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  1. I suggest Devs to add an option that can disable 3D picture in the ports. I don't think it means much. Now, as long as the game is logined, the display adapter will run in full power all the time. It will emit a lot of heat, and waste electricity, also it's easy to reduce the life cycle. before, when in ports, the display adapter can have a rest.
  2. I'm Chinese, but I prefer English characters, which makes game integrating into the age of sails more. Just my personal opinion.
  3. While the Bucentaure running in a high speed in the battlefield, she has no sprays on the bow. also she has no tracks of water behind the stern. the other ships all have those as I say, so I think this is a bug. I hope DEVS can fix it.
  4. The color of buttons look bad. I think It's better to change them to cold hue, or change another back ground picture which has warm hue.
  5. Exactly, I found this issue too. but I didn't notice it all the time until I read this topic.
  6. I wish to see the HMS Melville or HMS Wellesley in the game. Because the 74 gus are too few, however, they were most widely used in the British navy.
  7. When the double balls are loaded, however, the animation is still the single ball in each fired cannon, the only difference is the ballistic curve. Can the devs improve it to double balls for those? I think that will be more realistic.
  8. In my opinion,that the developers chose the vessel is still very strict. There is not any Galleon appeared in the game,even be not including the Sovereign of the Sea, De Zeven Provincien, La Couronne or La Soleil Royal, which were famous in the 17th century, and so on. I don't understand why only the ancient Gallay and Galleass must be added?
  9. Galleys/Galleases? Are you joking? These were not in the late 18th century which the game refers to, if dev add them, I think they will destroy the harmony of this game. I dislike a game passing through time space, this will make this game to be more similar as Uncharted Waters Online.
  10. Now, the props called "repair kit small" can be only used one at a time,whitch recover 500 HP on each time,if I want to repair the whole HP for thousands, I must use them again and again, I think It's too troublesome. So I suggest that there should be a function which could use all requied tools to repair ships to full HP throwaway, just like the function that converting all fishes to fish meats. Do you have the same thought?
  11. Do you notice that the cannon's sounds from enemies are always more exciting than our own. I hope the developers could transfer them to the ships of ourselves, that will make the sounds more plentiful.
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