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Found 8 results

  1. The pirate player Demon Lord Morty joined the battle shown in the screenshot above, in which [LG] Vedon (Russia) attacked [R4VEN] Headgerald (Pirates), each with 3 fleet ships with no cannons equipped. Headgerald and Vedon did not try to fight each-other after Demon Lord Morty joined, and instead Headgerald tried to protect the Russian ships by running into Morty. Seen in the screenshot above, Headgerald unsuccessfully tries to prevent Vedon's Diana from being boarded. After this, Headgerald again rams Demon Lord Morty and tries to push him into the shore, as seen in the video clip below. I would guess this is a case of attempted alt farming, though the actual farming didn't take place since Demon Lord Morty interrupted them.
  2. I added more choices because some seem to be taking this poll as an opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with combat medals in particular. I'm with you. I don't like combat medals. In fact, I think we have too many currencies in game. But I created the poll assuming the devs were going to keep a combat medal system. So.... I don't like it when players farm their alts either. However, to me, those players are more or less wasting their time. I don't view them as farmers, but as targets. Go ahead, obtain ships, mods, and rank. You're still not going to be much of a challenge if you took that short cut. It's sort of the same way I view if we were allowed to bring rank across from the PVE server. Who cares? In the past there has been too much worry and restrictions placed because of what a few idiots are doing to the detriment of the rest of the population that just wants to play the game. @admin Please reconsider:
  3. I don't understand why we have to tolerate an "Alt" buzzing around and feeding info to the enemy. Everyone knows that there are certain players that are CLEARLY Alt accounts for the sole purpose of undermining whatever action we have going on at the time. In the real world how long would this have been tolerated? It is my understanding that the Pirates don't have to put up with this nonsense because they are permitted to attack each other...right? If that is the case it puts everyone else who spent money on this game at a disadvantage. My solution is this, and mind you it may not be the best/only idea...just the one I have now. Give the LEADERS of the TOP 3 CLANS of each nation the authority to vote amongst themselves and authorize a "Hit" on anyone deemed to be a spy. All 3 leaders would have to agree that this is necessary for the security of the nation. I'm sure someone much smarter than I am could work out the details. I just would like to see something done to address this.
  4. Hello! This will probably be a unpopular suggestion but the game is slowly dying. We all know it. 1. Summary 2. Alts 3. Reward PVP 4. Pay2Win? 1. Summary I see a lot of posts about alts, alt abuse and alt bans. The developers have also stated that this is a big problem at the moment and are desperately trying to solve this. My suggestion is a form of premium currency in the game, lets call them Gems for now. This premium currency can be attained in two ways. 1, By purchase with real money. 2, By ranking highly on the PVP leader board. Edit* If alts cannot be dealt with, why not provide a better system for the players? Make alts in the game and make it under controlled conditions. *Edit With Gems a player can: Buy cosmetic items for their ships (more in chapter 3. Reward PVP) Buy a new character (more in 2. Alts) Redeem gems for gold 2. Alts It is my understanding that most people use alts as an economic advantage. Acquiring rare resources, for labour hours and storage. My suggestion is that a player can purchase a second (or third) character on their main account with Gems. The first new character would cost Gems equal to the cost of the full game. The second new character would cost more. The new characters would be tied to the players main character, which includes this: The new character would be tied to the same faction as the players main character They would share warehouses. The players warehouse would be expanded by some amount by doing this. This would make trading between alts a lot easier and make crafting less of a pain. Combat marks would be shared New characters cannot join a clan (or proposed war company) As for rare resources I have a suggestion to break the contract monopoly that some players have. Double the amount of rare resources that gets produces. Half of these can be purchased by contract (as it is now) and the other half can only be purchased directly in the shop. This will allow players to enter the port under smugglers flag and acquire these rare resources, and alts in other nations wont be mandatory to acquire these resources. This will require that the developers declare that a character on a second steam account is considered illegal, and that second steam character will be banned, and the main character will be punished in some fashion. The forum would open a new section, Report possible alts. This will put the player in question under investigation to find out if the claim is true. I don´t know what the legal consequentness for this would be, or if its even possible. Thanks to @Skully for clarifying that a second steam account alt cannot be banned. I still propose that a Gem purchased alt is made with major benefits to a regular alt. Please feel free to come with sugestions on what those benefits might be. Players with existing alts can make a petition for Gems on the forums. A admin or moderator will be tasked with proving the validity of the claim. If the admin or moderator concludes that the player has an alt (or alts), a redeemable of Gems will be provided to the player. 