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Found 7 results

  1. As Title states, im New to the game, its currently downloading and i will be joining the US Server??, as i saw in the reviews for this, you choose a country/ faction to play for, Are all countries equal when starting out? is there advantage or disadvantages to one country over another towards end game? what should i be aiming for as a new player, im not new to MMO's etc so i understand clan based games, so any help and advice is welcomed.
  2. Hi, I've put together a few youtube videos of me learning to play Naval Action. I am pretty noob so don't be expecting to learn a great deal from these if you are an experienced player already. It's just a record of someone new to the game gradually trying to learn how to play properly (and I'm defo not there yet!) and how the game seems from the perspective of a newer player. If you are new to the game there might be a few bits of useful info you can pick up. Bear in mind that episodes 1-3 are pre-10.0 patch so some of the info will be redundant now. Episode 4 is a relatively comprehensive explanation of a lot of the 10.0 patch changes, so could hopefully be useful for anyone. I've made them for a bit of a laugh, only because I enjoy making them and learning to use the video editing software, so it's all just for fun (I honestly couldn't care less how many views I get) but someone commented and kindly said they enjoyed them and suggested I post them here, so I have linked Episode 1-4 below and will update whenever I upload a new episode. If anyone gets some useful information or a bit of entertainment from them, then that's an added bonus for me. Any comments on the videos and/or any of the game mechanics I might not have fully understood are welcome, as are links to relevant learning resources. Hope you enjoy them:
  3. So, Iv been reading the forums over the last few days to get an Idea of the game. Iv seen a lot of post on the opinions of players stating why they feel other new players are quitting the game. I thought Well, I'm a new player so I guess maybe I should put my 2cents in. I'll start off by stating that I purchased this game about a year ago, When I first jumped in I had Absolutely NO idea of what the hell I was suppose to do. There is no guide in the game to explain to me what the heck I am to do. Realistically I shouldn't have to turn to the internet to figure out what I'm suppose to do. The first thing I ended up doing was leaving port and at that time I guess the player base was much higher and I would see all these event battles outside of the port area. Of course being new, I Clicked enter on them to Only find I got placed in a HUGE battle with massive ships essentially killing myself. I did this a few times till I realized that I must be doing something wrong and was most likely not suppose to be clicking on them. After visiting ports over the next little while, I still was unsure of what to do and in the end I quit the game. Fast forward to a year later, I decided well heck I'm feeling like a boat game so Imma give this game a solid try this time around. So without checking the internet for a guide of how to play (which I really should have done at this point) I felt maybe the game after a year of development might be a little more noob friendly. Well I was wrong and its very much the same as how I left it a Year ago, but this time I am Determined to give this game a solid try. So While In port I look for Mission which I find and I'm provided with 2 options. Trade and Combat. I think well Trade should be easy enough, Lets give that a go. Now i'm faced with having to Find and Purchase with No money the supply's I need to trade with. Well, The shop in the port that I accept this mission from does not have the supply's that I am required to Trade ( Which Honestly I understand why this might be a thing but from a gameplay stand point if a port is giving you a supply quest, It should provide you with the supply's) Keep in mind I am a NEW player who doesn't know where to find anything. I'm now suck with these quests and no idea where to go from there, I mean I don't even know how to navigate still at this point. so I'm thinking to myself Well F this ......Lets give the combat missions a try, Well to my success these missions are pretty easy! They give a decent amount of exp and enough gold to make the time it takes feel worth it (Atleast for me) So at this point I hit around 20 hrs of solid playing ( spend my entire weekend giving this game a solid shot) and after a long battle of trying to board and steal myself a ship, I'v finally Done it! I stole my first ship, I honestly felt sooooooo good at this point. I mean Its pretty tough stuff trying to get your ship along side the other with the right winds and being able to get them to slow down enough to board. I felt like I achieved something great. Then...I decide to take my new shiny boat out for a test battle , cuz who doesn't want to test out there bran new ship. I crank up the difficulty of the missions to 2 teirs higher So I can try facing a bigger ship. I went in expecting to die but I just wanted to see what the medium sized combat felt like. Well as you may have expected, my ship sank and I returned to port no longer having the ship I stole in my possession. I was to say the least, PISSED. I was soooo ready to quit the game once again. I thought to myself , Why the HELL does it not say in plain site that my ship can be lost. So at this point, I take to the guides to properly find out how to play. Now not a lot of truly useful guide were found by myself , I didn't give it the full effort so that's my fault, luckly enough the player community it quite helpful and just by reading some of the questions other new players had I was able to get a better grasp of the game this way. I mean Heck I found out how to do trading once someone stated that if you open up the map and go to trade then type in what you want, It will show a list of ports. With in this list there are stars in 3 columns (Now I still don't fully know what all the letters mean) but from what the one player stated P means the port produces that Item. This is quite helpful information...The kind of information that maybe should be advised to the players through a tutorial of some sort at the start of the game I think what Im getting at really is that the game needs to have at least a Tutorial of some sort that explains everything, so the new players have an Idea of where to start. At its current state, that new player friendly experience is just not there. I have since been helped out by the in game community on a few occasions now, they have pointed me in the right direction and I am now happily sailing a surprise. I still don't know where I'm to go at this point but, Im having fun doing what ever it is that im doing. I will be starting the trade portion of the game tonight and hopefully I find success. I'm sorry for the long post / Gram / running sentences. Just wanted to give my little bit of feedback. Regards, Okies
