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  1. "Now her namesake daughter remains to show what she has been. What every schoolboy remembers and will not come again. To think she is the last of the Grand Banks schooners who fed so many men." It is a shame. Even a properly working replica is still just a replica.
  2. As a Canadian, it would be improper, almost indecent of me NOT to mention her.
  3. The Pickle! And the 100 year out of date pride of the Maritimes, the Bluenose (II),
  4. Now this looks like my kind of fleet. Maybe I'll show up one day in my Privateer eh?
  5. Please kindly consider having a tavern in Port de Prince named the Black Mongoose. It's kind of a big deal for some of us...
  6. Perhaps instead of the Queen Anne herself, we can look at adding the class of frigate to NA?
  7. I thank you sir for making my job easier!
  8. This game is unique, and thus so is my username. I go by Fancy Tom in almost all of my videogames, however Thomas Blackwell is the name I chose for NA.
  9. I seem to recall a documentary on the Queen Anne's Revenge. It stated that the guns on some pirate vessels were a collection of mix-and-match, due to the pirates lack of accessibility to guns of the same caliber. The Queen Anne's Revenge was supposed to have had a number of differently weighted guns aboard. In my mind the common pirate had to make do with what he was given, especially as he often did not have access to the shipyards and resources of the Navy, privateers nor even merchants.
  10. "There are men upon these waves even devils fear to face." Awesome art though!
  11. Thing about dishonest folk, you can always trust them to be dishonest... It's the honest ones you have to watch out for. I can think of a few good names for a pirate clan, but alas I don't have the energy to make them into anything worth while. If someone else is interested in making a clan, feel free to use these if you haven't thought up something better, and I may be tempted to join... not that I'm planning on being a pirate of course. Wicked Intentions Under The Influence Wildly Intoxicated Scarlet Scoundrels Hoist The Colors Brown Trousers Last one may be a better name for
  12. If by this you mean NPC fishing vessels leaving home ports and fishing, then yes I too would like to see this. Different types of fishing vessels with different types of cargo depending on what part of the globe you are in would be neat. Crab fishing, tuna, haddock, Salmon, whale, shark, the list goes on. Of course having these things in game is due to historical significance, and not because the game is trying to encourage fishing endangered and/or protected species in the modern day.
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