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  1. Why? You are looking at the status quo rather than the mechanisms as a whole. You cant holistically make sure that everyone has a 55 point port. You cant make sure that everyone has protected waters. Instead we need to celebrate these differences and work within their confines. Its a sandbox. Everyone has equality of opportunity. We all started the same on day 1 with the whole map being neutral. Honestly, i promise you. There are a select few folks that have organised infrastructure. With that I mean a small handful of people. The success of nations/clans/groups is attributed to those groups that have organisation and required thought processes to work within the confines of the game. Nothing that you forum warriors suggest will have an impact larger than a communal teamspeak and some shared goals and infra-structure The more admin listens to you folks (not aimed at you I Shot Got) the more diluted the game experience tends to get.
  2. I've yet to come home and play test Is it not the case that this adds more depth? i.e your vic example, that guy found the correct tradewind and hence a better speed. I imagine once you become familiar with the tradewinds you can eek out an advantage over folks who don't know them? Pure conjecture on my part. I need to get my hands on it so i can test
  3. Ehm it's completely possible right now. Yesterdays fight at Baracoa is one example. Cartagena is another. You need only 50 people minimum to make that work. Not 1000 Also there are plenty of low BR battles happening everyday. Yesterday 1500BR shallow water port battle @ Mangrove.
  4. You're all barking up the wrong tree when correlating pb BR with low player numbers. Naval Action is a slow game, you dont get your quick fix. The time investment is high as is the difficulty curve. It will always remain a niche game and it will never be as popular as something mainstream. The population decline is normal too. There is no max exodus due to pb BR rates.The decline is fine. Its not even an issue. It was never an issue. Even when we were all waiting for the final release it wasn't an issue. Why? We can all still pvp, pve, RvR, trade and do all the things we want to do exactly the same as in day one. Be that with 1000 players or 300. There is no difference. zero Now if all the keyboard game developers would stop for one moment. Start defending or flipping a bit more we'd have some good fights. There is a 1500 br port battle this evening. V tiny. Exactly the sort of thing folks are clamouring for on this thread. So I'm assuming you'll all get involved? One last thing as far as i can tell no one is fielding 25 man 1st rate fleets. It is always a combination of clans that form a main pb fleet. Lowering the BR does absolutely nothing. You need big 25v25 1st rate battles for the climatic end of game 45-55 point ports as it is exactly that... end game...the juiciest ports will need the biggest ships to defend and it feels silly to have that represented by anything less than 25 boys n galls in 1st rates If you want to play lower br play about with the shallow water ports or alternatively jump onto your relevant communal nation Teamspeak and get organised, team up and fight as a group like the rest of us
  5. See screenshot - I'm unable to claim the reward for this PVP Hunt Mission - no green tick denoting mission success even though mission conditions have been met (10.0/10) and the only option is to abandon. I'm trying to claim in a national friendly port with an outpost. I've filed a bug report - NAB-94371 Anyone else experience the same issue? https://gyazo.com/f788329bb2ba74e1b9bb5d0dbc196fcf
  6. Indeed! A copper plating is sold for about 700k last time I checked so its very very expensive and rare if you're buying it in free ports. If you really want copper ingots it means that unless you are wanting to pay this price you and your buddies will need to find a way to get those ports for yourselves. That is the game. That is the content. (you can do the alt thing too I guess but I don't want to mix up arguments here) Nor does not having those ports mean you cant get copper plating. its just more difficult. Like I was trying to point out with my port bonus spiel here. There are myriad ways round it with many speed mods available. Some of them (Naval clock and navy hull) are better than cp. Even if you wanted to build the ultimate fir/fir trinc griefer with cp you would still be able to that without having access to a copper port. Not saying its easy, just saying that we should perhaps celebrate that actions are meaningful in Naval Action. That folks have eeked out advantages over time. What we definitely shouldn't do is make everything the same and easy available. I would really like carta tar buy contracts so I'm going to try and get the port. That is the content. What I'm not going to do is demand readily available carta tar for everyone. At the moment its pain in the arse to get and I don't tend to get many. Plus I'm not very good so it takes me an age to get the CM for the equivalent navy planking reward. Its something I live with and in the grand scheme of things it doesn't stop me enjoying this sandbox
  7. Caracas has copper ingots and is Dutch just sail there and start buying. Having said that I think your suggestion of making these mineable is interesting and has merit. The market is volatile as the resource is rare and results in v good upgrades which I'm not adverse to either. It all adds to the canvas that is playing NA I'm hoping that tar will soon be available for me just as I'm hoping you'll sail out to defend your access to it
  8. I gotcha but those upgrades are difficult to defend my dude. If speed was an issue perhaps copper plating, navy hull and a sextant? Heck go crazy and add a bovenwinds. She may never be the fastest but you'd get her speed to be competitive and you'd still have room for one more upgrade (harkens back to my point about naval action being uniquely situational)
  9. Put it this way: I really want access to carta tar - I hope to see you on the battlefield there for many moons to come
  10. Thonys my friend. I'm not talking about Alts. I'm talking about my ability to get access to carta tar. which I can't currently. I can get copper ingots however. It's all swings and roundabouts. Tbh completely honest I saw your gold o/wo 5/5 heavy rig trinc with Katherine bowsprit, cotton sail and cole-benedict pump which suggests you have other remedial actions to consider before asking for port bonuses to be homogenized. ( a friendly poke from a Belgian to a dutchie ) x
  11. I gotcha but you're not getting the root of what I'm getting at. I said one to one as your test specified one ship with vs one ship without port bonuses. 25v25 fleets would never run your 0 to 5 point port bonus disparity in reality. Before we homogenise port bonuses for everyone (which im not adverse to) we should think if they are really the boogie man they are made out to be. The actual reality might be this: Me the noob in my 5/5 shiny toy, without all skill books vs a 3/3 or 4/4 equipped player who can actually sail. Take player numbers, wind, position into account and you have other factors that are just as deterministic. Naval action is unique in that (like in Eve and RL) advantages can be eeked out through hard work and cooperation. I'd really like to buy cartagena tar for example . I can't. That monopoly lives with the dutch. If I want carta tar I need to go get it. This in in my mind is fair and is the content. I don't think the solution is to give every nation carta tar. I believe there are 6 55 pointers in total and though im not 100% sure I think most nations have access to at least 45 points ports
  12. Hethwill my friend. I'm not saying that the differences between a 0/0 vs a 5/5 ship is negligible. Your test would prove the disparity What I'm saying is that there usually a myriad other factors at play that are more deterministic than your test tube example. Naval action just doesn't work as per your test in reality. 1v1 noob in a 0/0 bucket vs a 5/5 spangly toy
  13. Port bonuses are fine n should stay in my opinion. Naval action is unique in that it doesn't mollie coddle its player base. You can, through effort and cooperation eek out advantages. This sets it aside from most mainstream games and is something we should consider protecting There are a myriad factors determining the outcome of a battle, of which port bonuses is only one. By the time you take into account player numbers, player skill, wind and knowledge slots the additional port bonus of the ship facing you is often negligible. Not to say that there aren't battles where port bonuses are a determining factor, but this game doesn't need to be even steven through the middle.
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