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  1. Don't worry about it. To the very least, the posts here confirm that the game runs well on good/great systems, which is just as important. At least couple of people have confirmed that the game runs on old end PCs on low settings which is not a problem for me. I've decided to go ahead and get the game since it's been confirmed that the next batch of keys will be given this Friday.
  2. Haha, that's a really cool case! I don't upgrade because I just can't justify spending 1000+ euro on a gaming pc which I use less than 5 hours/day and play video games for a few hours in the weekend. I haven't played any game released this year and most of the games I play are older grand strategy and simulator games. Naval Action is something right up my alley because I'm a fan of the Age of sails and 18th century Caribbean. But as much as I'd like to play this game, it won't persuade me to spend any more money than the price of the game. Anyway, I'm not in such a hurry anymore t
  3. Please don't stone me for asking the ever annoying question "Can I run it?". So I tried to formulate the question in such a way it benefits more people than just me. I've just passed my final exam today and I'd really like to get the game but I have an old PC and without an official system requirements list I don't want to take the risk and buy a game I can't play. So if you want you can post your pc specs and your subjective view on how well the game runs for you. I'm also interested if there is anyone who has a similar pc to mine and how does the game play for them. My specs are:
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