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  1. Hitshu

    Bad FPS

    Ye you system is to weak I guess
  2. Played with him yesterday I'll tell him if I seem him.
  3. No more op snow ? QQ Anny way keep up the great work!
  4. This is one of the nicest communitys I ever had the pleasure being a part of.
  5. I would love too see this magnificent ship in Naval Action. She rendered numerous important services to the Armada (fleet), some of them in the Caribbean where she participated in several sieges and was distinguished in 1779. In 1793, she took part in the Anglo-Spanish occupation of Toulon under the command of Admiral Don Juan de Lángara. Four years later, in 1797, she was part of a Spanish fleet under Teniente General José de Córdoba y Ramos that fought against the British at the Battle of Cape St. Vincent. She also was one of the last ships still fighting at the Battle of Trafalgar. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_ship_San_Juan_Nepomuceno (Sorry if I posted this wrong I am new here)
  6. i5 2500k 8Gb Ram 500Gb Hdd 120Gb Ssd GTX770 2GB
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