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Found 23 results

  1. Andrei

    Cinematic Mode?

    Hi Devs and fellow captains, Earlier today I had my hands leaning over my keyboard in the number pad area. I'm not entirely sure what I pressed but all attempts to replicate the visual effect did not work. Please see the attached screenshot of my game: (Please note, this isn't so much a bug as it is more of a novelty feature, but I'm having trouble getting it to work again). Notice the black lines above and below the screen? These were somehow toggled and it made the ship's details a little blurry as if the screen had FOV and added a lot more glow to my sails. (Note: I was playing in windowed mode, but even then - this has never happened before) This is what my game looks like normally: (no black lines or added cinematic effects) I have tried pressing all of the key commands listed in the options section to no avail. I assumed it was a HD shot (F9) but that didn't work either. The effect lasted in OW and in battles right up until I exited the game, but did not stay after I restarted it (after the server maintenance). It was not an affect of my screen capture technology (as I just use steam) and was not visible on my desktop screen either which rules out the monitor. **Devs: Is this a new 'cinematic' feature you intend to implement? If so it looks great. I'll leave you with the final product of me switching off the HUD: Any thoughts, suggestions or ideas as to what it is? Regards, Andrei
  2. --A thread for all Naval Action YouTubers to post their video content.-- Firstly, I would like to congratulate the Developers of Naval Action for some truly splendid footage! For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, Game Labs has released some new videos to Youtube. They are between 15-30 seconds each, so I highly recommend you check them out in full HD! The Official Naval Action YouTube Channel can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Navalaction Secondly, feel free to share your own videos of NA!
  3. Arr! I be seeing through islands everywhere... Where there should be a cliff or a beach, lies nothing at all. And so it is transparent/absent, making the game look terrible at times. Is this a common thing? Like the background of the screen below:
  4. Showerthought time... what is the logic of architectural styles between nations? Swedes, Danes and Dutch have this North-eastern european style and Russia, Prussia and Poland this mediterranean(?) style... why? Also I'd like to see more diversity in architecture in general as seen on some very old teasers but that is never going to happen I guess... What happened to this? .... fort upgrade for increased maintenance cost, please?? Nice visuals and another gold sink to help the inflation? No? Ok... This one actually is from NA too... probably scratched? .... Improving visuals of OW even further would have been pretty nice.
  5. When I started the game (I started yesterday) and went out to sea, my ship appeared on a column on water that was raised quite high above the water level of the water around it. Also, in the distance, you can see that the water level is raised (probably to the same height as the column under my ship) at what looks like a circle around my ship. When I move my ship, the raised water moves with it. What it actually looks like though is that there is a "doughnut" area where the water level is lowered with my ship in the middle where the doughnut hole would be. Also, the tutorial dialogue box that pops up is empty with the choice buttons also blank. That might be a seperate issue though. As you can see in the second screenshot, I managed to complete the first item on the gunnery tutorial, but I have no idea what that is!
  6. After Each loading screen I have to go to options and apply to graphics again, because the shadow options seems to reset. After loading screen and before applying to graphics again: After applying to graphics again: My shadow options setup:
  7. First of all: Yes, there are more pressing concerns than graphics, because the overall graphics of NA look fine imo! I especially like the detailed ship models and the water is also ok! But i wonder if graphics couldn't be done even more vividly and thus immersive: If i watch videos of sailing ships or boats i notice some details that make sailing so dynamic and enticing for myself: 1. If ships sail in a certain angle to the wind they heel over. 2. Ships rock / pitch when climbing waves and going down again. 3. With increasing speed a vessel also throws up a bow wave of increasing size. 4. Depending on how fast a vessel sails and how high the waves are, bow waves turn into quite impressing splashes of water, when the ship crashes into waves. Imo NA captures 1. in a satisfing way! But 2. and 3. could be done better (more dynamic) and 4. is missing completely! @admin Could you enhance 2. and 3. plus implement the splashing water to make this game's graphics even more immersive!?
  8. Guest

