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Found 6 results

  1. I added more choices because some seem to be taking this poll as an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with combat medals in particular. I'm with you. I don't like combat medals. In fact, I think we have too many currencies in game. But I created the poll assuming the devs were going to keep a combat medal system. So.... I don't like it when players farm their alts either. However, to me, those players are more or less wasting their time. I don't view them as farmers, but as targets. Go ahead, obtain ships, mods, and rank. You're still not going to be much of a challenge if you took that short cut. It's sort of the same way I view if we were allowed to bring rank across from the PVE server. Who cares? In the past there has been too much worry and restrictions placed because of what a few idiots are doing to the detriment of the rest of the population that just wants to play the game. @admin Please reconsider:
  2. Within twnty a minutes, a pretty new Dutch player sank three British players around Saint Louis & Les Cayes. Nation chat was silent, nobody asked for help. Coincidence or PvP farming, @Ink?
  3. This is just a hypothesis - not an accusation. I've been thinking on the mechanic of BR limitation in PvP zone and here's my scenario: Take 1st and 2nd rates into the PvP zone - let's say we do it at Tumbado. Then we basically lock the battle by tagging either an alt, or an NPC inside the zone - making sure that atleast 3k BR is on the "winning" side. That way the BR is high enough to discourage anyone from jumping in and taking a look at what's actually going on. After that you do green on green untill the 1st and 2nd rates are on the brink of sinking. The damage will count towards the PvP marks and it's done with virtually no risk for the perpetrators. @admin Is this possible and is it the intended function of the mechanic?
  4. Suggestion: Remove PvP and Victory marks. Reason: Alt abusive behavior reaching all time heights and dev inability to properly police them. I'd like to propose this mainly on three reasons. One is that I find it cowardly that some nations has swapped a few ports - ensuring a plentitude of alts got into defend/attack them and thereby ensuring as many alts receive VM for the conquest competition as possible. This is an unfair advantage only achieved by alt abuse and my own initial reaction is the gut reaction I think many of us feels - permaban the lot. But. It is symptomatic of a generic issue in the game. Some players enjoy RvR but do very little PvP. I on the otherhand enjoy PvP (even broken as it is) but mainly participate in RvR as a sidedish. You need PvP marks in order to convert to VM if you're not lord protector in one of the 3 major nations. This can be circumvented by simply flipping some ports pr agreement and ensure that ones own alts get into the port battles. Second is that everytime someone institutes a policy it is unable to properly implement or police their authority suffers a collapse. We have all seen combat reports on ***** the great I, that sinks swedes at the exact same time at Barranquila. Or Big **** that sinks brits at Belize with 30 mins intervals. I'm not saying that these specific incidents is all issues of cheating, I'm just saying that player to player trust is at an all time low. Whenever players in competitive games get the feeling that someone else get an unfair advantage basically by cheating three things happen - they stop playing, they start to cheat, or worst of all - they stop to care. Thirdly: I dislike the notion that already great PvP players get's access to ships/content that is potentially gamechanging when the less skilled doesn't. I've got plenty of hunting Wasas and I'd wager I generally make more PvP marks than I lose - in essence I'm a decent PvP'er.. But - I got the book of five rings, I've got the gunnery encyclopedia and I've got the art of shiphanling. Twice. Halleluja PvP mark trading for books. These books, these upgrades, these ship knowledges(plural of knowledge??) is gamechanging. The books are decided by RNG, I've already suggested they'd be removed or at least diminished by making books available in admiralty store as well as drops, price wouldn't matter just the notion that they are achievable. I am also however, aware that I am a relatively skilled PvP'er, and can prob take 2-3 agas of unskilled or inexperienced PvP players in my Wasa, mainly due to the Wasa being far superior to the other 4th rates.. IF not more. To sum it up: Marks incentivize cheating/farming, devs inability to properly police (as seen by the threads of the alleged cases) excacerbate the issue, and marks works to screw the gameplay balance in favor of the major nations, and the best PvP players that is actually becoming less and less skillfull since they get access to the best ships, the best upgrades and the best books either via the admiralty or from the fact that in order to compete in RvR you have to get VM - booktrading. Solution: Removal of the marks, the conquest competition and reintroduction of the La Navasse PvP area (last one I just threw in because liq sank me in a frigate and I've yet to get even).
  5. Joined a battle at Shroud Cay, the player 'Lardwick' boarded a Swedish Cerberus 'swartzenberger'. Combat News: 11:20 - 20th November 2017 The Cerb was afk and had no cannons. Lardwick sailed over and boarded it. He got angry when I joined the battle. That's about suspicious and 'caught red-handed' as you can get for pvp mark farming. I imagine you will be able to see if there is a trading/combat history between the 2 players, even if there isn't I still say he's a cheat, any other explanation is too far fetched imo I have recorded and saved battle, if you need it so see it let me know (and instructions on how to post it). IMO something needs to be done about pvp farming, its obviously rampant and makes you question everything you see in combat news which is a shame. Cheers
  6. Guten Tag liebe NA Community Wir die neu gegründete Gilde "West Indian Trading Company (WICO)" möchte sich hier kurz vorstellen. Über WICO: Wir sind eine neu gegründete Gilde auf der seite der Briten, unsere Orientierung gilt allen Aspekten des Spiels ( PvP, PvE, Crafting, Trading). Momentan bestehen wir noch aus wenigen Mitgliedern, jedoch haben wir später auch vor bei den PortBattles mitzumischen. Beheimatet sind wir auf dem PvP EU Server. Deshalb suchen wir Mitglieder Wir suchen: Briten 18+ Headset mit Ts3 Ehrgeiz Rank und Schiff egal Was wir bieten: Ts3 Server Aktive Gildenleitung Unterstützung innerhalb der Gilde Später auch Events Bei Interesse bitte einfach Ingame bei: Laempi melden oder hier im Forum. Lg West India Trading Company (WICO)
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