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  1. Contracts are taxed both when they are installed and when they are fulfilled, so yes. That sounds accurate.
  2. Nice to see RDNN still has a strong economy! Just fyi, absolutely nobody does this trade route you describe. If that would have been the reason for the relative profits, they would be inverse between Vera Cruz and Nouvelle-Orleans, since Vera Cruz has the more expensive trade-goods than Nouvelle-Orleans, and they would make the more profit where they are sold than where they are bought. The tax profits from these ports are almost exclusively from the listing of ships, modules, books and resources on the market in those ports. The first thing REDS did after securing Vera Cruz was establishing a thriving marketplace in the port.
  3. For claims, try contacting ORP Blyskawica.
  4. KLUTJE was clanless when we sunk his Ocean today at Islamorada, so I guess his clan has punished him already. No. It is a recurring bug that sometimes causes combat news to report sinkings at the capital instead of where the battle happens. It's not the first time I see this. It also happens sometimes when people change ships in battle and sink their original ship.
  5. In my bank this information appears instantly. This is not Game-Labs' method btw, but Xsolla's, the service they use to distribute their new alpha early access games. I didn't have to go through this process this time, since my card is now attached to my account, but back when I bought TLIML I also had to verify my card. It was done very quickly. With my bank at least (and most banks), sure it may take 24 hours if you have money coming into your account. But rest assured, if there's money going out they'll be right on that. Even if it's just a mere dollar.
  6. Tonight, REDS was involved in a very memorable scuffle at West End in the Bahamas. Three minutes before the start of the port battle, a Dutch screening fleet managed to intercept our waiting port battle fleet: With time limited to dispatch them, we managed to defeat the screeners in less than 15 minutes. We proceeded to join the Port Battle, having only lost about 15 minutes, some repairs and suffered an exploding fireship. The Dutch fleet expertly used the two forts and towers in the harbour to try and cover their retreat, but ultimately could not withstand the Russian advance. Our vanguard reported the Dutch defenders were already celebrating their anticipated victory while we were dealing with their screeners. Perhaps their confidence betrayed them. Veni, vidi, vici.
  7. Anolytic

    Cinematic Mode?

    You mean Ctrl+H (hides UI)?
  8. -Why did you sting me, said the frog. -Because it is my nature, said the scorpion. Gotta leave one alive to tell the tale. Edit: He was hunted down and mercilessly sunk afterwards.
  9. Nope. He's making a turn "hard to starboard". I considered this when I made it. See:
  10. I'm gonna hold my tongue for now about how monumentally stupid I think this idea is (more PvE - really?), but I do have some important questions: 1. What reward does defenders get from successfully defending their port against NPC? Do we get Combat Medals? Doubloons? Gold/Admiral Chests? Paint Chests? Why should people want to participate in these battles? 2. Is it "most developed ports" or "top 3 nations" that are determined by "mix of investments and tax rate". I.e. If the largest nation (by ports, players, etc) only has 1 single developed and invested port, will it be exempt from NPC raids if say 3 smaller nations make investments in every port they own? 3. Does this mean: A: they join from whatever direction the wind is blowing at the time of attack or B: the NPC knows 24 hours in advance at exactly what time the wind will blow directly into the port they intend to attack and will schedule their attack accordingly? 4. Sooo, basically Elite NPC? 5. Lineships as in 1st and 2nd rates, or is 3rd rates included? Because there's been some inconsistency there in the past.. What about 10 000 BR ports, if say Truxillo - a non-capital port - is a nation's most developed port? Will NPC attack with ~20 000 BR against a 10 000 BR port, royally screwing defenders? 6. And what about shallow ports? What if a nation were to have a shallow port as one of their most developed ports? Will they get attacked in shallows by lineships and Indiamans? Or is there a NPC fleet-setup made for that contingency, where NPC attacks with Surprises and trader brigs? Or are Shallow ports exempt from NPC-attacks? 7. But will forts fire at raiders? 8. So NPC don't loose points for ships sinking like in normal PBs? 9.
  11. Dutch after the battle of Cartagena, trying not to count how many 1st rates was lost that day:
  12. A small, but intense scrap outside the Morgan's Bluff PB. Outnumbered and right under the British forts and towers, which got most of the kills for the brits but also friendly fire demasted some of them.
