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  1. A quick message from an old veteran in order to congratulate both Johny and Panda for their work. Just retried the mod yesterday and it now brings a completely different game to the table. I especially like the importance of fatigue as it forces us to be way more realistic in our tactics (No more sweeping attacks on the double quick across entire miles). Being able to merge brigades is also quite huge (way more than it seems at first) as army management becomes a lot simpler (and once again, more realistic). A quick question : Is there still an efficiency drop for artillery batteri
  2. It was an AI brigade so I can't say for sure. I know for a fact that large Union brigades at Bull Run really suck in efficiency but that's it. I indeed use 2* and 3* speed a lot. An increase in base damage level sounds about right, I'm sure you can do that without hurting the mod's objectives in terms of gameplay. Kudos as well on the cap increase for skirms and cav. Having large units of those opens a lot more options for combined arms warfare while the vanilla game could someone force you into a infantry spam.
  3. The mod is great in many aspects and I really appreciate the work you guys did, especially on the various carreer and officer buffs. One thing though is the slow damage of early rifles. I've seen AI Union brigades 4000 strong being barely able to kill 12 opponents at (actual) point blank range (First Bull Run, Hard difficulty). Even with low efficiency this sounds a bit excessive and battles are prolonged unnecessarily. I really enjoy the idea of slower combat for many reasons (historical accuracy, bigger importance of smart planning etc...) but in my opinion it is too... slow at the mom
  4. Regarding your questions with prisoners earlier Lava. As a player you'll always make better use of theses troops than the AI, therefore a 1/1 trade is actually advantageous for you imo. But then as far as I remember the recruit pool isnt such an issue for the Union so you don't have to try hard for manpower as much as you would with CSA. Tough question overall.
  5. Thanks, regarding ur question it depends on the size of your enemy really.
  6. Very nicely done, looks much better than what I've got. Would be interesting to know if in such context Antietam is worth fighting campaign wise
  7. They wont deploy at all. Better to shift those four brigades in another corps
  8. Apart from a few exceptions I never spend more than 10k $ on the replenishment of one brigade. It's not the end of the wolrd to lose a star 'except for arty arguably), the unit's global stats still improve overtime. Don't be afraid to use rookies.
  9. Early on I prefer to place my 2 star brigades on the flanks whenever I can : less damage taken, more damage given. That's why it's important to always bring at least two rookie brigades in every fight so they can act as tanks for your entire army. It's also helpful to constantly estimate the range of enemy brigade and place yourself accordingly to avoid their fire.
  10. Stats are indeed not capped at 100, it's only the max displayed value as Bramborough said
  11. It was fragile but I couldn't do much else but holding. Despite the fact that I destroyed almost 80% of the 1st wave by encircling it the AI still had the number and veterancy to keep coming at me while pinning me down in other parts of the line. This is why I hate this battle, it forces you into static defense yet you don't have any fortifications and the numbers are really disfavorable.
  12. Not just yet but I've got a surprise for y'all.
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