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  1. So ..... now I feel like I need to quit my job just to get to a decent level to play NA again or I might just buy three kingdoms and play that... point is while the new UI is great, PB is unbalance but good implementation, NA consists of me killing AI ( something I now need to do more after release) carrying some barrels from point A to B while watching YouTube and Mayb chase a ship that didn’t want to get sunk.. if this is release I don’t see any great system that has been introduced to make people go Wow!! The only thing NA has is that the last decent age of sailing game without the kraken is sea dogs - and that looks like I’m playing on a sega drive now! point is wipe books, wipe slots wipe Xp the game does not have mechanics which would keep the casual gamer interested and we will see that upon release with the population numbers.
  2. While I hate to say it after the hours thrown in the game it seems fair that soon release we would be at an equal playing field having said that it’s only an appearance as players with 1000s of hours will not be on the same level as a new player. my main concern is the status of the launch- what are the plans between now and launch? What about post launch? Any major balancing, features or mechanics we are to expect? Or is it pretty much how it’s will be.
  3. Devs the investment options for ship building should be laid out in a way that ports MUST specialise and that once points have been spend on a certain investment the other grey out and are no longer available to use. This would allow the allocation of ports to purpose build ship without making the ship op.
  4. Admin I think their are 2 major things that needs to be accounted for before implementing the raid system: 1 that the system cannot be exploited by the use of alts or any other means to Remove hard earned work in investments in ports. The reward for a raid should be enough that it’s worth doing but not too overpowered where a port losses VM or investments. I think the tax system suggest might b a way to go or you could also allow for sabotage to buildings as a clan may say make a farm unusable for 24hrs. 2 that the system is fun, spontaneous and not too complicated. That a player can log on get couple of friends and go raid- I think the flag system might be a way to go to imitate a raid. I think the raid should be announced when the flag arrives to the port in a manner where it’s not exact- for example “ north of Cuba is being raided!”. the system should make it easier for the defenders to win only once they figure where the attack is and the attackers have the advantage of suprise. I think it’s also important that the mechanic isn’t too hard to understand so that newer and less experience player can help defend/ attack- a good system might be a circle where very point earned while in that circle correlated to a % of loot. ( similar to the pb point system) but in ow- this mechanic has been used by other online games where the more you stay the more your reward but also the more likely the enemy will show up.
  5. every nation needs a "flavor" of their own in my opinion- their all the same atm
  6. i think raids can not be next day affairs- it must be spontaneous and chaotic especially for the defenders- a see you tomorrow kinda raid isnt a fun raid. i think the most important thing is what loot the raider received and insuring it isnt exploited to reduce a port to nothing.
  7. how would the loot from the raid work? is it 10% (just an example) of all CM, VM and dubs invested in that port? and does that port actually lose those resources or is it just paid out as a % and the port investments themselves are not touched?
  8. The mechanic was "tested" yesterday- today it was exploited by the use of alts to commence hostility.
  9. that's why - wipe or not wipe- if rules are placed they must be consequences when broken
  10. we thank the players for finding this loop hole in the game and as seen in the video it was thoroughly "tested" now that we have concluded that that Port battle was due to a loophole im guessing the russian players will not show at the port battle correct? this is ofcorse as they understand the loop hole has given them this opportunity and advantage
  11. The introduction of build able forts and investments is a great addition to the game, however i think this new system should be accounted for in the Port battle no hostility timer. i think the current 24hrs is not enough to allow for the movement and organisation of goods to build port defenses - i believe that it should be extended by 24hrs allowing 2 days for the port to "re-organised" after being capture.
  12. after the update of 26/04 it takes me forever to log in- currently at 15 min and im still stuck at the loading screen and cannot enter the game
  13. after the Hotfix (or whatever was changed) on the 26/04 i am stuck at the loading screen after picking a profile. the wheel at the bottom left is turning but we do not progress in game .
  14. The more this games gets updated the more I think I will need to quit my job, close all windows and play this game from morning to night just to get anything done....I mean it seems every update the game becomes less accessible instead of the opposite. point to discuss: 1)rare woods are a joke, I need to sails each port to find where the farm has spawned, hope its in a friendly clan list get 35k dubs just so I can get the wood to build a ship. 2)if I have managed to get the wood I now need to pray I can get the permit, in some ships I need to endlessly go through chests hoping I get a permit in other I need to do pvp mission to get medals ( as pvp kills do not give medals unlike pvp marks) 3)now after searching the map downing 35k in dubs and praying to the gods for a permit I need to craft the ship which in turns need more dubs and ofcorse resources......yes I get ships (especially SoL need to be rare but this is a little crazy) 4) combat medals are like pvp marks exper they aren’t- I need to kill 10 1st rates players to get 30 medals- tho each kill dosnt get me medals in itself- (where will I find 10 players in 1sts beside PB) 4) damage modual is weirded teak/so is worth nothing now As AI bellonas tip through it- combat is not sadisfying at all And is usually over before it starts. I love a lot of the patch don’t get me wrong - UI looks good those Swedish carpenter icon are the bomb but the game is so damn time consuming- I’ve got 3 kids to feed and a full time job how will I ever enjoy this game if I need to grind my a$$ just to build a bellona?
  15. First wipe will happen next week somewhere between 4th and 8th March The following things will be completely reset in the first wipe Victory marks All reals above a certain threshold All resources above a certain threshold All trading resources - complete removal @admin what will the threshold for reals and resources be? and in regards to victory marks will we lose all of them and is their a change to permits?
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