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    Suggesting 'Collectables' - Captain's Diary

    This is a cool suggestion. I like the idea of being able to keep track of these suggestions. I would rather make it like this: X/309 Ports visited This one is PvE only. Having this statistic would mess with a lot of peoples' heads.
  2. As I’ve written about before the problem I have with PBs ever since Land in (Port) Battles and the 3 circle system is that not enough people actually sink in most PBs. A gamey tactic that has come from this fact is that superior fleets sometimes will actively avoid taking circles to delay accumulation of points so they will have the ability to sink more enemies before hitting the 1000 points that ends the battle. Another function of this trend of less people sinking in fights is the ability of small, fast ships to tie up circles against heavier ships, despite having no ability to fight for the circle. By simply being in the circle, they prevent the enemy from accumulating points, even when the circle is owned my the enemy and the enemy has a numerical and/or BR advantage in the circle. A Prince or Le Requin or other small ship can easily kite in and out of a circle to prevent it from gaining any substantial amount of points with little risk. This allows defenders to avoid going into close fights to defend circles, while simply running down the clock against attackers who have to bring a heavier fleet in order to be able to fight a close fight, and have to use at least some of their BR reserved for smaller vessels on mortar brigs in order to knock down the forts. We are thus back to defenders kiting to run down the clock, exactly what we wanted to get away from when we abandoned the old system of towers, a circle of death, and getting to twice the BR. And yes, some will say attackers just have to bring small ships of their own, but it is not always that simple. Especially so with the current low numbers and struggling even to fill some PBs. And also because you never know if this is going to be the tactic that defenders are going for, and if they don't and you bring too light a setup, then you have less of a chance in the engagement. The proposal is this: To make controlling a circle not simply a matter of having it without enemies being inside it, which allows any enemy in any ship to disrupt control of a circle. Instead, to control the circle, and get points from it, you should have to have at least twice the BR of the enemy in it. And conversely, to block a circle from gaining points you would need at least half the BR of the enemy inside it. So an essex could not block 2 bucentaurs (or even one) from gaining points for a circle, but if the enemy controls a circle with just a bucentaur, then a 3rd rate would be enough to block points accumulation from the circle until one of the sides is either chased out or sunken. That way tiny ships cannot kite to contest circles, instead you would need to send a ship or ships big enough to fight for it.
  3. Anolytic

    Port Battle Risk vs Rewards

    Remember battle screen loot after successful PBs. You couldn't fit it in a warship, so sometimes we would take traders into PBs when we knew they were poorly defended. People wanted to go to PBs just because of that loot of resources at the end. We should have something like that back. Give us a nice stack (2,5k) of a randomly selected, non-produceable, wood type at the end of a successfull PB, preferrably after returning to port so we don't have to bring traders to carry it home. Or, you know, paints chests. As has already been suggested. As far as doubloons goes, I have always advocated for less reliance on looting in PvP. Looting in its current form is a game-ruining annoyance. But leaving that aside, while the I agree that the doubloons tally at the end of your battle is meagre compared to the worth of the ships, it should be noted that the risk has gone significantly down since doubloons were introduced. Since doubloons are now much cheaper, being much easier to come by (too easy now if you ask me). Just yesterday I killed 2 frigate fleets (I really needed another skillslot) and looted about 9k doubloons.
  4. Anolytic

    Sailing through land (in battle)

    So we all know about AI sailing through land in the OW. Now it also happens (with players) in battles. Some clan-mates of mine had this happen in their battle the other day. It was F11 by at least some of them (@Tiedemann), but thanks to @Hači_CZ there's also a recording of the bug:
  5. Anolytic

