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  1. uhm i would never recommend playing games on laptop in first place... But have you checked your power options so it set to max performance?
  2. Hey. Cloud gaming should most likely work, but its not up everywhere yet. another solution could be SteamLink if you got one of those
  3. Hi could you please add a split crew interface, or add an other tab next to the ship where i can wright manually how many crew i want on the damn thing. its so Blody annoing jumping around from 59 to to 61 crew. its this small things that makes one just angry at the game.... //Complete-Disaster
  4. well you can join a battle to loot. you can also be told not to loot and be sunk by allies iirc.
  5. Its Working as Intended. I made a similar clear case one month ago when a player used an alt to interfere with the battle. can't say i have heard any statement or if any action was taken. But i think most players would agree that for this shit, there should be a severe punishment
  6. #Working as Intended otherwise there would be a mechanic locking the side for a clan
  7. Just bought an alt via HumbleBundle. i see my account got a pandora despite game has released.
  8. There is a Steam Sale comming soon: https://www.pcgamer.com/steam-summer-sale-2019-dates-leaked/ will you Release the game before the sale for full price and some marketing? or with the sale and some %off hoping to gain new players during the sale?
  9. Someone probably has Already mentioned it. But Increase the doubloons stash limit. with current price's it's really annoying jumping 10 times between ports to move 10k dubs at a time. or like in my case i build an academy and now im blody stuck in the damn port. <-- Really annoing
  10. im doing my PVE in the dutch waters... english waters are great to. always tons of english fleets
  11. A fleet spawn literally less than 5 minutes before maintenance. how are we even supposed to get to that? a clan mate have been up all night hoping it would spawn at some point. but seriously, this is just to annoing... //Complete Disaster
  12. How heavy will this ship notes be? i wouldn't want to get stuck in middle of nowhere...
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