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  1. Regarding speed it should be faster... Regarding turn rate, the question is not relevant as turn rate in game and acceleration are overrated a lot for gameplay purpose .... IRL it took 10_12 minutes to make a square rigged ship turning against the wind , so any comparison with in game turn rate is a non sense.... that being said, with realistic speed third rate, bucentaur etc... should be faster than frigates ... 😊, and 6th rate square rigged (Cerberus, surprise, etc... ) should be the worst sailor.
  2. Hermione replica is too high on water and oversized due to régulation regarding ship tansporting passengers.... and reuced weight of artillery, powder, food water ... and 270 men on-board (on the real one decks were lower and would almost not allow you to stand up completely ) and the in game model seems to be based on the replica... this is why it appears so big compared to belle poule. They should have the same size and roughly the same waterline.
  3. LOL ... read history a little bit more please : after Louis the XIV and spain succession wars, there were 4 wars between french and british : 1. Austrian succession war 1748 : considered an humiliation for british navy, on a more "rational" point of view, a draw on the seas, with some major french victories 2. Seven year war 1754 : Disaster for the french on the seas (and land) , mainly because of the "treacherous" war declaration : birt ceased and captured a lot of french ships before the war officialy started , and organised a lot of raid on french britany coast to capture civilian sailors who finally were deported into "Ponton" (do not know the english word). The official reason of this treachery was the fear from british admiralty to see the french navy to grow as strong as in the previous war, and the purpose to deplete quickly the potentials french sailor in the Navy 3. US independance war (1780 french involvement) ... another brit naval defeat (french lost some battles , won a lot more), with 1v1 engagements turning in favor of the frenchs. read about Suffen in indies for example ... 4. Revolution and napoleonic wars : French ultimate and crushing naval defeat , ... pretty obvious when the governement decimated and exiled most of the officer corps. sadly the most documentated fights are the ones of revolutions wars, and few archives are left from fights from earlier in 18th century, exept the major naval battles. Thing is a lot of the 1v1 victory of the french were not achieved by Royal officers, but by privateers. There were a lot of grey zone ships : "King's ship, sailed by captain under royal comission, but as privateer for private investors" Overall, I will not deny the Brits dominated the seas during the 18th century. Saying brits beated the french for over a century seem quite exagerated EDIT : Sorry, I was a little too fast to draw my sword in defense of my country, .... You specifically said in 1v1 combat. And I can agree on this ... but like I said a lot of fights from earlier in 18th century are not well documented
  4. Long time not loghed in ... But I have to share my belle poule love ... Faster than a trinc (when loaded) due to the low weight of guns Good turning Live oak.... Just un-sinkable... With rigging specialist and reinforced sails, loaded with caronades... She is a beast, no other 5th rate has this mix of speed resistance and turning. Caronades makes the job to keep up with firepower. My second choice would be the surprise .
  5. The name was not quoted, it seem this type of 600 TX ship was very generic, I remember another model made according to an archeological site, in an annexe of the museum, another ship, but it looked almost exactly the same.But yes, looking like the boullongne!
