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  1. Live at 10:30 EST! https://www.facebook.com/pg/USSConstitutionMuseum/videos/?ref=page_internal
  2. My ship is gone! How about a loaner...........
  3. In battle no less.........
  4. Happy Birthday Yankee Jack!

  5. The Devs have already indicated that (for game purposes), dismasting is not going to be historical (easy). Unless they change their mind, I think we have about as much as we will get.
  6. Jeez..........? Another hint. Start hoarding stone? Yikes. Have to use cannon balls for ballast.......
  7. Don't know if this is the right place but. Here's an interesting tidbit: From: "The Royal Navy: A History from The Earliest Times to 1900" By William Clowes, Vol. three, pg 337. (In 1764 the Admiralty experimented with better pimps) "It was found that whearas the old pump required seven men to pump out a ton of water in 76 seconds, the new pump, with but four men, would pump out a ton of water in 431/2 seconds; and that whearas two men could not move the old pump at all, two men could with the new pump pump out a ton of water in 55 seconds." Seems to me that that's a lot of
  8. Great advice Capt. Olav, I used to Chain first. Your idea works better.......... I just capd a cerb in my yacht! thx
  9. Stiffness: I always understood this to be a ballast and weight placement issue? (Not so much what type of wood is used?) More weight low down makes a "stiff" ship. Higher makes a "tender" ship. Also, "gamewise", a stiff ship is nice, in reality a ship could be "too" stiff. (Violent, quick rolls. Danger/damage to masts and rigging.) Crew space: Hmmm? These ships were built for one thing........ Crew, "Creature comforts" were historically unimportant and minimal. If you are going on a "boarding mission" build more crew space? Planking and Build Strength: These kinda go toge
  10. I would also like to join you. Good idea I did a post on this in "Trading economy and feedback" today. I made a spreadsheet too if your interested we can combine them? Looking at your original post, ha, ha, prices have sure evened out!! Even so I expect there will be good opportunities OW, especially at the "ends of the earth" trading wise? It will be fun to watch this develop.
  11. "Finestkind" ready for the fireworks. HAPPY 4th OF JULY!
  12. From a lowly 1 1/2 striper: Are there "sailing skill" modules to buy in OW? Historically, there were some "crack" ships that could "tack thru an anchorage". Maybe improved, tacking, raising and lowering sail, faster bracing of yards, etc? It would be realistic and help maneuvering against the "motor driven" bots......... Great game anyway guys!!
  13. Amp, "The chart plot distance (or location) is already calculated by the game." Where is this? I guess I missed it? I was thinking more of a distance from A to B. If you deviate along the way, it's up to the skipper to keep track of when you wandered off and back on.
  14. A mileage counter is just that, a miles traveled counter. Time compression is not completely relevant in this instance. If you plan your route, you will know how many miles the trip is before you start. When you are close to that many miles, time compression or not, if no land is sighted it's time to re-evaluate your navigation.
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