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  1. Right now I feel like the game needs a solution to Dominating nations. Maybe Give rewards to players of a conquering nation players such as, a 5/5 ship such as a de Ruyter or something. Make people want to compete in rvr on the war sever. Right now the Russian Nation is 65 ports ahead of the next leading nation and 75 ports ahead of the ranking 3rd nation. I feel like something needs to be done to address these dominating nations/ Clans.
  2. I don't see how Russians have anything to do with a British vs Spanish port battle.
  3. why dose it take supposedly 16 1st rate to flip Islamorada?
  4. why would you do 4th rate patrol zones when someone in a second rate can just roll in tag ya. murder you while your helpless and you cant even get damage while in a 4th rate, in the 4th rate patrol zone.
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