  6. Pictures I took in the French East India company , in Lorient, Sorry I wrote in french the description ( it is late, I was confused, will edit the post tomorrow) I wrote the name and dates of each ships on a notebook when I was there a few years ago .... but My apartment is a mess, cannot find it anymore, sorry for the few intels around the photographs... , someof them , launch date dates might be wrong, but not by much Navire de 600 tonneaux, pondicherry 1740-1760 le Massiac 1759 : Flute la Cloche, 1685, 2 voyages aux indes, capturée au Cap lors du second retour avec le déclenchement de la guerre de la Ligue de Aubsbourg Le Comte de Provence ou Comte d'Artois, je ne me souviens plus / 60 canons en temps de guerre / 1757 Vues internes du comte d'Artois : Navire de la compagnie 1719 Sloop 18ème Pondichery avant la guerre de 7 ans :
  7. Je suis sur la mono de l hermione, il y a un bon chapitre sur le sujet : - la concorde était certainement percée à 14 des le début, le repercement de tous les sabords aurait trop fragilisé la bordée. L'auteur se questionne sur son armement ou non... Tout comme nous. - a noter une dizaine de frégate de 12 de la période révolutionnaire étaient percées de 14 sabords, le reste de 13... -pour les gaillards un total de 8 sabords par flanc, mais le navire ne portait de canons sur tous les sabords, mais les canons étaient déplacés avant le combat sur le côté de l'engagement, pour obtenir un nombre maximum de pièces. En pratique sur l hermione en configuration la plus lourde, ô compte 6 pièces de 8 et 4 obusiers, pour 16 sabords disponibles. L'hermione est notée comme ayant du 6 sur les gaillards, mais l'ordonnance de 1786 prevoit du 8 sur les frégates de 12. Artillerie maximum théorique : 28+16 = 44 bouches à feu, même si il peu probable que cet armement ai jamais été mis en pratique. Source monographie de l hermione de ancre (ma nouvelle acquisition !!!!! )
  8. Après c'est peut être le dernier sabord de poupe qui était désarmé pour libérer les cabines de l'état major, et le sabord supplémentaire de proue qui était armé. Aussi possible pour modifier l'équilibre du navire... Ou bien elle est citée comme un 32, du fait de sa conception d'origine. Je crois me rappeller aussi que les obusiers n'étaient pas toujours comptés dans le nombre officiel de pièces. De même l'armement changeait beaucoup en fonction des missions, des relations internationales, et des préférences du capitaine... Bref beaucoup d'hypothèses. Après vu la structure du navire, il ne me semble pas improbable du tout que le navire ai pu porter 14 pièces en batterie basse.
  9. Pour la concorde il existe deux plans, par les anglais, un avant et un après la refonte. Il me semble qu'elle est percée de 14 sabords avant et après. Le plan après refonte est impressionnant d'ailleurs, toutes les œuvres mortes sont changées, le navire est méconnaissable à part ses lignes de carène. Au dessus de la flotaison elle devient presque identique à la "Frigate cherubim" qui a d'ailleurs plus l'air d'une frégate britannique que russe. (les deux plans sont dans l'histoire de frégates françaises de 1650 à 1800 de boudriot)
  10. will dig into the archive of my hardrive, call emergency service if you have no news in a week
  11. Their is a nice musueum about the French east india company in Lorient. It has very nice models (moderns one, HUGES models, with some models, completly decomposed, deck by deck) -> What I learned there : Frenche East India company built dual purpose ships, with a full lenght lower gundeck able to recieve 24 pounders guns, just before the Seven year war, Vengeur must be one of those, easly converted into 64 guns ships. They served in Seven year war india campaign, and with Suffren after. It is to be noted that they were considered "bad ships", too low to be good SOL (lower gundeck) and slow as merchants ships ... But : on the indian theater, where english also used indiaman as warship, they were powerful enough to be in the line of battle, and served well their purpose Some of those ships were : Comte de Provence, Comte D'Artois, and I did not knew about the vengeur , but must be one of them. some pics of the museum models : Comte d'Artois I have some good qualities photos lost in the darkness of my hardrive, I can search and post them if someone is interested EDIT : I STRONGLY recommend this museum, as it is very interesting, very modern in design, placed into the saint louis citadel (Vauban Fort) which is well preserved.... and the ship models are just gorgeous, specifically built for the musueum by master craftmen, even better than some of the National Maritime Museum of Paris
  12. Their is a too huge difference of turn speed in NA, between small and large ship, and between frigates and SOL, making any large ship an easy pray for one or a group of smaller one, who can literally stay behind the Stern, for more than an hour of fight. Completely a-historical.... But a SOL is doomed in a 1V1, versus a competent frigate captain.
  13. After the all evening, I like it more than what we had before Messy unpredicatble .... fun sometime, raging somtime ... but at least people fight because they belive reinforcement might come ... I saw less run and hide, boring battle as usual Yes sometime, you are on the wrong side of the perk ... that's the game
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