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  1. Miaowi

    Should AI ship Drop Repairs?

    +1 Make sure to raise in suggestions if not already
  2. Miaowi


    I'm not sure buddy. Crew number and knowledge slots of an opponent are available in the post battle screen and when I take a shellacking my opponent has in the past been kind enough to tell me their loadout. Point is we don't even know if this was vs AI or not All we know is Hercules with 4 upgrades, one of which is extra rum (not applicable with regards to boarding) One applicable skill book (Marines) vs a non descript "non boarding" LGV which "we did not have an impact on." This was followed by the question/statement that boarding (skillbooks/upgrades) is broken This is far too vague to be able to assist properly is my point. If we knew our loadout precisely and had more info on our opponent we could evaluate but we can't with current data. When the OP states "did not have an impact" we need to know what he means. a brief battle synopsis would be useful. Something like "I attacked into his brace and was expecting x but got y type thing" I then got completely lost when chat turned to Russian bias and hidden stats
  3. Miaowi


    just found out that my boarding vessel (upgrades and knowledge) did have no impact on boarding a non-boarding vessel. We need further info. You mention you were sailing a Hercules (4) fitted for boarding. Can you confirm which boarding upgrades you were running. Can you confirm which boarding skillbooks you were running and any perks (if applicable) You mention your opponent was non boarding - please explain. You mention it was an LGV - do you know opponent upgrades/skillbooks/perks setup? Just finally when you say you had no impact would it be possible to go into further detail? Do you have a log/screenshot of the fight so we can see which boarding options were chosen? what happened to the boarding upgrades and perks and fancy knowledge slots. As far as I know apart from a nerf to the various musket upgrades the boarding related skillbooks and upgrades have remained the same since patch 27 is it all useless now, to even learn for the stuff and just make it a gunship. or are we still in the process of balancing the boarding ship upgrades and knowledge books???? or is boarding broken completely? In my opinion boarding remains a viable and potent tactic. I think like most things boarding related skillbooks and upgrades are still in the process of being balanced and like most things can be considered to be in flux until release. I don't think boarding is broken per se but I have seen some crazy numbers on streams with regards to attacks, counters and musket volleys. I think the upcoming patch will have some boarding related features it looks if slots and upgrades have no impact what has happened to boarding? Are you sure? Current thinking goes the other way I believe. There are modules/skillbook combos that can turn a ship into a boarding monster
  4. Miaowi

    Good job killing off solo players.

    This can't be in C zone as you describe. Nor in R Zone. You are referencing the open world battle instance timer where I think 2 minutes is about right. Also why is everyone so concerned about player numbers anyway? I played in sea trails, I've played when it first dropped to Steam and I'm still playing now. Player numbers mean nothing to me and have zero impact. I still sail, sell, trade, craft, fight the same as I've always done and the available tapestry to do this on keeps getting richer. These forums are full of folks that describe their experiences as a good indicator of the wider player base. You are not. You are a dataset of one regardless of how many hours you've played. Don't like getting ganked? get better at the game. It's that simple. It's not game design that got you tagged. There are many factors at play when/if you get ganked and a sizeable chunk of said factors can be mitigated by the player. Naval Action for me remains a unique experience in that it is hard. I like games that are difficult as the sense of achievement is directly proportional. I hope that dev continues to steer the course without giving into reactionary hyperbole
  5. Miaowi

    Good job killing off solo players.

    Disagree with the OP. What a load of hyperbolic waff. In my opinion Solo play on PvP is a tense experience that I much enjoy. I don't subscribe to the notion that all we get is gank fights. That is just not my experience. Fight types are varied and dependent on a myriad of factors.
  6. Miaowi

