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  1. Well maybe to make money. Lets make a simple calculation. Casual players 80% Hardcore 20%. Lets just say 100 players in total. 80*10 hours= 800 hours 20*25 hours=500 hours Total way more players online and way more hours in game So a more Living population. Dlc. Lets say 40 % casuals buy Dlc and 80 of hardcore. casauk 80*0,40= 32 dlc Hardcore 20*0,80=16 Lets look at the likelighood to stop.Think casual is more likely to stop, than a hardcore player. Lets see the consequence of player that leave if the change dont fit them. 30 % for casual and 10 % hardcore. casual 80*0,30= 24 players leaving Hardcore 20*0,10= 2 player leaving. The advantage with hardcore players is that they make more content, so by care for them the hope must be that they trugh content can keep players stay and play. Care for the casual, well you get way more money and most likely more play times in total and therefore a most likely active server.
  2. Don’t Think a wipe would make any change. But they fir me can go ahead and do it.
  3. On the otherhand a long open timer makes it easier to jump players that do missions ore fight in a OW npc fleet. You think that is good PvP?
  4. What value will a reinforcement zone if you make it smaller? As I see it nobody can stay in the reinforcement is they want any game play. Only very few Nations have a safezone where you can do the basic trading for ship crafting and do PvE.
  5. Can’t see they need to change anything in there discription. Casuals can easy play the game. But casual players will be affected by wars among nations. But where does it say they are not. I just said the price to be in RvR now is to hardcore for many. One of the reasons why I play less. I don’t say it is bad, just that it to hard for me to find any joy in.
  6. I know, but RvR is just not for casuals players. We have been picking up guys that started as casuals, but my impression after last patch, that casuals will be wiped out soon enough. Dk-NG is not a real life big nation, so in the long run it is close to impossible to stand against big nations. But the game have chosen to Call those nation with the potential largest playerbase easy( Only exception is ofc Russia and Prussia, but guess it was a compromice to put them in game). RvR and the ports have a huge inpact on this game, witch is less good for casuals, But great fun for the hardcore players. We had some great war in the time I played. Enjoyed them a lot. But just had to realize in the long run, it is impossible to fight against the tide. But have not yeth left Dk-Ng. Dont even have the Dlc. But have turned in to a solo player since patch 27.
  7. Lots of reasons. But right numbers for some nations. When ever I log in the nation(I am dane), I only see 2-4 guys. Not many to do a pb. I know it is enough to to a pb, just not sure enough to make a team that actually have a chance in a pb. From a guy that always have been fine with the hardcore consequence I slowly would like that a Nation like my own had 5-6 ports with all the need to ship building. So guess next step would be to go to one of the easy nations.
  8. Still like the game. If I only was focus on PvP ore solo playing, still think would have fun in it. But tried a bit RvR in the danish nation. Just to hard work. I know it is because my lack of skill. We see plenty of players turn Nations in to a succes. RvR matters much in this game, so if you suck at it. Well the price is high.
  9. staun

    Hercules OW Spam

    You are right I wouldn’t know. I don’t grind much Npc and dont plan to start. But I do think it is to late to turn the tide. They just turned it to hardcore once more. Then they try to soften it. It is just to late. Personally I don’t care if I cost trouble ore “pain” to a other player, I don’t care if I win ore lose as long I had a fun and challanging fight. I understand the demand for a 100 % right game. I personally can live with 80% and have players playing it. players leaving not playing now is to my belive little to do with Dlc ships, But more with turning the game to hardcore.
  10. staun

    Hercules OW Spam

    But to sink a snow ore a empty trader big dosen’t give that feeling? For long back, abouth when the changed the conguest so not only the top 4 nations got VM, it never mattered to sink a ship. Ppl easy replaced it. With patch 27 it changed, now it actually hurts player to lose s 4-1 rate. So now you don’t have to have that empty feeling, when you kill a ship above a 5 rate. That is if you actually can find a ship to kill. Ppl wanted ships to matter, to be expensive. For me you can remove Dlc ships and keep ships expensive. All you have is to promise me not to blaim @admin when the numbers drop further. Lets stay on the hardcore track and lets those that have demanded it start create content in the game.
  11. staun

    Hercules OW Spam

    So how do the numbers show that. What numbers do you have acces to that I don’t have? Yes some would not like Dlc ships. How much they are P2W in this game is maybe not as high as ppl want it to be. This is fortunally still a skill game. But how many have actually left the game because of thr Dlc ship. Like to have acces to the numbers you have. Have they made player leave, for sure. But do they also made players stay ore player come back, Yep for sure. Would like to see your numbers that showed they cost more players then they have gained. Then you have convinced me. Still wait for your remarks on the other points.
  12. staun

    Hercules OW Spam

    Nope I won’t. You see before patch 27, I only sailed my Dlc in the Nassau patrolezone and in a few PB’s. Think a couple of times outside on a Lqr, But that was just to counter someone that used those to hunt in oure waters. They can remove them, wouldn’t care, just means as the game is right now, I even play less. Still looking for your answer how the Dlc ships are responsible for the rest I mentioned.
  13. staun

    Hercules OW Spam

    And the rest of the points. No answer to that. But do think @admin shoul remove the Dlc ships for lets say a month. See wath Happens. But you have to promise me not to bitch about online and no one wants to fight you.
  14. staun

    Hercules OW Spam

    Yeth they still come out of the thin air. Lots of playerd complaint that thr Dlc ship hurt crafters, Those Dbl not also. Think we need to nerf dbl ships to. And what about the rest of my argument. Just going to ignore it ore explain why it is the fault of the Dlc ship.