    Sunshine aka Blue Sky

    I'm not sure maybe it's an issue with my monitor or my graphic settings but I sometimes have the feeling, even it's not a rainy day in game, that I'm sailing in the English Channel instead of the Caribbean as the sky is almost grayish, overcast and murky. I miss sailing in scorching heat, bright sunshine under a clear blue sky I know not every day in the Caribbean is a sunny day but a nice mix between cloudy and sunny days would be sweet
  9. The game has awesome graphics. However two pet peeves: Occasionally, AI ships will sail through land masses. Don't know if this a result of how their routes are plotted or whether there is no programming to prevent. Either way its distracting. Night falls suddenly. Rather than the gradual shifting of hues and light which occur throughout the day, when midnight falls, there is a sudden change in coloration and lighting--plus sometimes there a visible blocks of the screen that do not change at the same time as others.
  10. Maybe this is planned for when UI gets updated I dont know. But its really needed for quality of life for anyone playing the game on high resolution screen. My current resolution is 3840x2160 and this makes the majority of the UI text unbearable small to read even given the fact the screen is 52 inch! The main areas I have issue are the ship info box top right on OW, the ship condition top left and the sailing info bottom right, I can barely read anything here. The text in the chatbox is just about acceptable on large font. another place this is problematic is the text for example the trader tool in the map window. the trade items and ports text is just painfully small. a basic slider in the graphics menu to scale the UI to your screen is all I see being required to fix this, but the solution is yours to decide if you can do something about it.
  11. This is a minor graphical thing but it annoys me a bit. It annoys me cause its improvement it is not difficult. "Issue" Im talking about the relation of scale and dimensions between 3 things: ships, forts and cities's buildings. Let me ilustrate what Im talking about. The comparison was made between a first rate ship (3 decks=3 floors), the biggest fort ingame (judging by the door size its height its has about 3 or 4 floors) and some houses from the city (as you can see only one or two floors). The scale between forts and ships are good (more or less) but the proportional relation between forts/ships and the buildings of the cities looks weird. "Fix/ suggestion" Change the dimensions of all city building to the 40% height of its current size. Another thing that you may look into into its the urbanism of the cities. Cities in the Americas were built following a clear order and configuration. Right now, its mess of buildings placed absolutely random, when I think its easier to replicate its historical urbanism. PS: Sorry, Im architect,
  12. Hi guys, i want to know if there's someone who plays the game on a GeForce 920M 2GB for laptop, i have a Core I5 5200U 2,70Ghz, 8GB of RAM, and a Geforce 920M, using a Windows 10 64 bit. i want to know if there's fps drops during big fleets battles using this computer, if there's anyone who plays on a similar pc, please tell me. Forgive me if there's any mistake with my english, i'm brazilian.
  13. Hi Here are my wishlist: functional lighthouses in important landmarks (capes, points, little islands) with a banner with its name (like in ports) Improve important ports with several docks Darker nights improve weather and wind system maybe using wind and jetstream areas in open seas. Ships should suffer damage when stuck into shallows or great thunderstorms make a better looking map and include navigation tools like compass, plotter, protractor, pencil etc. and take out autocoordinates system (only with a new "navigator perk" make a real fishing ship (only fish and salt cargo allowed) Allow open seas trading Allow using more outposts Allow more buildings Allow delivery contracts between players (ex. Please deliver "XXX products" to La Habana (I'll pay XXX Gold) Give XP for patrolling ports (new misión ) Include a soundtrack (sailor songs, habaneras, tavern songs etc) Ships should need supplies to be able to sail like food, water, gunpowder, ammunitions, It would be great if you need troop (marines) transport ships to be able to take a port. (maybe using war supplies) Make new IA fleets including merchants and light scorts (frigate class ships) Develop flares in OW (Red=help, Blue = Hello) Allow fake flags for pirates and smugglers (only reveal real nation when very close) Allow to see who is in a port Feel free to comment
  14. Greetings, Just opened my client up and noticed everything looked a bit fuzzy... and it did! The game opened in a low resolution of 512x384! I would change the resolution back to what I normally use however I cant even get to the button to accept the changes to the graphics in game! I have already tried reinstalling NA with no luck. Is there a certain graphics file in the directory I can just modify? Thanks!
  15. Hello, I have F11 this error as well but I lost a bottle and some Fish Meat so I was hoping to at least get a bottle back. I am stuck in coordinates 60.00 x 36.00. I tried Restarting and sailing up and down trying to get out but couldn't. Any way I could get a bottle back? Thanks!
  16. All I get is a blue screen. I cannot seem to understand why I cant see anything. My computer is MORE than capable of handling it. But it looks identical whether its on Low or Ultra. No change at all. Also no difference If I start the game on x86 or not. I would HATE to have to request a refund based on that the game has no visuals. Ive got friends getting ahead of me Thank you
  17. Is there a way to make game run in true fullscreen? I think it would help my performance. In game options only switch between borderless windowed and normal windowed.
  18. Hello everyone! I can improve game visuals with simple tweaks via post-processing changes. If you need i can bake those transitions into r8g8b8 2D Look up table for different weathers. Yet its not a proper solution - since we'll lose some precision. Better rework whole colorcorrection and tonemapping functions shaders. I can help with that simple, yet important task. attached images (0001 is before, 0002 - after u can see much more vibrant colors and wider contrast) are edited in GIMP, yet i used only procedural screen-space formulas to change color. That means that those curves and fomulas can be transfered into game with little to no FPS impact. THX for attention. P.S. its really simple math, i assume unity already have everything needed to tweak screen-space shaders. P.P.S i can create and upload more corrected screenshots (since game doesnt allow DX injector, im using GIMP to make colorcorrection)
  19. PandaASDF