3. Rewarding PVP As we all know, the PVP rewards are quite small, compared to the much safer and easier PVE. The introduction of Gems as a reward for the PVP leader board would change this dramatically. This would make Gems available in the game other than purchasing it with real money, but only for the top PVP players. Besides buying a new character, a number of cosmetic options will be available. Paints. Now I was not around when this was a thing but it sounds amazing. Is it possible to bring back or is it a engine limitation ATM? Flags. Different nation flags would be available, maybe only clan flags? Figureheads. Make the different bow figures actually show up on the ship. This is a lot of work I know, but would be loved by the community. Ship names. Let players players name their own ships, maybe even a visual name on the stern of the ship. There is a lot of posts about this. Feel free to name more suggestions. The higher the rank on the leader board, the higher the reward. The reward should not be to high. A player should perhaps be top player on the leader board 3 - 4 times to afford to purchase a first new character. I believe that this would revive the OW PVP, make players fight hard for a top place on the leader board. I also have a suggestion to avoid players to use gank squads to advance their place on the leader board. If 6 Surprises attack a lonely Surprise, the PVP "points" should be much lower than in a 1v1. This could perhaps be accomplished by making the system take in to account the BR of the battle, and provide penalty's or bonuses depending on the balance of BR in the battle as a whole. I don't know if it is possible, but can this be tied to Naval Actions: Legends as well? Winning in Legends would provide a small amount of gems, to be used in the main game, to make the games promote each other. 4. Pay2Win? Some players might call this pay2win. A player with a lot of real money can gain an advantage over a player with less real money. To you I say that this is already happening, its just more cloak and dagger. It will become pay 2 win, but the premium currency, Gems, will be available by playing the game, promoting PVP in the process. Now some of you might say, "If it can be acquired in the game, no one will purchase Gems with real money". This is wrong, there will always be people buying premium currency. This is the case in so many other games. This will help the devs get continues money for their game, other than new players purchasing it. This will also provide a end game for veteran players. Strive to be the best, acquire gems and show every one with cosmetics that you are the PVP king. Feel free to leave constructive feedback and suggestions.
  5. @admin The current marks system is being abused, the current second job I have playing this grind feast you call a game is being exploited. The requirements for these marks is nearly impossible for smaller nation like Sweden, Danes, Dutch. Spain. I can speak from personal experience and different clans from Britain and other nations listed above. We have played the game without alts and engaging the enemy but funny we're 2 rated behind the pirate nation who works and confessed in global chat last night they have been agreeing and working with the French. I have spent many hours on this game since the update released and members of my clan have barely slept also to try and get the fleets required for PBs but last night we learnt that the Black clan have second rates the Bucs.... how the deck did they get all the conquest marks from 1 port battle defense 24 hours previous??? Thry must have alts in France/Britain farming conquest marks to benefit them not the nation the alts are in! To prevent this alt farming unfair and biased MARK bs situation I suggest we scrap the mark system.
  6. Like the topic says.Spying in different nations via alts should be dealt with I remember a post by @admin that when caught it would be punished. Exhibits below: one captain passing on data to other nation, saying wrong account (Captain Alexander). Bonus: One captain admitting to it, in different nations (Otto Kohl).
  7. Yesterday [RUS] clan bought a flag for Aves. We were 25 1st rates in the attack fleet. It is a bugger if a 1st rate is left outside for obvious reasons. After we had shampooed our herrings (entered combat) we realized that a player ILAY had joined the combat in a Cerb and a 1st rate was left outside. While it is possible that ILAY is just a eager newbie who did not know that he was taking up a spot in the PB it is suspicious that he surrendered after a few minutes without setting sails, so his only function in the combat was to take up a spot. Here is a screenshot of the combatant list after a few minutes after he surrendered: http://imgur.com/K6qT6aJ
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