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  1. I am eager to see the steam review graphs this month. Will Gamelabs advertise as promised years ago the now released game with its precious 58% rating? Will the rating drop down as expected by me below 50 or will it even raise? How many people will actually go back and play it, if so, for how long? 2 days, 2 weeks or even 2 months? When will the server be shut down, end of this year? Next year or even 2 years? I guess only the future can tell.
  2. You can close your eyes and tell yourself that you find thousands of boats on the whole map but at the end of the day you know the truth.
  3. Steam itself shows you a graph of that.
  4. Nobody forces game developers to go early access (especially through steam store). Thats the risk you take to make money with an unfinished product. People pay, people play and people will review, while you earn cash. If you want your product to be reviewed when its finished you should simply consider to release it only when its finished. Blaming an unknown group as the bad guys because they review an early access title that you like is pretty simpleminded. It's kind of cute that you guys consider 6 reviews already a review bomb for a game that has 110 recent reviews and a total of
  5. But what will this change from what i wrote above? The game is not subscription based, so no need for devs to put more effort in to keep players paying. They deliver what you bought as EA and thats it.
  6. Every game has a certain lifetime. You can't change that fact that at some point somebody will pull the plug and the servers go down. Every game starts with a huge amount of players and soon or later players move on to different games, so the player count drops. In this regard Naval Action faces two major problems: First Naval Action is no roleplay game with individual chars you can skill and perk for special things, so you could repeat it. In this regard, Naval Action chose to be a game where every char can have the same skillbooks, crew counts and can sail all ships. So once achiev
  7. The real problem is that the warning pop up is static, it does not tell you what ships you gonna loose when you continue.
  8. Server still runs very unstable, kicks players to playerselection, lagg on OW every few seconds and it takes some seconds to load all items and ships in port. Global chat reports it for multiple players.
  9. XI: Thou shall multiflip and nightflip the nation thou can't beat in RvR. I really don't know how WO could possible miss that one.
  10. Every difficulty word ingame means the opposite. Just think about the word 'safezone'...
  11. Does the same happen when you play in windowed mode?
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