    Shader model 5

    Hey! I've got a problem which suddenly occured. The game tells me that I've got Shader Model 3 and I need Shader Model 5 to play the game. It really irritates me since there's no explanation where this suddenly comes from, since I could play the game smoothly without any problems before. I really need help, because I really like the game and want to play it ^^" So can you please tell me how to fix this and let me play the game again? Thanks for reading! Any help would be really appreciated. (Not sure if the picture was needed, but I added it anyways.)
  20. Hi all, As this is my first post I wanted to say don't judge me too harshy and I am loving this game so far. I played PotBC and Age of Pirates 2 etc a ton back in the day and am so happy to see such a beautiful looking and enjoyable game. On to my suggestion then. I am a big fan of seeing crewmen on a ship, it makes it seem more "alive" and I also think can be used to represent game systems as well such as the boarding preparedness, sailing "focus", or "gunnery focus" toggles available now in the UI which are simply represented by a green/red circle filling up. I am curious if there are any plans to extend the animations and number/quality of crew and perhaps marines on the ships at all? to me it seems many of the larger ships have very little crew onboard (I know many of them are below deck) If you are focusing on sails or gunnery wouldn't it be realistic and enjoyable to see more crew "bustling" around the guns or rigging. Or if you are preparing to board (using the UI function) then you could have crew and marines forming on the deck? I think it would add to the immersion factor and depending on how it it implemented may not take that much effort in terms of rendering resources. I am not that familiar with the graphics engine used in Naval Action, but I fondly recall watching my crew run around my ship in POTBS or especially seeing the crews in Napoleon TW fire and then fight each other. Of course the suggestion becomes much more complicated once boarding itself is considered and again I am not familiar with how the devs have mentioned this will be represented in the game. (aside from the placeholder UI and system, I assume it is only a placeholder?) Basically I just wanted to put my idea or suggestion out there as I am still in amazement at the beautiful graphics of the game and can't wait to see it develop further and was hoping to see more lively and animated crews,marines, and officers on my deck Cheers all and Happy sailing!
  21. Hello Game-Labs. I know that optimization is something that is on the very bottom of the priority list. This is in Alpha stage. I know. I can't stress enough how important is the optimization, it allows people who can't own rigs that pack the latest I7 core and a GTX Titan SLI to play flawlessly Naval Action. It allows a game to be played by more people, to buy more stuff from real world money and to help to improve the game overall. My suggestion (for the future) is to look at Gaijin's War Thunder and how optimized it is. Hell, even the ultra low graphics look really decent! Any dual core processor can run the game at maximum settings at 60fps and a 70 euro graphics card can run it. Even Intel HD graphics can run it, although not at 60 fps steady. What really helps is that War Thunder has many graphical options to accomodate various levels of computer power, to the entry level computer to the best of the best. It allows the players to change render, what kind of DirectX (10 or 11 I believe), lens flares, reflections, etc So my suggestion is, put as many options as possible and you'll have far more players! Keep up the good work!
  22. The game looks great, which is why seeing all these jagged edges on the beautiful ships makes me sad. We simply need more powerful AA options! (Damn it I screwed up the title)
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