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  1. First of all I haven’t set a price on what the dbl, will end on. Second all I stated is that in the end @admin can make sure what it will be. Third I only have 6k dbl, so cant bet 50 k. I don’t bet with something I don’t Have. But if @admin garanties the price is under 50 real for a Dbl, I am ready to bet my 6 k.
  2. The prize on Dbl will be exactly the prize admin wants it to be. If ppl keep hiding them and prices dont go down, they proberbly will send more in to the game. Maybe even use char of there own to force the price down.
  3. I think most of us that play the game is here because of that. That I don’t think is to debate, more how to achive that goal, more how.
  4. Not sure they need the casuals. They need a set of game rules that are apealing to hardcore players. They trive on the challange and not the easy win.
  5. You are right to. Thats the funny part. The game can go two directions. Work for the casual ore the hardcore. Not sure this game can work for both styles. Thats why I hope they find out what they want and stick to it. No matter what way you go, in the start I might cost some players. But the focus should be on the long run.
  6. It is if you want to develop a game for the mass market. But it is even worse if you end up with a game that is nothing. I played 1,5 yearh and every patch had the goal to make the game a bit more hardcore. Then ppl complain and they dail it a bit back. But not 100 %. So slowly it gets more and more hardcore. Better to do it at once and then move. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. We by now should have realized that this is not a game for the casual player, so lets not pretend, but insted focus in the improvements, that would make a hardcore segment trive and have fun in the game.
  7. Just wait and it will go up, Admin just have to stand firm. Yes right now ppl are stop playing. But that just because the softcore players are leaving now. Just wait and see. In time the hardcore will be back and the game will turn around. We just need small changes. - Remove reinforcentzone - Restrict ressources to port owner - Make hostillity easier. Right now they try to please both sides. You can't. This game is planned to be hardcore. It has been told so many times by admin. They should find the segment they want in the game and then keep develop the game in this direction. They can't continue as now, where they zig zak and try to please all.
  8. Partly right about that. Does price matter. I think it does. If I easy can replace it, I proberbly would care more for the fun and learning of the fight. But if it is as for me now, that it would take abouth a month to rebuild the ship, I proberbly would think a bit more about risk it for a bit of fun and learning. But a ship in port that not are used,has no value. So since I dropped the Idea of RvR, I simply dont have a SoL ore crafted one. So if I should be in RvR it would only be in fight where I can sail 5 rate and belove. Lack of RvR has many reasons. Lots of opinions on that. Right now I think the biggest problem is nobody play the game. And honnestly who want to grind for a pb, just to find out nobody showed up on the other side? Not many can actually right now field a group of 10 players to do a pb.
  9. I think I saw a post where admin said the plan was that Vm should not be bought from Dbl, but only be uptained from RvR and when players sell them.
  10. It has nothing to do with that. But abouth the general direction of the game. They want 1 rate to be rare and very expensive. If you can craft 1 ore 2 a week. Would you Call that rare? We need to have a clear heading. Not zig zak all the times. Yes it on the short span will cost players,But we simply need to know where we are heading if we want any hope of a healthy server. Just for the record I am not a hardcore player. Patch 27 basicly killed me of.
  11. It will in my opinion just make the game more unballanced, witch I think will make more player leave. But it could also bring new player in the game. But from what I have seen in my 1,5 year in the game is if ppl dont think they have a decent chance of winning. They dont show up. Restrich ressources(Wood and upgrades to the few), will give ppl that impression. Neither do I think most will stand with there hat in the hand and hope for a bit leftovers. But you are right. It could be interesting, just don’t Complain if i turns out nobody want to fight. I have no problem with a hardcore game where the game care for the elite. Not at all. All I want is that devs decide what way they want to go and stick to it.
  12. staun

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Because it just basicly is wrong to limited acces to ships depending on wheather you have paid for it ore not. The value you get for paying a ship is you save time, the price is you only can redeem on a time interval. I do like you have made it on the amount of LH used. Like less you only can have one in habor, But think it is a fair compromize. But thats just my opinion.
  13. You are proberbly right. But the game have turned in the favor of the few and not the casuals. But we can’t keep changing direction all the time. We just lost a lot of casual players. But that just a guess, as I don’t have acces to log in files. It will tage a hard effort to get them back. But if we now turn the game again, then we lose the hardcore and end up with nothing. I know ppl say, just wait when release, then the numbers will be there. I doubt that. Best chance to get a good release is have a good working server.
  14. I have a hard time finding out where the game is going. That is for me the biggest issue. You can try build up a clan, a RvR team and the a patch just kill it all. As long there is no clear heading we will not get a growing server. The next thing that potential can kill of a large base is restrict ressources to portowner. Admin even opened up to it. The best thing that can happend is that they make there choise and stand by it. Some will like it, some will hate it. Some will stay and some will leave. But atleast we have a clear direction.
  15. Because I don’t want to do the grind. I said it was easy, not fun. I neither grind Al’s. We can also debate if 10 hours should be the mesurament. How much time should be neded before a ship is rare. Actually since patch 27 my game time is limited a lot. Often I take a Quick spin on my second account. Take a single Al and log of. Spend more when Nassau is on the menu. When I have more Dbl I spend them on books. But the concensus is the game need more elitist gameplay. Big ships should be rare, rare ressources should be restrictet to clans. In my personally opinion it will kill off the playerbase. But thats my opinion. I could easy be wrong. But just read post on the forum. The general idea is the game will be better if we focus on the elitist and not the casual player. Devs have set a direction and I think they should stick to it. Nothing worse for a game without a clear direction. We just end up nobody happy.