    Re-imagining Old Mechanics for New Port Battles

    Four hours to flip a port? Please...kill me now... We flipped a port that's a first rate grind using 2nd rates 2 weeks ago. It took about 4 hours. On a Saturday. Never again. (@Tiedemann) Regarding war supplies, I wouldn't mind having them back to circumvent the AI-grind. But it is a system that is even easier to manipulate than the conquest flags, and I'm not sure we need to go in that direction. Though some variant of it could be considered. I've analysed that idea before myself and came up with something that mixes war supplies with conquest flags as part of this write-up: I also mention single circle battles here, and I've always wanted a system with one circle, about the same area as the 3 circles we have now combined, positioned close to the fortifications, where defenders have to make sure they stay in the circle, and attackers have to push the defenders out or kill them to gain control of the circle and get the necessary points. My greatest issue with the current PB system, apart from the fact that I miss the good old 25v25s, is this: Not enough ships sink in PBs. With 3 circles people go to the 2 circles where the enemy has none or less ships, and try to keep the main enemy fleet busy by sending a small kiting ship into their circle to deny them points. PBs now are all about avoiding the big clash, and even when a fight is going a certain way, the points accumulation means that if you captured the circles the battle will be over long before any significant number of ships have sunk. This has devolved into gamey tactics, where if there is a big disparity in skill between two fleets the superior party will actively avoid taking circles in order to give themselves more time to sink the enemy. Controlling circles gives too many points and killing ships give too little, but at the same time, if we changed this, then the defending side could simply avoid the engagement to slow down attacker's accumulation of points.
  6. Volunteers for His Majesty’s Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy Ahoy Captains! To all who consider setting sail under the flag of Denmark-Norway. Our Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy requests you sign up with us. [RDNN] - The Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy, a company of brave sailors flying the white cross, is recruiting. We want all able captains and friendly sea creatures to join our ranks. When you join you will find we are a social group and you will find brothers in arms as well as good friends. Our clan is very Port Battle and PvP-oriented, and we arrange Port Battles and PvP events every single day. With tactics, communication and good spirits we always bring a good fight to any opponent. Having fought continuously in wars since the beginning of Early Access our players have deep knowledge of the combat mechanics. Our experience comes from never resting behind friendly lines, always seeking combat and glory. We always help our friends out and our captains are expected not to leave anyone behind. RDNN is always to be found at the front lines, always looking for good PvP and to help protect our nation’s borders. We have a cooperative playstyle and work closely with other clans playing for Denmark-Norway, spanning multiple nationalities and languages. Where others struggle with language barriers, we succeed. Our cooperative spirit ensures that together with our allies we form one of the most accomplished fleets in these Caribbean waters. If you think RDNN might be a group that fits your playstyle, don’t hesitate to contact myself or one of our other recruitment officers in-game or here on the forum. You can come on our TeamSpeak to learn more about us and sail with us to make up your mind. If you come from another nation, we will help you out with the transfer of ships and goods. We also do clan mergers. We are an international clan with members from all over the world and English is our primary language for communication. Members of RDNN are required to use TeamSpeak when participating in group events where orders and coordination are necessary components. We respect that players are different in their desire to communicate, and we do not strictly require that you talk a lot, so long as you are able to listen when instructions are given. Players seeking to join the ranks of RDNN are expected to be team-players, good-spirited and able to listen to orders when needed. You are expected to be gallant in victory as well as in defeat. We have a ship building system to provide all our members with ships and outfitting for Port Battles, and every member is expected to contribute with materials and labour hours. We have multiple level 50 crafters in our clan, holding every blueprint, so our members have opportunity to have built every ship they wish to set sail in. To join RDNN as a full member it is necessary to be of rank Kaptain (250 crew) or above. Special considerations can be made for players who prove their dedication or show particular aptitude. All sailors of all ranks are welcomed to join our TeamSpeak and play together with us until they are accepted into our clan. We will help you with learning the game mechanics, increasing your rank, finding fights and acquiring a fitting vessel. Applicants should come to our Teamspeak and contact an RDNN officer: ts3server://na.danmarknorge.org Written requests can be submitted in our forum: danmarknorge.org/forum/ We look forward to sailing by your side. May the winds blow in your favour. On behalf of His Majesty King Christian VII
  7. Mesteparten av RDNN har hovedaktiviteten vår i [REDS] i Russland nå for tiden. Men det er fremdeles noen som har hjemmet sitt i RDNN.
  8. Anolytic