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    I'm not sick of anything my man. I'm new on these forums and I enjoy the discussion. Our views on this just differ I guess in that I really like the new system. I don't accept the notion that it's flawed at it's core. You are right... ships don't repair 250% of their health in battle. I have never seen this happen. I'm no vet but I often run northern carpenter and combat carpentry and I get about the same amount of reps as you suggest. 3, 4... 5, 6 if it's a longer battle. More in OW battles, less in PZ on account of the circle shrinking. It's a system that I enjoy more than the flat rate suggested. It's more granular as I need to juggle things: Do I take half a hold of repairs and keep my speed? Am I likely to fight more than one battle before reaching port so do I need more? How many reps has my enemy taken? (I've fought a few where the enemy had none for example. I've also gone into battle without any before) Am I likely to get jumped in this engagement? if so thank baby Jesus that I took extra reps in type of thing In terms of buying, it's the ship that determines how many repairs = 1 rep..... with corresponding weight and speed limitations. The fact that you can't buy them everywhere I feel is part of a different discussion. I don't see why every port doesn't have sail, hull and rum but I've not given this deeper thought. Why does it make more congruent sense to have a flat rate of 3? I don't wan't to put words in your mouth but is it more the amount of rep % that you have issue with? taking perks, skillbooks and modules in account? Would there be middle ground if the % amount per rep was reduced instead? Regards Captain Ahab
  7. Miaowi

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    Isn't the current system more granular/interesting than just getting the same amount of reps across all ships? With the current system I have to take several factors into account 1) the amount of weight/hold in my ship. 2) The amount of reps the ship uses per repair cycle 3) Ship speed (full hold - less speed) Giving everyone a flat rate/amount would remove this depth no?
  8. Thank you @admin Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Captains
  9. Miaowi

    Practice Mode / Arcade Mode / Custom Battle

    Awesome suggestion and you're not alone in requesting
  10. As above - if you need more testers, count me in
  11. Miaowi

    Travel Experience

    +1 from me I'm assuming travel xp is negligible at present to prevent afk travel xp grinding. I don't know if that statement is true but the amount does feel rather low. I love the suggestion of a flat one time bonus for every port visited. This would encourage travelling. To extrapolate this further what about: one time bonus for every port one time bonus for every regional capital or regional capital with associated ports visited one time bonus for every "Region" i.e congrats you've explored the whole of Peurto Rico Completionist award: You have been everywhere - have a shiny new sextant or something
  12. I love your suggestion. i.e a non perk based gps marker that gets more precise the more information is available. It's well thought out That said how do you know this isn't a big deal for the devs? How do you know that this is a 5-10 minute task? Unless you have access to their Jira board, have an inkling of their estimates vs deliverables and their burn down historically how can anyone claim this is 5-10min with certainty We have something quick and easy that folks can choose to use or not. We didn't have this before, we do now. I won't use it but others might. Surely it's that simple? I would make sure your suggestion is logged under suggestions so that it can be considered for a future release
  13. To answer the op direct. I find the title leading and nothing has made me quit the game I'm 800 hours in, have been here since sea trails. I'm happy with the direction of the game and I have oodles of fun. Quitting hasn't crossed my mind I'm not sure if I'll feel the same after 4000hrs... who knows by then... It'll take me a while to accrue so it remains to be seen
  14. Thanks for your response Admin and to hear that you'll look into adding books and upgrades is great. NPC trader goods always help but we can easily get these from capping traders and we have multiple streams of revenue for reals. Our assumption was indeed that these were "treasure" wrecks. This assumption stemmed from their rarity and the sail distances involved
  15. So a few days ago I got my first sealed bottle. Very exciting! I don't run the fishing perk and this was my very first one. It turned out to be a Belle Poule to the N of Atwood so off I set with dreams of a hold full of riches. skill books or some copper plating esque upgrades. What I actually got was... well not to put a finer point on it but it was a little limp. Some artifacts, some almonds, some wool... all sold to npc trader for about 60k total. Under the old adage when it rain it pours my clanmate then found another one yesterday. It was an Agamemnon. This time the sail was quite far away (from Atwood to north of Marsh Harbour) all told about 50 minutes there and about the same back. Again we set off. Me in a trusty escort Hercules and my clanmate in his Indiaman. Oooh an Agamemnon we thought... 4th rate.... that's gotta be worth a fair bit right? Worth having that as the days sailing.... Well not exactly.... 50 min later we arrived to get... wait for it... pretty much the same thing. Some wool, those damn almonds again and an almighty 143 doubloonians. 50min back and time to for bed All told considering the rarity of these things and the sail involved I found both drops to be a little underwhelming. What are other captains experiences of sealed bottles? My data set of two is obviously tiny and I'm interested to see what other captains think. Have you been lucky? Are you happy with the drop rate and the associated loot? Have we been unlucky or is this the norm? Kind Regards Captain Ahab