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  1. Live at 10:30 EST! https://www.facebook.com/pg/USSConstitutionMuseum/videos/?ref=page_internal
  2. My ship is gone! How about a loaner...........
  3. In battle no less.........
  4. "Overload" will slow you down a lot!
  5. Happy Birthday Yankee Jack!

  6. Rapid, sinking leaks are not historical by any means. As many have mentioned here, sinking in battle was unusual. De-masting and wrecked sails was, however, not. it's a game thing. Twice last night I recovered from "instant" sinking leaks (my Niagara hit by Ingermanland) by turning the whole crew to survival. Water was over the gunwales and into the captains cabin, but at the last second started down. Whew! Lesson: don't wait! Turn off everything but survival and pump repair and you may make it.
  7. Yankee jack

    Bar Shot

    The Devs have already indicated that (for game purposes), dismasting is not going to be historical (easy). Unless they change their mind, I think we have about as much as we will get.
  8. Need carronades! Save your money. Cap traders. sell them for gold. Join PVP Missions Rank up
  9. Capt Darby knew that. Had some wine before he answered, perhaps...........
  10. FYI and PS: For all you doubters. The yacht has less armor than my basic cutter. But. It looks cool.
  11. Karu. careful what you wish for...... What do you do when you get to "the end"? Start another character, I guess?
  12. Young has logged more hours than the Starship Enterprise on Star trek. Between him and Tommy Shelby, it would stretch to the moon and back.
  13. Good ideas Developers. I'm no where near an SOL yet but, just as an observation, because of game mechanics, they are a bit common and affordable. Historically they were immensely expensive to build and maintain. For that reason, they should be a "strategic" weapon and only used when the stakes are very high. Perhaps now they will be. When not needed they were put "in ordinary" - paid off and put in mothballs. On the other hand, if captains want to sail around in their SOLs, that's fine too. Frigates were the workhorses, after all.
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