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  1. In Open World - bell to salute comrades, private message sound and capture alarm will be added soon. Seagulls will be included to the Coast sound volume toggle. I'm in charge of the music too but the other things is more important now. We could use additional voice commands in different language as a part of localization. I hope it will be fully implemented, at least partially depends on memory restriction. Anyway, voice commands can be turned off by Crew sounds volume toggle. Will check the radius of cannon sounds in OW battle events. Captains, Thanks again, your feedback matters!
  2. Captains, thank you all for your comments! Your tips and advises if possible will be implemented and included into a patch.
  3. I am Dimitriy Dyachenko, I create sound for Naval Action. Here is the latest results of experiment with improved battle sound and voice commands, I hope you'll like it:
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