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  1. The more this games gets updated the more I think I will need to quit my job, close all windows and play this game from morning to night just to get anything done....I mean it seems every update the game becomes less accessible instead of the opposite. point to discuss: 1)rare woods are a joke, I need to sails each port to find where the farm has spawned, hope its in a friendly clan list get 35k dubs just so I can get the wood to build a ship. 2)if I have managed to get the wood I now need to pray I can get the permit, in some ships I need to endlessly go through chests hoping I get a permit in other I need to do pvp mission to get medals ( as pvp kills do not give medals unlike pvp marks) 3)now after searching the map downing 35k in dubs and praying to the gods for a permit I need to craft the ship which in turns need more dubs and ofcorse resources......yes I get ships (especially SoL need to be rare but this is a little crazy) 4) combat medals are like pvp marks exper they aren’t- I need to kill 10 1st rates players to get 30 medals- tho each kill dosnt get me medals in itself- (where will I find 10 players in 1sts beside PB) 4) damage modual is weirded teak/so is worth nothing now As AI bellonas tip through it- combat is not sadisfying at all And is usually over before it starts. I love a lot of the patch don’t get me wrong - UI looks good those Swedish carpenter icon are the bomb but the game is so damn time consuming- I’ve got 3 kids to feed and a full time job how will I ever enjoy this game if I need to grind my a$$ just to build a bellona?
  2. First wipe will happen next week somewhere between 4th and 8th March The following things will be completely reset in the first wipe Victory marks All reals above a certain threshold All resources above a certain threshold All trading resources - complete removal @admin what will the threshold for reals and resources be? and in regards to victory marks will we lose all of them and is their a change to permits?
  3. hey guys when i started this discussion i wasn't implying the removal of unhistorical nations for the sake historical accuracy, i dont mind bending the rules to have some fun- what i see tho is some nations (like RUSSIA) having a good player base and they could be left as the "colonial fleet" with no hub for player who wish to play that kind of game. but other nations especially Poland and the Dutch have very low player base and while i respect that the devs dont want to force them to change why no consolidate all these players in one nation? Further i think to spice things up their should be a balanced difference between the nations- playing as pirates should not be the same as playing as GB- and each nation should have their own "flag" ship which other nations cannot craft but either buy in free ports or capture in battle. this means if i play as Britain i wont have the same experience when playing as pirate snd ect...
  4. also give each nation something different- give the pirates some sort of factor where they can attack each other- give the other 3 major nations (Britain, Spain & France) a ship that only they can sail ( and ofcorse be captured) imagine a mighty British only ship flying a french flag in a PB what stories it could bring out! and it was common practice in those days to capture and refit enemy ships. make those original nation great again (no pun intended ) and concentrate the player base in them
  5. while i understand the need to have a diverse amount of nations to please the crowd and maybe bend history to make it fun i think with the amount of players we have online at the moment (and even if we project a higher count appon launch) i think the amount of nations available is actually hurting the game instead of making it better. the main 2 reason for me are: 1) most of the secondary nations have low player count anyways- nations like sweeds, dutch, poles ect have a low player count which could instead be placed and concentrated in other nations to create a larger player base in a smaller variety of nations 2) Port with the amount of nations available feel cramped and chaotic- their are no front lines or a concentrated effort by few nations- instead ports on the map are quiet chaotic and in turn smaller nation often find themselves struggling to keep ports or to keep a coherent front line.
  6. i use you map for many things and i thank you for it - im just saying having a kinda run down in game would be a great addition in my opinion- and also great for newer players that may not be aware of the outside game map tool
  7. So with Naval action server being online 23 hrs a day every day of the year i find myself lost at times in relation to what has happened on the map during my time off the server. due to work commitments or at time just to have a break i find myself missing out on at time more then 4 days in a row in the server- on my return i have found it hard to at time keep up with all the changes the map has had due to PB changes or clans just dropping ports. i think it would be very use full to have a sort of log that would show recent (maybe say last 7 days) port changes and maybe even failed PB. this would help people to know exactly the situation on the map upon their return in the server.
