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  1. Oof here we go again , bad behavior. You´re right lets the Admin take care about the case.
  2. Screenshots, video, anything that could be a proof that we did like you said ? I guess not , and do you know why ? Cause it did not happen , you just started to get mad after we caught you and your intention to steal.
  3. Why do you hide behind the excuse that I shot you before ? We clearly can see that I shot at your sails ( not even hull ) after all the chat was done? the only one here trying to manipulate facts is you ! Edit: pls check the chat with the 1s screenshot and compare the chat.
  4. I dont care what you did before , you clearly saw your help wasn´t needed in a 13 vs 3. You even could have said something else after we warned you not to loot , but you choosed the way of insults and bad behavior, so it´s clear for me that you actually planned to loot the ships. theres no other explanation which could actually explain your movements in that battle yesterday.
  5. Okay , pls explain me pls why you joined that battle which were in a Patrol zone. You wanted to help us ? You wanted to deal damage on the 3 first rates for pz damage ? I guess you only joined to troll and take the loot which you actually admitted with your insults as anwser on our " you loot = nuked"
  6. Hello everyone and good winds o7 , We have a player here which used his alt account to try to steal loot in a 1rate battle. After we told him not to loot he started to insult us as you can see on the picture. I my opinion this guy should be punished for this bad behavior on his Main account which is "big wilk".
  7. Are you throwing dirt at me while hiding behind Liq and Redii? Im sorry looks like I did not made things clear. I dont know why havoc went to swedes , but the fact that mostly dutch clans/players left the nation and went to swedes after cartagena just looks like running chickens.
  8. I think Dutch and Prussia is a even match in numbers. Why should someone always wants to fight the same enemy like russia? It gets boring after some time. And swedes are just Havoc + all the other players which ran away from the russians cause they ***** it up , and together they all are the new zerg/swarm whatever nation , which tries to control the RvR of others.
  9. dutch side was closed so yea joined the only open side in that fight , so I´ll be blamed now everytime someone sees me with a prussian? 1. Again , sometimes I have a bad connection , alot of package lost. I´ll make a screen next time and will send it to you so you can decide if it´s playable or not. 2.There was enough space for other polish players to show up , there even were some online but no one showed up in your battle. You even could have joined with bigger ships instead of (trinco,requinn) you could have won that or make it a draw which is also a win for the defenders si
  10. missing 10 - 11 more minutes of the video =P. To explain the situation and make things clear: Sometimes my connection is bad and I get alot of package lost (like 10 -30 %) and games like naval action will turn to an unplayable game ( with alot of dc´s) btw nice to see that my Ai player did better than you 2 guys , I mean my dead meat santi there hold the circle and blocked the enemies to get points , instead of reporting you should be thankful to the ai there tbh. ( or maybe next time come with bigger ships so you could have blocked all circles , just imagine)
  11. Der Goldesel bei Reds ( 7up) ist schnell benannt ( Alt accounts).Es gibt glaube keinen weiteren Clan auf diesem Server , der die Alt Accounts so stark benutzt um Reales und Dubs zu farmen. "Ich mach mir die Welt , wie sie mir gefällt" Das passt schon ganz gut um die willkürliche Diplomatie der Reds ( 7ups ) zu beschreiben. ( vor dem Wipe , wie nach dem Wipe ) Kleiner Vorteil ist natürlich auch , dass etweilige Clans ( Vultra , Fleki , 7 up ) sich dann zusammen gefunden haben und mit " Masse statt Klasse" jeweilige anderen Nationen unter Druck zu setzten, und natürlich ist das ein PvP
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