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  1. @admin you increased the dificulty on group missions, where they to easy before? I also see we now basicly can’t buy upgrades for dbl. I know it makes those that drops in port more vanuable, and ofc PvP. I though doubt in will have any positive effect on ppl want to go do PvP. We proberbly will see they usual suspect. I honnest to god fear if you keep this up peach server will be bigger than war server.
  2. @Anolytic will you update the guide for the last 2 exames with new video with the new damage model? Still think so fare you have made the best guide for new players.
  3. Sure would be nice if @admin had a finished concept for dlc and we could know what it is.
  4. Think we all know the real PvP players no matter what we doo will have the upper hand from day 1. My guess they right after exame will go hunt, just hope combat news don’t break Down.
  5. Well I don’ think I played at patch 10. But do think the exp for exame and dlc is different since that time. Now they also for combat medalion can buy bigger ships, so they won’t need Woods ore crafting level to sail in though ships to beat. Do thing they will speed ahead of new players.
  6. Well guess we just have to ban acces for vets the first 2 weeks, ore make all new account immune for tag,
  7. Well we could put s nerf on them just for a couple of years👍
  8. But would shipknowledge and book not also be unfair? I mean you will be able to level faster have an advantantage in a PvP fight.
  9. First of all if you can’t hear the “Broken word” any more maybe not be hear, just a thought. But it is actually funny. Ppl get banned when they disagree on the matter of a word, go to hard on his characther, but I see it it is ok to call ppl selfish whinners. Go figur. Trust me when I say ppl is not thinking abouth there own gain, but as much for the hole game both Pro and con for the wipe. If admin keep saying clean slate, but only says xp, does that make any sence to you? All ppl want to feel is they get a straight answer, to know what devs actually want. They have
  10. Ship knowledge would be s nice dlc, but lets be honnest proberbly the last one I hope to see.
  11. They have to make a total wipe, Names can stay maybe, but only with players that have been logged in 30 days before lunch. I do think the Pandora is a poor choise for the EA tester, with the new Dlc ships. Though I don’t know it stats. Maybe a 4 rate and make redeem once a weekend. But first of all I would just feel truth in what is going to happend. Personally I belive it will be a total wipe.
  12. I am fine with wipe. Not so fine with broken words. But I lived long enough to know things changes, but if your word should make any sence it should be a total wipe. Actually I am just waiting for you to announce it. Right now I personally feel you hold that back, so ppl will play until release. Thats my biggesr issue. The key word : Clean slate.
  13. Well if thats the truth abouth EA games, wouldn’t devs not know that too? If thats the case they should never have made the promise. Problem is partly for this game most, but who would in the future trust GL on other EA games. From no on they can write what they want, we all know we only will know what is what on the day on release.
  14. Yes and no. If the price is very high, it can go 2 ways. those that have are just seal clubbing the rest, ore they only will be used in the really important ports. we proberbly will see fewer in ow. Then we will have a RvR fights for ports from 2600-5000, where 1 rates proberbly wont be. The shallow might also be an hotspot to. But what happens depends on how ppl react. Personally I think oure biggest problem is that even for small unimportant ports have ppl been screened out, smaller nations on a constant treath from losing ports just next to there capitol, so they try to do nothing to fly u
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