  13. Clan leaderboard ONLY updates during maintenance. Statistics are from the last 7 days.
  14. Speaking as a Russian clanleader, I've not even heard about this supposed treaty, let alone signed onto it. I don't think you can claim that "Russia" broke a treaty that most of Russia never even knew about. I think you might want to reevaluate your approach to dealmaking.
  15. Great joke... Not 5 minutes ago I was ganked in a trader just outside a port and a player from another nation joined my side in a ship same size as the attacker, preventing any reinforcements joining my side and talking to each other as friends in all-chat and discussing the fact that players were gathering outside but would not be able to join my side. My loss was immaterial, but the blatant abuse that this ROE actively invites is game-breaking. This ROE should be ONLY in Patrol Zones. Give us 2 min timers back everywhere else in OW:
  16. REDS was formed in Russia immediately after server maintenance the day that the new nations patch was released. Most of us switched from Pirates to Russia that very same day (October 16th 2017). And we didn't follow RUS, we decided in unison with RUS the week before that we would both join Russia.
  17. To Russia, no. To REDS, yes. We are a clan. We recruit. We have a recruitment topic. We recruit more or less actively, right now less. What do I do to unbalance the server? It is my "job" to grow and develop my clan. Others should concentrate on developing their own clans. We're not making anything "worse". REDS is not an elitist clan. We are not the best or the greatest. We just try to create content for ourselves and others. We're tiptoeing around other nations to not destroy their "crafting base" and when our enemies call for help because their "livelihood" is threatened, we've always lent what help we could. I know of whom you speak, and I've fought against those players and that mentality at every turn. Again, REDS have sacrificed a lot of our own effort and our own potential for fun, in order to avoid the destruction of other communities. Your accusation is patently false. Naval Action cannot be beaten, only destroyed. I have no power to change broken game mechanics. I can only try to create content. Content that I create for REDS, is content also created for the whole server. REDS is the ONLY clan that has actively created RvR-content continuously since release. The "neighbourhood" can do whatever they want. I don't demand anything except that people stop complaining about REDS trying to enjoy this game - without hurting anyone. That's not my fault. Then go somewhere else to complain. This is the REDS topic. I hardly ever go to the patrol zone. I went yesterday, only to be reminded why I don't go anymore - hello kittying requins running away upwind with <1 bar of structure left. REDS was formed in Russia long before Forged Papers DLC was added. I don't own the forged papers DLC and the same goes for many clanmembers. REDS is a completely different clan from HAVOC. REDS is a nation clan. We are loyal to our nation and to the clans that we play with. We don't go from nation to nation, vacuuming all the most elite veteran players one place after the other. REDS is as much about keeping newcomers to the game engaged as we are about keeping veterans interested. We recruit new players on their first day in the game and help them grow from first rank to last and we spend the time and effort teaching players the game.
  18. Okay. You can transfer to me the money to buy 250 forged papers, thanks, reimburse us all our port- and shipyard-investments, and move all of our >1million units of resources (400k rare logs) to a destination of our choice. Or, you know, you can stop whining. It is not our job to balance the server. You do it! It is simple: Gather some players. Train them, give them content. Help them enjoy the game and play actively together. Make infrastructure, excel-sheets, guides and plans for these players to follow. Set up (and pay for) coms. Buy some alts to collect resources for clan-reserves. Play day and night to grow your group in different timezones. Spend time to make sure you are always on top of the game-metas as well as the best strategies for all aspects of the game. Or you can come here and whine and demand that others put their own fun aside and do what you want them to do because you cannot be arsed yourself. REDS is the oldest clan in the Russian Empire. We are a nation clan, willing to work with, assist and defend all other Russian clans. We have close relationships with other Russian clans that we would never abandon. We are not going anywhere.
  19. It's pretty clear that they were in 3 trincs and captured the Bellona in the battle. Did neither of you look at the screenshot? 3 trincs vs Bellona & Wappen is on its own a pretty good result. It's no gank. Though screenshots tell lies these days with the 20 minute timer there's no way to say from them that this would not have been a great battle. At the very least a fairly unsuccessful trader escort... ..shit happens.
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