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  1. This would be a great addition to the smaller artillery pieces
  2. Hadn't played in a few patches because I've been too busy. But man, this latest patch is fantastic. AI seems great, and I really like the new system of having the AI have a pool of men that you can whittle down. Everything just feels more polished honestly. Maybe a bit more variety for the reports messages as we go on, but I'm loving their addition as well. The game deserves every copy it sells.
  3. Fair enough. At least it was just bad timing then. Glad to hear it, and I appreciate the feedback everyone
  4. Are you sure about that? I can try to go back and test it, but it sure felt like they were matching my comp. It wasn't like "oh these guys brought some cavalry" it was "so these guys have almost as much cavalry as infantry" and it just happened to be on the same exact battle that I brought tons of cav too. I mean, I'll definitely take your word for it since I honestly don't know and observational bias and whatnot. If you're right I'd definitely be happy for sure as that is very much preferable to me.
  5. Good evening all, Been pretty busy so I've not commented on anything for awhile (nor actually had a chance to play the latest patches, unfortunately) but I did want to bring up an issue I had the last time I played the game for any significant period of time. I haven't done a ton of research into scaling, and only have my play experience as a backing so feel free to correct me if I misunderstand how the system works (or if it has changed recently, or if this has been brought up before). As I understand it, the game scales the enemy size depending on the size of your own army. I'm more or less in favor of this as the game would obviously be too easy otherwise for the majority of players. (A slider would be nice to let me chose scaling percentage independent of other difficulty factors though). However, I also understand it that the system scales their army to meet yours proportionally. I first noticed it at Stones River when I had come into a significant amount of cavalry equipment so I fielded a large amount of cav... and the Union fielded hordes that would have made Genghis proud. I don't like this. One of the things I personally enjoy in strategy games is in my build. If the enemy is simply going to match my build every time then it takes a lot of the fun out of it on multiple fronts. For one, it's boring as neither side will ever have an advantage in any way (aside from the AI always outnumbering me) and for another it almost certainly ensures that I'll not try any kind of deviation from a "standard" army build as the AI can micro things like cavalry and skirmishers better than me in large numbers. Plus, why would I take a lot of skirms when the AI will just double up on them which is way more dangerous than taking a lot more standard infantry and just being outnumbered in base troops. Now, I don't say all that just to complain. I'd like to suggest that we give the AI values for unit types and have it randomly fill out an army composition based on that value rather than directly copying your build. Obviously it would need parameters because you don't want the AI accidentally fielding 20 units of arty and 2 of infantry, but I think it could be done.
  6. "It is a classical maxim that it is sweet and becoming to die for one's country; but whoever has seen the horrors of a battlefield feels that it is far sweeter to live for it." John S Mosby
  7. I agree this battle was ridiculously frustrating. First one I skipped totally. It wasn't that I couldn't win it. It's that I didn't want to... extremely annoying to fight an enemy you cannot see or shoot. Especially considering they were shooting my own skirms to pieces in the same field. How could they see me then? If I wanted mini-challenge maps instead of normal strategy I'd go play starcraft.
  8. Oh, he'll Hunt alright. From the Hill, over to the Pickett, down by the Banks...
  9. Agree. Micro is already harsh. The last thing we need is more individual units. In management screen is fine, on the battlefield please no. My computer would crush the game no matter how many units are displayed... my slow reaction time not so much.
  10. Y'all need to cool it or we're going to have to call in the Pope to arbitrate... and frankly I don't think you'll be getting off Scott free.
  11. Gentlemen, please remember that the road of puns is a Longstreet to travel.
  12. I would like to add that in my opinion it also depends on the purpose of using the defenses. I find that they work great as a delaying tool. While they might not always trade positively, they trade slowly, which can be very handy depending on circumstances. Additionally, you can often use a single fortification to hold up much greater numbers, albeit until they charge you. So if you're trying to roll their flank or something, you can then use a single unit in the fortifications to hold up their advance while you prepare to pounce. So again, situational. Which I suppose is the theme of this thread
  13. You asked for a historical example and I felt I provided one. If you look back, I actually agreed with your original post... commented on it twice, in fact. I was also nothing if not respectful. I have not treated anybody "like an idiot" on this board. It was you in fact who called my question stupid. Discussions work both ways. If you only want people to agree with everything you say rather than having their own viewpoint then I'm not really sure what to tell you.
  14. I've no desire to argue rather than discuss. I will respectfully agree to disagree and decline to contribute further to the discussion in light of personal attack.
  15. In that case, I would counter that I don't understand why you assume a horse at full gallop would have no advantage catching a horse stopped, facing the wrong direction. Can you give an example of a horse at rest outrunning a horse already at a gallop? Also, if you're looking for that level of detail then you will indeed be hard pressed to find such an account. But you'd be just as hard pressed to find accounts of dragoons preferring to fight on horseback rather than just dismounting.
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