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  1. Live at 10:30 EST! https://www.facebook.com/pg/USSConstitutionMuseum/videos/?ref=page_internal
  2. Happy Birthday Yankee Jack!

  3. Interesting. So, a Santi is now a Victory plus 180K plus 10K in a yacht? Is that to "humble" us back to our roots....... Ha! OK, I'll give it a try. thx
  4. A funky bug? I have finally made enough points to get the Santi, but when I click on it it says "Yacht: damage 288/10000". it has done this for the last 3 tries even after I get more points? Is there a fix? Are Santis locked out? thx
  5. Don't know if anyone posted these but, Here are some more good ones: For a good reference and pretty detailed account of "everything" (And I mean everything) Royal Navy in the age of sail get: "The Royal Navy, a History from the Earliest Times to 1900" By Clowes. In 5 Volumes. 1900 first printing. Available as reprints in paperback. Vol. 3 -5 are best for NA info. Details on Hundreds of single ship actions. Dozens of large fleet actions. With lists of combat ships, specs maps etc. Also good info on, guns, crew, ship losses, captains lists, and on and on. Vol 3 covers t
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