR. Every day free battle setup...
  5. @RepairyMcRepairousThe main problem is that inflation is good for rich and bad for poor. Every percent of it, just widens the difference, and makes game for poor bastards harder. Few months ago 1st rate costed few millions. Now you buy conditioned bella for 20 milions. Inflation is extremly bad for new players. If you start a game and cant or dont want to be part of a established clan, you feel big difference in shop prices and your income from grinding. If one rep in freeports (except spawning it Shroud Cay) costs to 1000 real, and 1 rum can cost 200 - 500 reals, you need to spend 100k reals to outfit frigate in repairs. Sunking ships dont take money from the game, it just changes the owner of reals, and takes off only 10% in tax and some costs for rebuilding it. Constatnt inflation will always be problem if there will be no steady way to balance reals influx and outflux. Maintaince would take out money directly out of server to try to balance 1 bilion reals per day that is put daily into economy. Maintaince costs payed by clans is just a friction of this quotta. Acording to outposts i personaly dont see reason to puting limit on their number. With such large map tping to hot zones leaves you more time for fun activities such as battles. @Ink can you take out of game logs number of reals in game at given day (i.e. maintaince)? Then we could see how much money is pumped into economy, and how big is this problem? @Never Maybe one way would be selling one time use cosmetics for ships for reals in admirality but it would on other hand hurt DLC income for devs. @BoatyMcBoatFace According to seasoned goods, seasoning teak for trinco done in shed, taking into consideration labour contracts tools etc. costs about 6 milions reals. And you need loooooooots of hauling tools. If we can leave the price but instead of making this process pain in he ass made paid in form of reals im too thumbs up.(like the devs did when they changed material system in shipbuilding) @IntrepidoPopulation rise is mainly ppl getting second accounts. And they do this for a reason. Players in russia cant buy anything at Vera Cruz, becouse trade goods are sniped out of a market very fast. Same apply to Brits, Dutch, Swedes etc. Not long ago we had a proposition from russian alt in holland selling butch of trade goods from Willemstead for 20 milions reals. @Angus MacDuff huzzah!!!
  6. I have different question. When devs will take care of real's inflation. It cant go for ever this way, there is way too much profit. According to NA map yesterday all town generated 150 milion reals of tax. This brings trades in port to 1,5 bilion reals. Taking into consideration that we have 300% profit margin for trade goods, we can assume that from this about 1 bilion reals comes to player coffins. And we have no or little ways to bring money out of game (buying ships leaves money in game, taking out only tax). No economy can last on such principle. and what im reading in patch notes? "slightly increased spawns of trading resources" Lets bring even more money to market... In month we will have ship prices exceeding 100 milions for first rates. I suggest few ways to deflate the currency from economy (nothing too harsh, we dont want to broke economy even more): 1. Daily maintaince for ships according to class. I.e. 500 reals for 7 th rate, 1000 6th rate, 2000 5rd rate, 4000 4rd rate, 8000 3nd rate, 16000 2nd rate, 32000 1st rate. It will have also anti hoarding effect, and shift player fleets towards frigates. 2. Daily maintaince for buildings and outopsts. 3. Switching seasoned woods production from labour cost to real costs.
  7. TBH name of the second ship. Count_Maurycy is a bit strange for a bot. It didnt chain me but it had strange behavior in fight (i.e not matching rutine of manevouers). Im not sure it is a loki, just asked about propable bug or something.
  8. Today i came to PvE server and did the tutorials and endurance exam. Is it possible to have human Loki rune player in exams on PvE server? Maybe its some kind of bug?
  9. One more, and last time, im not crying about PB hour, but the day the battle wil ltook place. m8
  10. We pay , when you see on map port with 500k tax its not that netto. If you have 500k tax you get netto 250k maybe. But thats not the matter i posted. We could fight 5 am battle at sunday on weekend not on working day when everybody at this time prepares to work.
  11. I wrote we didnt set the timer on thursday becouse npc raids should start at weekend. I dont have issue with hour just with weekend timeframe
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