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  1. 312_JS

    Should NA Legends have friendly fire?

    Keep the FF. Negative XP + gold. What about some variant of: The damage you do to a friendly ship, you do to yourself instead/as well. and/or variants like: the friendly gets no damage, only you do.. the friendly gets lower damage, you get full damage.. etc.
  2. August is gone, any update on the release please?
  3. Do we also get the key for the Unity 5 testbed? Cheers.
  4. I understand your argument about WoT not needing free groups, but NA combat is much more team play dependant, than WoT is in my opinion..
  5. "Premium account giving access to groups" This is the only one I do not like. :'(
  6. Could you please cancel all buy contracts for fine woods? We can't sell them for the good prices to the NPCs if there are old contracts from players already. Cheers.
  7. 312_JS

    Graphical issuse

    Try to ease on your LSD intake..
  8. And having an option to make masts transparent, like sails. (and an ability to make them completely transparent)
  9. 312_JS

    Sound in NA

    I can't wait for this. Any updates or teasers please? ETA? Cheers.
  10. 312_JS

    Hotfix 3 for patch 9.96

    And the upgrade slots are no longer random when building ships (at least in the UI, haven't try to actually build a ship).