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  1. The best sort of communication between your enemy and you is fired at a high velocity from the ends of those roundish metalic instruments lining either side of your vessel. On a serious note, thank you for your feedback.
  2. Back from the dead like 'ol Jaques himself! Evening all! Daddy's home! But not really... Unfortunately I'm still very busy outside of Naval Action and without a working computer or stable internet. Like me, CoH is not dead either! Just in hiding... Stealthy like. Unless Hertzog has been playing Open World again, then its the opposite. As one of the joint founders of the AoC I have just this to say. For anyone who is looking for a home away from politics, drama, or maybe you just like our name, you are welcome here. You do not need permission to join, there is no lengthy ceremony or crimina
  3. This isn't a bump simply to move our recruitment propaganda to the top of the thread... no, it's more like a note to myself. Shopping: ~Eggs ~Milk ~Butter ~Grapeshot ~Baking Powder ~Rum** PS. Don't forget to empty out the bilge tomorrow. Lieutenant Grasshopper filled it with bubble bath again and now the whole ship smells like fragrance of summer. ~ Remember to post notices in all the 'respected' establishments concerning the dangers of not eating enough vegetables, forgetting to wash hands after using the lavatory, and taxing Americans. ~ Pirates Anonymous meeting 7:00PM sharp at th
  4. Fair winds to you sir, for if you should come within a thousand sea miles of Isle de Hispaniola, your cargo shall become my cargo. I hope to be seeing you boys in a great many numbers on the high seas!
  5. Damn long guns, thinking they can just board our ships and steal the jobs of honest hard working cannonades.
  6. "Now her namesake daughter remains to show what she has been. What every schoolboy remembers and will not come again. To think she is the last of the Grand Banks schooners who fed so many men." It is a shame. Even a properly working replica is still just a replica.
  7. As a Canadian, it would be improper, almost indecent of me NOT to mention her.
  8. The Pickle! And the 100 year out of date pride of the Maritimes, the Bluenose (II),
  9. Cheers Grimm, but the thing about pirates is we're notorious for an extreme lack of organization skills. However if you want to organize a drinking tournament, I'll wager we'll make an effort to show up for that!
  10. Hiyup mate, I'll pass along your name ASAP. We'll have you aboard in no time. While you wait, visit the Black Mongoose and feel free to get stuck in!
  11. Now this looks like my kind of fleet. Maybe I'll show up one day in my Privateer eh?
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