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  1. Nelsons Barrel

    I think there should be an option to disable 3D picture in ports

    For all the alt account users out there +googol
  2. Eco alts are usually not end rank as you delete them to put them in other nations when the port you depended on switched flags. So yeah, the importance would have been increased in that aspect. Another aspect though is that stuff does not magically spawn anymore in ports but in OW AI traders. That might limit your dependence on teleporting through outposts all the time. See for this:
  3. Naval AI trader clubbing. ))
  4. Nelsons Barrel

    Naval Action will never suceed if that will continue

    But what will this change from what i wrote above? The game is not subscription based, so no need for devs to put more effort in to keep players paying. They deliver what you bought as EA and thats it.
  5. Nelsons Barrel

    Naval Action will never suceed if that will continue

    Every game has a certain lifetime. You can't change that fact that at some point somebody will pull the plug and the servers go down. Every game starts with a huge amount of players and soon or later players move on to different games, so the player count drops. In this regard Naval Action faces two major problems: First Naval Action is no roleplay game with individual chars you can skill and perk for special things, so you could repeat it. In this regard, Naval Action chose to be a game where every char can have the same skillbooks, crew counts and can sail all ships. So once achieved, there is nothing to grind for a second time to achieve a possible differend outcome. Pure player-based skill determines how good you are in pvp and overall in this game. Second the limited amount of so called content and its straight forward connection towards online-player-numbers. There is just so much you can do when you play alone. Kill npcs (new pve-missions just let you focus more at what to kill, but the pve game is and will be the same as before) and trade. Everything else in this game is depended on other players online. You necessarely need a player pirating your traders to make it more exciting, there is no npc who will replace that player in hunting traders. Going out and do pvp... depends on players being present and willing to fight you. And not to forget, there is no RvR/PB without players around it to screen and fight them. To bandaid the lower player numbers devs go and reduce the amount of ships in a PB by just raising the average BR of ships. This helps a bit. But they dont shrink the map nor do they force us to be closer together in one spot of the map. We already reached some playernumbers that nations can't do 2 PBs at the same time or even screen for only one PB. Remember some days with over 6 PBs each 25 vs 25 players were filled up. You won't see that happening anymore. Huge clans with over 100 active players wont be there anymore and to fix this, people started to get alts to compensate for the lack of players you could depend on. You can of course say that is because of this and that, and this must be fixed. But this is not gonna change the fate of the whole game. Naval Action started big in numbers when they released it to steam. Sadly it was an Early Access title. The devs brought to us a half baked game with many loopholes and many gamemechanics to be fixed (and some are still not fixed). And devs simply tried a lot of things that has cost a lot of devtime. Since that releaseday numbers are dropping and that is just a natural thing for every game, some take longer, some take shorter. Accept that fact, stop dreaming about a huge influx of new players because of one 'release'-state and just move on as 99% of all copy-owners already did.
  6. Nelsons Barrel

    Loss of all ships at outpost

    The real problem is that the warning pop up is static, it does not tell you what ships you gonna loose when you continue.
  7. Nelsons Barrel

    Disable Friendly Fire

    rediii is an NPC confirmed.
  8. Nelsons Barrel

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    All in basic cutters, you in basic cutter... I would call it fake OW population. Should this fee get into the live patch we gonna have a bunch of bad reviews on steam, a week later a 'content patch' with at least a reduction of the fee and we end up with even less players playing the game. I really dont know what this fee should have a benefitial purpose for.
  9. Nelsons Barrel

    Server crash

    Server still runs very unstable, kicks players to playerselection, lagg on OW every few seconds and it takes some seconds to load all items and ships in port. Global chat reports it for multiple players.
  10. Nelsons Barrel

    Naval Action Meme collection

    XI: Thou shall multiflip and nightflip the nation thou can't beat in RvR. I really don't know how WO could possible miss that one.
  11. Nelsons Barrel

    2 banished people are 1 too many!

    Voted yes, but I really hope he's gonna change his voice, too.
  12. Nelsons Barrel

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    Every difficulty word ingame means the opposite. Just think about the word 'safezone'...
  13. Nelsons Barrel

    Game Jumping to Windows?

    Does the same happen when you play in windowed mode?
  14. Nelsons Barrel

    The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

    One would wonder, when does the self proclaimed server police come in and save the pirates from the ongoing aggressive behavior of big mouths?
  15. Nelsons Barrel

    War of the lovers revisited

    What never was tried was one server, one map, but split in different timezones, of course that would have cost dev time to balance it so every timezone has everything in it to fight for and not give one timezone-map-part an advantage... Now move on to the part where every nation claims to have the lowest player numbers.