  4. Ahoy, captains! I am a complete greenhorn to this game, looking for a welcoming clan to join before I begin. In fact, I've just now finished the download after watching many helpful tutorial videos from current players. It seems joining up is a necessity for beginners who wish to do well. And so, I offer my services. I've not yet chosen a server because I'm unsure if I would be able to change servers to join a clan on their primary server. Therefore, I've also not chosen a nationality. These decisions will be based on which server your clan resides. Below is a briefing about my experiences. I've played a variety of games involving clans (since Quake days), and some that don't. Some related to the sailing age: Sid Meier's Pirates, Uncharted Waters, AC: Black Flag. However, my last couple years have been spent growing our Total Oblivion clan for World of Tanks and other WG games. I previously commanded -T-O- for 2 and a half years. At which time I gave the reigns up to build and command our second clan, and then 6 months later our third clan. We've grown our community and alliances into top 30 competitive clans for WG. I personally manage our 3-clan TS and forum, primarily by myself. (BTW, if you play Tanks, Ships, Planes, please feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining a clan there.) I make mention all the above simply to inform you of what I might be able to offer your clan. I am a dedicated, smart worker. I fully understand beginning at the bottom and playing the supporting roles for awhile. I will do as much as I can to help your clan community thrive. Do understand, to be honest, that our Oblivion clanmates have some interest in this game and possibly creating a clan of our own. However, this will be ages from now. We, of course, would remain loyal to any clan making us feel welcome as we learn the ropes in NA. If you feel I would be a helpful addition to your clan, please message me. I'll be available for PvP 1 or 2 USA. Thank you for your consideration, Cpt Blackthorne
  5. As i always see the same questions in the help chat, i thought posting a link would answer questions faster than retyping the same stuff over and over again, so here we go. Why can't i equip my guns. The numbers in brackets determinates the grade, the first bracket for cannons the second one for carronades. Why is my crew number red? Your ship is undercrewed, do missions and level up. Why can't i join a fight? Either it's a mission of another player or the fight is older than 5 minutes. Where can i get missions? In port, top left corner, Home/Equipment/Missions/... I can't find my mission. Your mission is named Admirality Order and the swords are higher above the sea, try to find this. Does trading give xp? No. What is contraband? Atm it just says you can attack ships of your own nation, without becoming a pirate. How does boarding work? Shoot chain into sails to slow them down, then grapes over the deck/railing to decrease crew, try to turn your enemy upwind until both ships are slower than 3,5kn, then press G and play boarding game. http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Boarding Where can i buy repair kits? Home tab of port, right hand of selling ship button. What are ship letters for? They're just intel, some people post them in nations chat. Will my ship be lost if i get sunk? Your ship has a durability, that's its live count, loosing your ship reduces it by 1, if you reach 0 your ship will be lost. Can i restore durability? No, not yet. I can't sell my ship. Only dur 5 ships can be sold in the shop, but you can sell it in the home tab of the port to a NPC. I can't buy fleet ships. They're a help for beginners and can only be bought below rank 4. How do i use fleet ships? If you check the box of the given ship it'll automatically supports you in fight. How can i give orders to my fleet ships? Press M in battle. Where can i repair my fleet ships? Only in port on the fleet tab. What are the different item quality grades? grey = basic green = common blue = fine purple = mastercraft yellow = exceptional Can i use spyglass in the OW? No, not yet. Wiki: Ships http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Ships Abbreviation: OW Open World Abbreviation: NPC / AI Non-Player Character / Artificial Intelligence (both terms mean game driven ships) Abbreviation: PotBS Pirates of the Burning Seas (once popular age of sails game) Quickstart-Guide: Do missions, buy better guns, stick with you basic cutter until rank 3, buy fleet ships which will help you in fights and get a Snow (or a Brig) at rank 3. Craft: Blueprint Tree http://www.navalactioncraft.com/blueprints Ship characteristics http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7029-ships-inherent-characteristics/page-1 --- Help with this thread will be much appreciated, i'll take a look regularly and will add questions.
  6. I just got the game and made a pie!.. I would usually solo it out until i get the feel for the game but just like old school eve is just throws you out their with no direction and the ui is somewhat unreliable just looking for some guys thats willing tot each a scrub how to roll through these motions Kill people, plunder ships and whatnot. Faction doesn't matter I can just remake my char (I think), doesnt have to be a large clan either just be active I mostly work nights so morning people would be nice I have teamspeak, discord etc 30 years of age African-American, Male and I work at wingstop! if you live close by free wings lol
  7. hello, greetings to the whole community ... introduce myself , my nick is Paladinlex and just received the key to the game, but not as downloading , someone that could help me ... thank you very much
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