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  1. Being in the screenshot, I can respond to this. We are still in testing, and this is part of that. We've been in a very small number of battle like this. Yes, this is ridiculous. We've already reported it because it is way overpowered. It's basically a 100% success rate, in my experience, and rewards PvP marks and gold.
  2. To try to prevent everyone from sailing a 1st Rate all the time, I believe.
  3. It's good luck to have a horseshoe on board, unless it is upside down, then the luck will fall out.
  4. I haven't seen anything about a rebuild, so I dunno.
  5. Here's a quick video of our Niagara being readied and rigged for 2016, courtesy of the Eire Maritime Museum's Facebook page. Shows just a bit of what our crafters have to go through on a daily basis
  6. The last thing I want if for new players to be turned away from the game. On the other hand, I want PVP to be predominant. I would suggest to make the capitols shallow water, but that wouldn't be possible because is a nation was down to it's last port, it would limit those players to shallow water ships, and what would happen to their lager ships ships? Perhaps the solution is to limit a user name to a single nation, like PofBS. Of course, that wouldn't prevent people form making several accounts. I dunno. I'm just thinking out loud. But you are correct, shady things can occur, and should
  7. I too wish no argument. As for other fleets... that is beyond my limited influence. I agree that a mechanic exists that can be exploited. It's not exclusive to pirates, though. Perhaps ships should not be drawn into battle as it stands. There is nothing that stops a new Spanish player from engaging a massive British fleet, and drawing his fleet mates into said battle.
  8. 1) The pirates were down to a few towns, most shallow water. Where else were we supposed to go to engage them in PVP? You can't imagine a scenario where the British Navy takes all the US ports? What would you do then, create an artificial zone around Charleston that all British players abide by? Furthermore, no one was targeting any player sailing something smaller than ship rigged. We were looking for PVP, not greifing. 2) This was a response to the admin. We were not targeting new players, and the player in question was in a ship rigged vessel. Again, the "newbie town" was the only town wi
  9. December 28, 1812, USS Constitution sights a sail off the Brazilian coast, HMS Java, the former Renommee. The following day, Constitution defeated the smaller frigate in single ship combat. Although Java could not be salvaged due to the severity of the damage, the helm was used to replace Constitution's, which was lost during the fighting. Among the casualties was Java's Captain Lambert, struck down by an American sharpshooter, who American Commodore Brainbridge expressed deep sorrow for, and described as a commander he considered to be brave and noble. On New Year's Day, 1813, HMS Java was se
  10. A bunch of ideas here I'd like to see, but I voted for Exploration and Delivery missions. I have seen more than a few new players struggling to advance from the starting ships, and providing these will award experience, this may ease the fustration some people are feeling.
  11. It is my understanding that the nation capitols are the new player spawn points. Does this mean that no nation can engage in combat outside another nations capitol? *edit - To my knowledge, no low level players were involved. The originator of this thread, according to his forum join date, has been involved with the game since early May 2015, which I would hardly call a noob. Further, to my knowledge, no member of TDA has ever griefed a low level player. It provides no challenge for PVP, it would foster a toxic game environment, and I imagine it would be counter productive for testing purpose
  12. First, its Wetworth. Second, many US players use La Tortue as a base, so it's not that far off. Anyone who wants to go blockade Charleston will only find NPCs and empty water. You go to where the players are, regardless of what the city's name or status is. A blockade is a blockade, and it's allowed in this game at the moment. I've been on both ends. As for US activities, I can only represent myself. I have no drive or interest in harassing low level players, or high level players in low rated ships.
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