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  1. Dutch dead nation ? They have atleast double numbers than us and according to gazette They were very close to win every PB, it was just wind, or connection problems, or changing names or trying new ship setup screwing them over (really original excuses, i wonder what comes next) And if you blame us for attacking "dead nation" (which VP is not) i very well remember few months ago it was your clan proposing in GB discord to attack Prussia which really was dead nation at that time and we were against it Nonetheless SdC was successfuly defend few weeks ago against NPC raid so i guess there are still some active Lama or people who want the port to remain in the ownership of Lama
  2. Whats up with breaking up redoutable and getting up to 300 season wood from it if lucky ? Thats quite a big amount and you get seasoned wood for free, without doing anything. Is it working as intended ?
  3. So anyone who attack VP is " Russia's bitch" ? Can you explain why pls?
  4. Thats really incredible performance to stern camp AI capped Pavel with wapen, gj
  5. Any info on redoutable ? It was said that it will be out before christmas
  6. Please dont forget to make the Oceans non-tradeable Thank you
  7. How big is the chance that Redoutable will come this month + expected price ? Thanks for any answer @admin
  8. This happens daily. If everyone posted such battle on tribunal, then admin woudlnt do anything else than watching youtube evidences and banning people
  9. I feel like i spent tens of hours of trading for nothing, if i can do the same profit x5 faster now. Dont know if this "trade buff" will change anything, its currency - its value is changing by time. If players can now make more money - the stuff will also increase on price.
  10. Makes sense, thanks for further information
  11. Cartagena doesnt give 7 more thickness, but 7% more thickness
  12. Didnt you block brits from entering PB yesterday ? Then we could also say you dont want to fight lol.
  13. Pls whats up with Diana, in august 2018 it was said that this ship will come into the game.
  14. Je vois que tu ne sais pas de quoi tu parles. La Russie a les meilleurs joueurs de nombreuses nations, d'autres nations ont même du mal à aligner 25 joueurs pour PB. Désolé, mais il n'y a aucun moyen de battre les Russes dans la bataille, même, comme je l'ai dit avant - trop de bons joueurs. La seule façon est multiflip, mais c'est ennuyeux. Im désolé pour le traducteur o7
  15. Many people are still scared to sail crafted ships and always will be. Making chepaer ships like St. Pavel or 3rd Rate might be good compromise.
  16. There will always be good and bad players, thats a fact (all respect to all). There are players who play the game for years, but They are not so good and if you cant get better in few years, i doubt you ever get good.Its actually you who choose the easier way (exacly as you say you dont want to play with trash players). If everyone thought like you then all pvp guys are in Russia, and you see fun in fighting "trash" players ?
  17. Would be good if there is option to change nation for ingame currency (Changing to "weaker nation" - lower cost, changing to "stronger nation" - higher cost) Nation strength could be only determined by position on conquest leaderboard, there is no other solution i guess
  18. How do you think this would help ? I dont know but 2 small bad clans in pvp if make just 1 clan wont make them stronger in battle
  19. Its everyone choice to choose nation no doubt, but if most of the pvp french and spanish guys go to russia, then it should be expected these nations will slowly die and wont hold newcomers because no one will properly teach them how to play the game. This community is killing itself
  20. thats great caribbean invasion news!
  21. I dont understand what are you pointing out
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