    Nation Policy System

  9. Anolytic

    One information bug

    You mean it's just a snapshot of the placeholder information before the actual ship information is loaded in the UI? So just like when I load into port on an indiaman and the UI aways shows me the picture of a Wappen instead before refreshing. Then I don't think it's really a bug, and certainly has little to do with the Madagaskar refit.
  10. Anolytic

    Entry screen

    There is. I once recently pressed the remove button and got past one of the warnings, but I stopped myself short of writing "delete" in the last warning.
  11. Anolytic

    Nation Policy System

    Which is better for gameplay. You proposed to get votes based on activity, right? And how would you weigh this activity? By most PvE or what? Because if you weigh it by PvP and K/D, then I'm pretty sure @DreamMaker would be the Grand Duke of Poland, not PRIV: In Russia, Lenin's alt-clan is consistently top 10 in the leaderboard. In Denmark, before the leaderboard was fixed to take into account other factors than just port ownership, my alts alone once got more PvP-kills than the ten clans on the leaderboard combined for two weeks straight. You are greatly underestimating players' determination and potential to subvert other nations' diplomacy using alts.
  12. Anolytic

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    You do know that there is no official diplomacy in the game, right? There's just unofficial agreements between players. Nobody actually has to follow them. You're asking for them to be forcibly moved to pirates, but there's no mechanic for that, and they did absolutely nothing wrong. If you want to trade in Willemstadt you should be more careful.
  13. Anolytic

    Nation Policy System

    Even though the test we did have of mechanised diplomacy wasn't really a test, for reasons of poor implementation, I still feel that diplomacy being entirely player-driven and enforced is the better option than some kind of game-enforced system. Why should the average player be absolutely bound by the diplomatic whims of the biggest clans of their nation? Oh, you sweet innocent summer child... No! Only traders and PvE-ers would enjoy this. Why should you have to declare war on a faction to hunt their traders? This isn't even historical. There was plenty of commerce raiding between nations that weren't formally at war. Whoa!? A council? Pushed by the game. No thanks!
  14. Anolytic

    One information bug

    Your options: P hotkey in-game for the game to take a screenshot for you. F11, and the game takes a screenshot attaching it to the bug report. F12 to have the Steam client take a screenshot. PrntScrn button for Windows to take a screenshot. And you still chose to take a picture of your monitor with your phone...
  15. Anolytic

    Stern rakes and fire Sails

    Historically ships could suddenly explode from random stray shots hitting the magazine. Would make for great gameplay /s Fires are ignited somewhat randomly (from my experience there seem to be certain things you can do with your broadside to slightly increase chances of ignition though). In a single player game, random events such as fires affecting battle outcomes could work well. In the game like Naval Action is, the battle being entirely determined essentially by a coin toss would make for bad gameplay. It's good that fires have relatively minor impact on a battle What would be potentially more interesting is if firing guns at full sails would have a great probability of causing fire to the sail, as is historical, forcing us to use battle sails more.
  16. Who says getting screened is always no fun? From the first go at Phillipsburg. Despite being heavily outnumbered, we were able to dish out just as good as what we received. From today: It should be noted, we were tagged on the opposite side of the island from the fort, and after taking heavy chain damage only one of us could possibly make it. Thus @Tiedemann fought practically the entire battle alone after my early submission to the waves. But I was cheering him on. The fort at Fort Baai has been given an honorary membership in REDS.
  17. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] Russian Empire (War Server) For the Great and Glorious Mother Russia! The Red Banner Fleet [REDS] has been chartered by our beloved Tsar Alexander the Blessed to pursue conquest in the Caribbean. Captains taking up arms in our Company are offered steady pay and commission aboard some of the many freshly build vessels already fitted and prepared for the Caribbean Campaign. To join us you must hoist the St. Andrew’s Cross (or plan to do so), you must have Teamspeak, and you should understand English. Find us on our Teamspeak, fleet.red, for an interview with one of our Officers. Server: War Server / PvP Nation: Russian Empire Teamspeak: fleet.red REDS is the merger of clans PLANB, CHAOS/KINGS & RDNN/LEGO. For our freedom and yours! The Russians are coming!
  18. Anolytic

