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  1. Just bought an alt via HumbleBundle. i see my account got a pandora despite game has released.
  2. There is a Steam Sale comming soon: https://www.pcgamer.com/steam-summer-sale-2019-dates-leaked/ will you Release the game before the sale for full price and some marketing? or with the sale and some %off hoping to gain new players during the sale?
  3. Someone probably has Already mentioned it. But Increase the doubloons stash limit. with current price's it's really annoying jumping 10 times between ports to move 10k dubs at a time. or like in my case i build an academy and now im blody stuck in the damn port. <-- Really annoing
  4. im doing my PVE in the dutch waters... english waters are great to. always tons of english fleets
  5. A fleet spawn literally less than 5 minutes before maintenance. how are we even supposed to get to that? a clan mate have been up all night hoping it would spawn at some point. but seriously, this is just to annoing... //Complete Disaster
  6. How heavy will this ship notes be? i wouldn't want to get stuck in middle of nowhere...
  7. with 15 accounts and the fishperk you get like 30 bottle's per day. don't even want to imagine how it was before...
  8. Hi. i had a ship comming to assist me retaking my traders. a player called Cuttersrophe joined and nicked it. i cant attack my own nation to take it back. I belive Cuttersrophe is a swedish Alt in Russian Nation by [HRE] Bumsebiene. in battle Bumsebiene did not attack the traderlynx that was heading stright for him. He gave away the capture ship and left the battle. I demand Account Deletion of Bumsebiene for abusing this mechanic or a Severe punishment.
  9. You should be able to raid anytown anytime how ever. the town should have an open battlerating. if you shoose to raid Like KPR. you should expect like 50 players comming in first rates defending it. Good luck raiding it with 5-10 players. there should be a limitation on attackers since your raiding and not a takeover a town. i can also imagine there should be an infrastructure to invest in AI ships For Clans. maybe make a bank, and baracks that would make raiding harder.
  10. Stop crying and calm your tatas. maybe you should considering move to PVE. all i hear is ban ban ban. punish punish punish. do you want 70 pop server only in gb nation??? because this is what s going to happen if they start banning testers for exploring game mechanicks.
  11. you do know that russians wont go do GB right? it will be back to pirates and pirates will have 2/3 of the server pop(we already had that. it went gr8). ask admins make an outpost for every regular nations in shroud cay per defoult and you can go do what ever you wish.
  12. if we all start in shroud, you have an outpost set per defoult in shroud. you might grab nassau. you can also asign a certain amount of player go for darriena and take it before even russians arive there. but hey maybe we do have rockets and can fly the sky. who knows
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