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  1. Thanks for the answer. The logic seems sound. My only supplement would be that you should think of the grind for upgrades in terms of 5-point cohorts instead of single point upgrades. Nobody is really going to be upgrading their ports with only 1 point. They want to upgrade their 50-point port to a 55-point port, their 40-point port to a 50-point port and so on (at first anyway - eventually people are going to go for max upgrades). So the grind for 1 point is mostly irrelevant. The question is, and I'm not claiming to hold the answer or necessarily complaining about your chosen threshold, if 250 HDF AI is a reasonable grind for upgrading ports by 5 points? Have you thought about a staggered grind? The first 5 points upgraded being relatively cheaper, the next 5 more expensive and the last 5 extremely expensive.
  2. What about feedback on any of the other parts of the patch? Is that really off topic when it falls well within the scope of the OP? On that note, please reduce the number of wooden chests per point upgrade slightly, but increase the number of victory marks significantly: Maybe just make it 50 Vic marks and 30 wooden chests?
  3. What @Malcolm3 said above. By making the Trinc a (free) DLC you're not really adding anything to the game, except making a very prolific ship even more prolific. But you are reducing a lot of content for all crafters and also from clan-play. The Trinc is one of the best ships to craft for crafting XP, since it is easily sold on the market, or can be given away to new clan-members that are ranking up or learning PvP. The Trincomalee is indeed a beautiful ship that you and Game-labs should rightfully be proud of. It is one of my favourite ships both to sail and to look at. But it doesn't get any more appreciated by making it a DLC, since it already is a very well appreciated ship.
  4. Looks like a very good update. Looking forward to experiencing it. I only wish you wouldn't do a 1st rate DLC.
  5. Gadsden Flag variations:
  6. The rest of the server looking to Russia when Sweden breaks the Peace agreement by taking Truxillo:
  7. Gratulerer med dagen!
  8. Cid right right after joining another nation/war/coalition:
  9. Your crew and you when you turn off survival and tell a thousand souls to say their prayers because you screwed up and sailed right into the enemy fleet.
  10. When your rudder is destroyed, but you press 5-4 and everything is magically fixed.
  11. How everyone else views Russia:
  12. Well, at least you've got to admire the British diplomacy for their deceptiveness and confidence games.
  13. Russian screeners at Belize:
  14. Hotkeys/shortcut to open fleet ship holds in harbour and at sea. Currently you can open your hold to see what's in it or unload it by clicking the 'H'-key on your keyboard. However if you want to open the hold of one of your fleet ships, you have to click 'N' for Navy and then click on each ship and then on the icon of a barrel representing hold. Or at sea you press the F-button and then scroll to the fleet ship in question and click on the picture of a barrel. This is a lot of clicks for a simple action, and notably quite a lot more elaborate to manage fleet holds in port than it used to be with the old UI, which had more overview as well as requiring fewer clicks for these actions. The new UI is of course a lot more beautiful, and all we really need for it to compete with the old one in practical usage is a hotkey for hold 2, 3 and 4 as in the respective fleet ships we can have. Simply put: New Hotkey 1: Opens the hold of your first fleet-ship New Hotkey 2: Opens the hold of your second fleet-ship New Hotkey 3: Opens the hold of your third fleet-ship Should work in port and at sea. Default hotkeys for opening holds could easily be H - J - K - L. Adjacent buttons on qwerty-keyboards.
  15. @Lars Kjaer #richestmanontheserver There are clans with more than 1 billion reals in their clan-warehouse. Heck, there are players alone with more than 500kk reals. 3500 CMs is not that much if you've upgraded a couple of crafting ports. And 140k doubloons is less than what I paid for 2 special flags. It's not worth half as much as the insane prices the bids have reached. It's not even the ship that's more worth, but the guns. I would buy the guns from that ship for 50kk (individually - no, but as a full set - yes), and I'd go to 65kk to get the ship too.
  16. This looks like a depiction of a similar, if not the same, (18th century) chinese pirate flag as you posted:
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