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  1. Sail your boat gently upwind but don't tack. At crucial point de-power and push your yards the other way which causes your boat to reverse. Reverse turn like this. You'll get your broadsides in. The mistake is to keep sailing forward trying to match the turn of the much smaller ship thats stern camping you I'm not v good but this works for me
  2. It may not be an argument but it very adequately reflects how I (and others seemingly) are feeling about this thread. Can this linguistic masturbation stop now please?
  3. I think Hethwills synopsis is balanced and I agree with his description as given. If you're wanting to claim that a) his arguments are bad and b) that this is resulting in negative PR I really feel you should've chosen a different example that adequately supports your case. You've taken issue with this descriptor but to claim that there is loss of face on behalf of Gamelabs is a bit of a reach. You're making a mountain out of a mole hill here my dude
  4. Aww I missed this "cries" ik snap het nu een beetje meer but I'm glad Meraun stepped in to actually describe what happened
  5. @Atreides Do Brits have a communal TS or Discord? If the answer is no I see that as the primary reason why they fail at RvR. The same applies to any other nation. The Russian teamspeak houses quite a few clans which i think is the key to success. Port battles are always well attended as all you have to do is "nip down" talk to some of the others and see who is game for a fight. Without the ability to coordinate like this Russia will always face a more disjointed and disorganized enemy. Case in point look at what happens when REDS fought a well coordinated 25man fleet like HAVOC @ Ponce. We got our arses kicked well and truly. We're currently not actually that good in battle (but seek to practice at every opportunity ) The reason Russia is doing well is due to organisation. Things like the aforementioned spreadsheets play a huge factor. I really really wish others would organise in the same way. Start a discord or TS server, spam in nation chat, invite established clans into it and start organising in similar fashion. Start hoovering up the newbies and assist them in making them grow. By way of example: I played solo pirate bumming round Mortimer for 800 hours before I joined REDS and it was lambs to the slaughter. Daily. That was not bad game design, that was not the devs. It was me wanting to do my own thing whilst facing squads that were organised and chatted. I lost count of the amount of times I got ganked whilst having friendly pirates within visual range. Its impossible to mount a coordinated defense of anything in nation chat Not everyone organises though. That is the only issue. Those who don't will always lament losing to those who do I really wish I was part of RvR in the Jeheil days. It seemed there was constant "biff" all over the map. Not so much now. tip toeing about to not damage main crafting hubs as is mentioned in this thread is a thing. I'm assuming you are part of the Brit nation so there must be quite a few clans right? I'm going to assume that most sit in disparate teamspeaks/discords? If my assumption is correct I am convinced you wont see puppy stomping if those clans would jump into a communal thing o7
  6. Apologies my man - you are right - I definitely woke up on the wrong of the bed today.
  7. What on earth are you talking about? Could you perhaps switch on your brain before you start typing uneducated waff. You clearly have no idea of the REDS stance on things so you shouldn't be spouting rubbish as if its gospel. We spent half our time infighting with certain Russian elements and we are perhaps the primary example of wanting to gameplay that benefits the server population as a whole. I know for a fact that server pop and game health is a primary concern amongst REDS leadership. Case in point our fights around Bluefields - (note! an actual thing rather than the unfounded hyberbolic waff you just spouted) Brits were not in a position to defend or raise sufficient players to do so. An agreement is in place where we stopped attacking with the idea of having practice "friendly" fights instead. This to prevent the exact thing you are accusing us off So before you start moaning and claiming that we are actively unbalancing the game and see our role as making it worse, I again implore you to switch on your brain and realise that refusing to move nation just because someone thinks we should on some vague notion that doing so would fix things is borderline retarded
  8. i fought those.. pain in the arse tbh looked awesome but fighting (and hitting) was a little challenging shall we say
  9. and the award for the most hyberbolic pointless rant goes to
  10. Lovely suggestion, eloquently put. +1 from me
  11. Preach homie! Hope they change it for ya. I'm not really that fussed
  12. I get round this by abandoning the mission I dont like the reward for and re-cycling the pool till a good one drops - easy I can get gold chests via 7th, 6th and 1st rate easy, not looked extensively for 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd though - are they out there?
  13. Quick question: I'm assuming that upgrades assigned to ships in fleet will work if the fleet is dragged into battle? Is this assumption correct?
  14. She does on paper look very competitive compared to the other 4th rates
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