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  1. Why should PvE players be forced to PvP. Traders is needed for crafting. Force Them to PvP Will just make Them quiet. PvP problem should not tryied to be solved by sacrificing the PvE players.
  2. Are you sure of that? Think over the last 6 month, there have been numbers of demands to change mechanic, imo that would favor the elite players. Often the reason is not based on the belive that it gives a better gameplay, but because it is not fair and make the game unresonable.
  3. I am fine if ppl don't get it. Not the first time somebody tells me they didn't get it. I do think in my response, where I contradicted everything, there is some valid concerns in what I wrote. The question is to get the right balance, so all can have fun. If it was easy to find the right solution, we had it. The question how to balance things so both the casual and the hardcore player both have fun.
  4. Also with the new damage ? i haven't been on testbed. But as i understand what In i have read, then them new damage system will bedevastating for ship below your own class. I got that wrong?
  5. Didn't you tell us there where no active left in your clan and yout nation? Best part of making ships expensive. Defence fleet. Well mayby not for a nighty night guy. Guess not. But think Reverse have had some good fights over there lately.
  6. "We need to protect the elite players" "The life is simply to hard for a PvP player" "thats also why after every battle we need to be able to get safe away" "Well, we can't have a lion sitting in a tree, hunted up there by buffalo's" Would it help if I but a smiley after each sentence? But guess you are right. No irony, but lots of sarcasme towards those top players with a kill/death ratio way above the rest, that still cry and whine about how hard there life is.
  7. What should the button line be to have the best of everything. 5 min of gameplay a day. But do actually think the game have put in good mechanic to also help admins "2 hour man". but again it is also partly how you want to play the game. Untill you need/want to sail 2 rate and 1 rate, think the game gives you good posibility to get good ships bought by doubloons. You also can buy good upgrades for dbl to. This is a game that work slow. Even the combat, so with only 5-7 hours a week, it will work slowly to progress. But how do I do right now. If I need real, I could trade, but right now it is just not worth my time. i have bought a LGV Refit from admiralty. i have found a nice place with lots of enemy ports and little player activity. Take traders and go to ports and sell the goods. Think i can make around 50 k real 3 k dbl in a couple of hours. I need dbl's, well either kill traders ore just kill some AI's. I know it maybe isent big fights and fun all the time. Personally I would recommend the dlc ship to an 2 hour man. Just make the game so much easier. But guess you always can have an Ai capped ship in the port.
  8. Well, we can't have a lion sitting in a tree, hunted up there by buffalo's
  9. Debate is always god. Just but another view to your idea's
  10. Think you missing the point. Ganking must be stopped. Plain and simple. You might ask why? We need to protect the elite players.(lot of them complain about it, fortunally not all). So the solution is to prevent ganking(limited BR). Thats why we need to restrict br, thats also why after every battle we need to be able to get safe away. Reward also should be way higher for PvP. The life is simply to hard for a PvP player. I gank, get ganked even often than the otherway around. I am fine with that, lots of fun fights. But thats also because I don't care if I win ore lose. But why should other ppl have there game ruined because of gank and revenge fleet. I say nay, nay, nay. Equal Br and eliminate revenge fleets.
  11. Ask me personally. The R- zone is a death trap for casual players. Yes you are safe when you are in it. But thats all. When I do PvE I never do it in the R-zone. Better outside. Make a good tag. If you are affraid of getting jumped, sail away the first 2 min.
  12. Have devs actually said what would happens with those zones? Do think it is right to remove them. Why should only a few nations benefit from them. Because they are easy nations?Most ppl that start in the game don’t look at that. I started in the danish nation because I am dane, pretty sure most start in there real life nation if it is in the game. If you want a PvE area for the casual should they not be neutral to benefit all? Ore only casuals in the easy nation should have a right to a PvE area?
  13. Witch Havoc are we talking about. The Dutch ore the British. As I remember the Dutch Havoc, that after taking Fajardo, Passaje and Viques from the danes, the Dutch Havoc had a couple of fights that could be consider against Swedish interest. Just from too if my head. - Screened for Prussia at there first atempt at Samana. - Attacked several Cabal ports near Dutch wathers -Failed attacks on Carthagena - Multi flipped Sweden. The one where Prussia got Samana, Think Sweden also that Night lost 2 more ports. - The danish was offered a peace if we stopped supporting the swedish agsinst you. Oure negotiator was kicked from the Dutch.ts, for be unresonable in oure demands for peace. GB Havoc, think ppl still have it fresh in menory. But no doubt about you know more abouth Havoc history than me. So when you say Havoc never went for Sweden, it must be the truth. But my answer you quote is not about Havoc, so not sure where that got relevant? It was abouth the general impression I have had with the Swedish Are you telling me that Havoc has turned swedish, otherwise I see litle relevans.
  14. He is not trolling me. All I said was that I hoped some of Swedens best RvR player would get back in the game, even if they where in another nation. They set the standard at the time. Yes rediii made him self a name at that time. But the time after has also showen how much was given by having the best players on your team. My statement had nothing to do with him. All I said is there right now only are 2 RvR nations in the game, and I hoped to see some of the best RvR players I have seen come back to the game.
  15. Think it is a hard question to answer. What makes ports valuable again. Do think devs are going to restrict the ressources in a port to the portowner. If they make valuable ressources only fall in very limited numbers of ports, should make Those port valuable. Think they should make VM char bound. Remove the ship buying from dbl and notes. Think ports would be more valuable. Let every port give a VM, But increase the cost of VM in SoL, maybe by 5 times. Downside by giving all to the Victor, might be the rest just give up. But ports would have value.
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