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  1. The NPC combat feedback thread is still open for feedback, so definitely highlight the issues you describe on there. Also have a ponder about possible solutions. I'd like to see variance in the ability of npcs. Ideally a range from recruit to elite. The npc ability rating should remain as a hidden stat to avoid abuse. We'd then have elite npcs that are v accurate, will shoot your sails , rep when needed and display excellent sailing skills . You'd also see recruit npcs that shoot poorly and hang in the wind and everything in between. Npc's should not be artificially buffed (as per your HP increase mention) Npc's should not shoot at non realistic angles There must be a valid reason why they've been buffed artificially. Anyone know root cause?
  2. I went for raids are great and option b (raids like mission) Small clan content/options are always great. Difficult to design something for small clans that cant be abused by bigger ones though It has to be mission based. Too big a timer and bigger clans will be ready in overwhelming force to defend the raid. There has to be some timer to still allow a chance of defend, unless you intend for this to always be vs elite npcs. The rewards have to be scaled v carefully. if its mission/flag based a big clan could easily split into groups of 5 and pretty much empty a port with consecutive raids. Consideration to be given to type of reward. I wouldn't make it random i.e you roll and end up with 1000 stone blocks from fort 1. CRAZY IDEA: could the reward be permits/notes instead? One that conforms to the building bonuses of the raided port? i.e: I raid a 45 point port. my permit/note has sailing bonus 4, hull 4, gunnery 4 etc... In this way the raiders get a ship that is usually out of reach for them. it doesn't hurt the economy of the raid victim. (this also stops big clans from emptying ports using multiple raids) You'd still turn up to defend as you don't want others to copy/have your ships
  3. Hi, Myself and one more are looking to join a clan on release. Is anyone recruiting? We're able to play most days 6pm to 11pm gmt Happy to jump on ts/discord Looking to join an active clan, one that participates in RvR, wants/has access to rare woods and is interested in expanding ports for shipbuilding bonuses. In return you will get 2 good, experienced and committed captains Nation not important Regards Steve
  4. +1 Enable all wood types as city expansions - Scale the cost to be more expensive for the better wood types. Better wood types to be prohibitively more expensive Positive: As member of a tiny clan I have a mechanism by which i can unlock access to rare wood types that is not dependent on finding a random spawn forest/be friends with a clan that has access to rare wood forests. I'm no longer looking at a scary 50k doubloon for wood grind transaction either Negative: Having access to all wood types at home will not encourage ow sailing. Clans more likely to turtle up around their base of operations
  5. Communication is key and the way a point of view is delivered is everything. This still holds true considering not everyone is a native english speaker here. Apologies to single you out @Borch but your latest post is a perfect example This is a loaded question implying that liaisons need to be different going forward. You offer no reasoning as to why it needs to different. Only that it needs to be different and you want to know in what way it will differ. This is critical info yet your post ommits these examples. People reading your post would need these examples to gauge the validity of your assertion. I.e the liaison process needs to be different than it was before. These examples would be key to back up your point but they are left out Again this is very loaded. It assumes that changes are needed Now if you'd have delivered it differently I'm 100% sure you'd have interest You should instead consider structuring your feedback as follows: Hey devs I have concerns about your proposed liaison process. I have the following examples where this didn't work all too well: Lists examples x,y,z What I propose as a solution is x,y,z Thoughts? See the difference?
  6. Slow clap forum You finally did it. The (be respectful - the moderation team ) that weedle out of the woodwork to criticize every minutae of every admin announcement have finally scuppered the enthusiasm for discourse. It's always the same folks too ... you know who you are
  7. Two square-rigged ships, one to weather (windward) of the other, the windward ship can turn and run downwind toward the leeward ship. The leeward ship cannot easily (if at all) head for the windward ship. The windward ship can therefore dictate the range and speed of the engagement.
  8. Havent tried yet: My understanding is that there is only one permanent port per rare wood type There are additional "forests" that are spawned across the map (randomly but these can also be generated by player action I believe) Once you've found one of these forests your clan can trade in doubloons for wood via clan delivery missions. This new mechanism requires exploring but clans in your friends list have access to the same delivery missions (check clans friendly to yours as they might already know the location of some rare wood forests) IF the permanent posts behave like they did previously you could sail to New Orleans to put up a buy contract. The price would be player driven and you would just need to offer more than the last active contract. That is assuming these still work the same as before Patch 30. You'd need a merchant vessel to get into the port Please don't take what I wrote as gospel, as I say I havent tried it yet. Perhaps some folks here can fill in the gaps
  9. Yes please +1 For the single player/small clan this would be most welcome.
  10. My crafting 2 cents: 1) Crafting carronades and selling them in capital or Free towns has always been my main source of income - this works well. The journey to gather the mats isnt too long. Crafting them is easy and there was an element of danger as you then had to get the stuff into the free port to sell it 2) I'm not a fan of the random drop chance of special trim/purple/gold ships. After maxing out knowledge slots on some boats and after finding out we could get Teak in Blondel and WO from Nassau area we (3 player clan) started to aim for crafting some nicer ships... It was annoying to "roll the dice" after painstakingly collating and moving all the mats to then end up with a standard blue. .. and again... and again... and again... only to see your clansmen make one on the first go. The surplus blues also didn't feel like they made much money when subsequently sold (mainly rattle heavies, princes, belle poules) especially compared to the profit margins generated by the carronades (that were far easier to produce) Not taking anything else other than "I find it slightly frustrating" into account I'd prefer rng be removed from this process
  11. Hi All, I'm sure there was a post many moons ago re the upcoming wipes which suggested that gifted unredeemed ships could perhaps make it through to final release without being culled. I think it depended on no db schema changes being implemented or something I've kept one of my Christians unredeemed just in case this statement turns out to be true 1) Is this still the intention or should I redeem prior to go live? 2) Does the upcoming Santa Cecillia test gift fall in the same category i.e redeemable without time limit 3) Will I still get to drive my Yacht after go live? Thanks for your time
  12. Cant wait to test after work Is a captain still able to put buy contracts on rare woods at their limited trading spawns? (not the random ones) Someone mentioned 75k doubloons for 5k L/O as a clan mission. Is this a good indicator of a standard delivery mission? If yes would it not be prohibitively expensive for a lone noob like me to get access to rare woods?
  13. +1 Awesome news - Can't wait for the final release I really don't mind a full reset including xp. I understand the reasoning behind it and can't wait to sail the Pandora
  14. I'd be really miffed if I spent the time to sink 12 Essex' to then get a garbage mod Consider a solo casual player like me, I have about 2-3hrs max to invest a day. I need to find the Essex first in OW and sink x12. Say i do this at a rate of 1-2 a day (finger in the air estimate, I have some time to spend over the weekend) A fair estimate would be about 5-12 days to complete. The effort/time invested is substantial so the reward should reflect this. +1 there should remain a random element - you should be able to be lucky and unlucky.. have winners or losers Looting the ships en route to completion shouldn't really outweigh the end reward. The reward is at the end. It should be better than the stuff you get enroute The newbie who embarks on their epic multi day adventure who then feels a bit disappointed when the drop is meh will not want to grind another 12x ships thereafter. If the drops are good, the opposite might be true Solution: Potential solution might be to tweak the chest loot tables to favour high end mods? I've not given any thought to balance or any other factors.
  15. This +1 It really depends on situation and ship type. One thing I would add to what s already been mentioned is to look at reload times across the decks. It might be worth running mediums on the bottom deck vs long on top for the lighter calibre as this can save crew and it helps synchronize your broadside
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