    look out perk

    Historically captains and crew had to be well educated in recognising ships (both enemy and friendly) at a distance (i.e from their rigging) as well as flags. They also had to recognise land masses by their profile btw. That we have to identify by spyglass what ships our enemies are fielding is both historical and immersive in my opinion. I see all the time people misidentify enemy ships in nation chats (calling out indiamans as bellonas or bellonas for Christians and so on). That is just poor seamanship. By experience you learn to be better.
  19. Anolytic

    Good job killing off solo players.

    Don't put the safe zones on clans, that's all for the benefit of you solo players. I went into this thread expecting some valid criticisms of the solo player experience. Because there are some things that are geared a little too steep towards solo players. And a lot of emphasis is put on clans - because this is a game that is better with friends. But if all you have to complain about is the combat aspect, then I fear it is user error, not the game's fault. I have plenty of clan members who interacts with the clan and trades with the clan, but who spend most of their time on the sea sailing solo and they manage perfectly fine. Yes, it is much harder, and so it should be. You have to know where to go and you have to run from a few gankers, but there are plenty of opportunities in these Caribbeans for the solo sailor. I'm not going to tell you to go to the PvE-server, but first of all, read the description of the War server on the server selection screen. It warns you that there is no free lunch. You have to earn your way. If you don't want to be in a clan and learn to survive beside and together with others, then I would still advise you to find other solo players that are willing to tell you how they do it. You can get far with just a few basic tips.
  20. Anolytic

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    It was fun indeed. I would have stayed longer, but I had forgot to refill my sail repairs, so I completely ran out. Wasn't too keen to fight on with that AI catching up. I made some mistakes early on in the battle. How do you know my K/D ratio? I didn't see my name on any of the spreadsheets admin screenshotted? And are you sure you didn't misplace a comma? I hate escaping. I hate sailing back to port after battle. Much more convenient to teleport. At least my ratio is now way down. I lost 2 Victories and an Agamemnon over the course of just this Sunday. Every time I try to grind the Diana, it sinks within the first 10 minutes of the battle... I still have 0 slots.
  21. Anolytic

    Using deck guns during boarding

    Agamemnon has 3 decks, LGV has only 1 gun deck. Gun decks are greyed out because the weather deck guns on an Aga cannot be vertically angled enough to swipe the weather deck of the LGV. This has been how it works with different height ships in boarding for as long as I can remember. IIRC it can sometimes give funny results, like when a Hercules cannot use deck guns against single deck ships, that are same height because the system thinks the hercules has a much more elevated top deck because of it's 3 gun decks in the system. But in the case of Aga vs LGV this makes rather good sense.
  22. Anolytic

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    Supply/demand. It's capitalism. Don't blame the actors, blame the system. This game, especially in the first part, is not just pew-pewing bots. As it is you are not meant to get rich from killing bots. There are plenty of economic opportunities in this Caribbean. Sell doubloons (you'll loot plenty) and you'll increase those mentioned profits exponentially. Capture some AI traders and you will earn a decent sum from selling whatever you find on them, the doubloons, and you have the opportunity to keep the traders themselves to make a healthy profit by trading a little bit.
  23. Anolytic

    Messaging in Battle

    Hold CTRL while using the cursor to click the chat text field OR press ENTER to place the cursor in chat. Press TAB (while text field is toggled) to switch between Team communication and communication to All inside the battle including enemies.
  24. Anolytic

    New Connie

    So far it was only given as a timed redeemable some time ago. Capture one from a player, or buy one as there are still some players selling theirs.