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  1. So ..... now I feel like I need to quit my job just to get to a decent level to play NA again or I might just buy three kingdoms and play that... point is while the new UI is great, PB is unbalance but good implementation, NA consists of me killing AI ( something I now need to do more after release) carrying some barrels from point A to B while watching YouTube and Mayb chase a ship that didn’t want to get sunk.. if this is release I don’t see any great system that has been introduced to make people go Wow!! The only thing NA has is that the last decent age of sailing g
  2. While I hate to say it after the hours thrown in the game it seems fair that soon release we would be at an equal playing field having said that it’s only an appearance as players with 1000s of hours will not be on the same level as a new player. my main concern is the status of the launch- what are the plans between now and launch? What about post launch? Any major balancing, features or mechanics we are to expect? Or is it pretty much how it’s will be.
  3. The mechanic was "tested" yesterday- today it was exploited by the use of alts to commence hostility.
  4. that's why - wipe or not wipe- if rules are placed they must be consequences when broken
  5. Manbot

    cant join the game

    after the Hotfix (or whatever was changed) on the 26/04 i am stuck at the loading screen after picking a profile. the wheel at the bottom left is turning but we do not progress in game .
  6. First wipe will happen next week somewhere between 4th and 8th March The following things will be completely reset in the first wipe Victory marks All reals above a certain threshold All resources above a certain threshold All trading resources - complete removal @admin what will the threshold for reals and resources be? and in regards to victory marks will we lose all of them and is their a change to permits?
  7. hey guys when i started this discussion i wasn't implying the removal of unhistorical nations for the sake historical accuracy, i dont mind bending the rules to have some fun- what i see tho is some nations (like RUSSIA) having a good player base and they could be left as the "colonial fleet" with no hub for player who wish to play that kind of game. but other nations especially Poland and the Dutch have very low player base and while i respect that the devs dont want to force them to change why no consolidate all these players in one nation? Further i think to spice things up their shou
  8. also give each nation something different- give the pirates some sort of factor where they can attack each other- give the other 3 major nations (Britain, Spain & France) a ship that only they can sail ( and ofcorse be captured) imagine a mighty British only ship flying a french flag in a PB what stories it could bring out! and it was common practice in those days to capture and refit enemy ships. make those original nation great again (no pun intended ) and concentrate the player base in them
  9. while i understand the need to have a diverse amount of nations to please the crowd and maybe bend history to make it fun i think with the amount of players we have online at the moment (and even if we project a higher count appon launch) i think the amount of nations available is actually hurting the game instead of making it better. the main 2 reason for me are: 1) most of the secondary nations have low player count anyways- nations like sweeds, dutch, poles ect have a low player count which could instead be placed and concentrated in other nations to create a larger player base i
  10. i use you map for many things and i thank you for it - im just saying having a kinda run down in game would be a great addition in my opinion- and also great for newer players that may not be aware of the outside game map tool
  11. So with Naval action server being online 23 hrs a day every day of the year i find myself lost at times in relation to what has happened on the map during my time off the server. due to work commitments or at time just to have a break i find myself missing out on at time more then 4 days in a row in the server- on my return i have found it hard to at time keep up with all the changes the map has had due to PB changes or clans just dropping ports. i think it would be very use full to have a sort of log that would show recent (maybe say last 7 days) port changes and maybe even faile
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