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  1. Its not the Clan to blame but the players. the moment you join a battle your expected to fight. The solution is simple, a harch and swift punishment. give waldron 2 weeks ban and an asset wipe. it would probably not affect him much since he dont intend to play anyway. But it would certantly discourage other player for doing this kinda shit knowing they will get a ban. its kinda lame each time to give a player a warning and they be on their way everytime...
  2. could you cry in patch feedback where such opnions are supposed to be?
  3. New Players are so Spoiled! you should try it as in the good old days, without the GPS perk. once you get hang of it, you will not even need the protractor...
  4. Burning sails could be an option? the moment a fireship caughts fire it will take sail damage over time till it reaches 0 and the ship will be just a burning nuke in the open sea;)
  5. At the moment, very few people can craft tools. but those who can can do this. lets do a calculation without alts involved for 500 tools. price 2500 iron(155k/1200LH) 2500 coal(10k/1200LH) 4000 provisions(60k reals/1921LH) (36 tools x 2k from tamigua 72k) =1.725m Reaks 4321 LH(9 LH contracts) +72k for the tools. 500x5472=2.736m-10%=2 462 400-1725000-72k(tools)=665k profit. A single person will get 665k reals for all the trouble with almost 0 risk of loosing anything. now take that crafted price and apply it to a clan or alts. imagine 20 alts doing insta sell in a port 665x20= almost 13m/day. question is do ports refresh when you dump like 2k ress after maintance or not? they did that alteast like 2 months ago. before todays maintance the price was almost 12k in bermuda/tool.
  6. yes, you can also exceed 3000 by having the economy perks. you dont need to craft them, you can buy them for 2k reals in some ports. like 100 at a time 3 times/day. but your correct ______________________________________________________ today there was a nerf to decrease of tool value in bermuda and many other ports, set to 5628/tool to sell. but it still way to profitable. iron and coal are not exactly hard to come by. 500x5628-10%=2814000-1665000=867 600. almost 900k/account. this is still worth investing in. its way to profitable for 5-10 min sails and some tool crafting.
  7. So i've heard Tools cost 3 000 reals to craft+ 5 iron(310 reals)& 5 coal(20 reals) total 3 330 reals/tool. one could craft around 500 tools/day. total cost 1.5m+155k(iron)+6k(coal)= 1 665 000 Reals Sell price 11 764 up in bermuda in Saint george tiwn. 500= 5 882 000-10%=5 923 800-1 665 000= 3 628 800/day. i can craft like many others about 100 labour contracts in a day. and now imagine selling all those tools for 36m a day passively. i guess i'll hit billionere at the end of the month. even in other ports like caracas where they cost to sell 6284 its still worth to sell them. LH And having alts in russian nation is the only bottleneck i see atm. is this how it is intended? im far beyond my bed time but i hope this gets fixed. trading is not even worth if there is a gold mine like this out... //Rory
  8. I was huging the fireship when it exploded, while i was in brace. i lost about 800 crew, witch i suppose is reasonable for a nuke ship. around 5% sail damage IIRC, witch should be higher or maybe demasted. And if you want it make it realistic my remaining crew should have been disorientated for atleast a minute or 2 and not the 15 seconds crewshock. the exploding debris should also maybe put me or my sails on fire causing a fire... what killed me was anolytic exploding like 300 meter away killing my remaining 550 crew in brace mode. im not sure wether my crew was bracing in the stern waving back to anolytic or if they all died in a massive contagious heartattacks due to pressure...
  9. maybe you should decrease the damage to crew? ship explodes and kills 500 crew miles away while in brace? im pretty sure my crew was bracing below deck. but i guess when a nuke goes of it dosent matter. i liek your idea however
  10. Honestly. i could care less wether it will be 1 or 6 new ships in 3 months. but it said november, i was kinda hyped. im not going to criticize nor complain about NA working team. as long as its not turning out like Star Citizen(tons of promises and no results), im happy ❤️
  11. I hope they give an option to Preset to be able to engage screeners as the fleet leave's the port. most of the port battle fighting Lineships is the most fun when no side can hide under forts at play wating game for 1.5 hour...
  12. i kinda was feeling special having that ship, but now as i read im just getting dissapointed. make it ether tradeable or an event ship.
  13. even if we do that. there is still not enought space to cover all alts accounts. changing value from 250 to 500 in the game code should not be a big issue ether.
  14. i did not say the server pop was over 1500. i did ask to increase member slots from 250 to 500. currently we are 249/250 and need more slots. yes we probably have 50 players that could be cleansed and easly replaced with allts and yet it would not be enought slots once aggain:P
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