  8. adapt or not adapt that's beside the point i could easily adapt to the way of playing with the new patch would not change my belief that the game has gone backwards instead of forward. first of all it is alot harder for casual player to play where i could jump out get a couple of battle in belize and log off before bed now i cannot do so and it makes playing this game for the average joe an issue (which is your main population mass). ontop if that doubloons and the crafting of ships especially 3rd and up have becomed so hard that RvR is competently dead, just yesterday the Russian a top RVR nation with a near 100% show record on PB did not show up to Congrios... bottom line anyone can adapt but a game needs to be fun, easy to grasp and not necessarily time consuming, if these boxs are not ticked you cant wonder to yourself why peak pop is 400... i love the UI and frankly speaking the game thats why i am so upset to c it die- their is no recent sail of age game on the market like this one and it woulds be a shame to c it vanish in the steam list. P.s before you pull the "go and find a trader rout and Gank traders" not everyone has the time nor the will to go to the lengths of searching for traders for the hope they might drop some dubloons (which they usually dont) like a homeless guy at the side of the street. a reward needs to be certain A+B=C not A=+B mayb = C
  9. So you telling me that it didn’t matter if a game is boring? If I wanted to be bored I would go to work lol a game is ment to be fun and chasing traders around an empty see isn’t- I can’t even attack AI fleets without having the help of a friend as they are so large and rare to find!! Don’t know where u sailing but from where I am pvp has gone down- for the first time since I can remember of a major patch player numbers have gone down not up, rvr is dead in the water as smaller clans are afraid to lose their ships that cost 10k doubloons to craft, the market is gone to shits and old veterans ( main pop base of the game) have called it quits on naval.
  10. So what your are telling me is after this patch I need to search an empty sea for traders so I can hit their sails and board them or sink them to hope for a Dubloons drop and then keep doing that indefinitely??? Just so I can maybe build 1 first rate? wow that’s boring lol and far from what the devd where trying to do I’m sure
  11. @admin would like to give u a short summary of my thoughts on the changes after these week of playing. first of all great work with the UI looks good and works much better then the old one! Now my issue is with the change of both the crafting requirements and the ai fleet paths which I think will kill this game for many veterans and most importantly new player. - grinding is way too hard for new players, fleets are too large and players with a basic cutter do not find it easy to take them on. - the sizes of the fleets while great for battles are to large to engage alone- this forces me to either get a friend ( which we don’t all have every time we play) or not attack them at all. -doubloons are too hard to get and of too much value- the cost of items in Dubloons are a lot higher then what you can get from grinding. - which means I will never furfill the missions I have and therefore never get their rewards. - forcing me to find enemy fleets in enemy waters is counter prouductive in both reals and ship. I’m forced to restock at free ports where repairs costs a fortune and forced to used secondary ships to hunt for fear of loosing more expensive to craft ships. - crafting is absured, while it’s much easier for basic resources to be farmed both woods like white oak and live oak are still a grind to get and ship and even after that you are hit by wooping doubloons tax that for the reasons above just takes the will out of grinding to craft any ships. while I understand these changes where made to push for more pvp battles I think they have done the opposite where people now engage in much less pvp and pve.
  12. will you guys be able to take them off the PB list in map? or are they stuck on there indefinably?
  13. @admin Some feedback from my first two days of patch NA *Dubloons for ship building are too high and I think lowering a little would b good especially SOL. *theirs a need to restrict looting on sunken ships to maybe the person awarded the kill unless the player himself forfeit the loot, this is to stop random or faster ships stealing loot from people that have done the work. *store prices need to be fixed and/or tweaked *kills and assist rewards are flipped and need fixing *give players more ways to earn doubloons- Mayb introduce a transfer system for reals or victory marks or opportunity to trade itekms of value for Doubloons. *PB ARE BUGGED.
  14. can someone please explain this? 2 exactly same fleet 1st battle no kills only assists 74 000 reals 2nd battle 2 kills 1 assist 22 000 Real...?
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