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  1. I can't win the battle of Antietam. I just installed this mod. It fixed my non shooting glitch which is good but basically I can't win the battle. My troops are all doing really well but even though there are units with a 3 to 1 casualty ratio there are just too many Union troops to beat them. I grind them down to almost nothing but they kick my ass with thousands of extra troops that come in at the end. After hours of playing to that point I just gave up as I have no reserves left except 2 infantry units. Basically my troops succeeded at everything, they held the line perfectly for the w
  2. I am up to Antietam in my CSA campaign playthrough. So far I have no complaints in this game and no problems except one. My soldiers often just won't shoot. Full reload, full ammunition, not blocked. They are being charged by a Union unit in an open field. So naturally I want them to give them a volley before the Union troops close in to melee. So I right click. And right click. And right click. They raise up their muskets and do nothing. The reload bar is stuck at full. Suddenly they are eating up deaths, in melee and haven't fired a single shot at a unit which was right in front of them
  3. There are new games and new priorities in the works, I understand, but will features that have been suggested eg surrendering units or adjustable speeds ever be added in future patches? How much love does UGG get from here on in?
  4. Well Darth you know Total War almost better than anyone. So I hope you'd see the fun in adding a strategic map as well, I certainly would. A UG game encompassing the Civil War as a whole, with randomly generated battle maps and a good strategic mode... now that is something I'd pay $70 for gladly. Pretty ambitious though. But it'd be worth it if it turned out good. And a damned good rival to Total War series as well.
  5. Can I suggest that, when expanding the power bar on the top right corner, casualties inflicted and sustained during the present battle are shown, and the same statistics for the battle as a whole (so you can see which direction it is going in) appear after the end of each battle at the statistics screen?
  6. Personally I am a little bit annoyed that this happens. Didn't soldiers stay in formation at all during these types of battles? I hate to say it but I think maybe a system where units engage each other in formation like in Total War would be better. And it's not like Darth doesn't know what I'm talking about I like the new melee system that was updated the other day though, it makes things much better. Though I wonder, sometimes my units will take massive casualties, about 100 in five seconds when they aren't even being fired upon, what's with this?
  7. I want to like this game but nonsensical melee combat is really a pain for me in that regard. Generally whenever I play melee combat with start with a charge, result in 5-20 casualties on both sides in brigades of 1500 - 2000 men and end when one side runs out of morale or condition. How is this at all realistic? What's the point of melee combat when it doesn't inflict any casualties but just lowers the stats of your units? Also, it means that it's impossible to beat skirmishers except by shooting at them. And when the enemy unit "routs" and my unit is ordered to attack them in melee, stil
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