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  1. People grinding on low-levels (tbrigs) and being rewarded massive quantities of upgrades and marks/doubloons for pvp missions. Clubbing the seals should be heavily discouraged, not rewarded.
  2. You would do far better to ask this question in the in-game chats.
  3. I fundamentally disagree with the lack of protections for new players. I utterly abhor the artificially increased grind presented to new players. I wish to start my dissertation with some qualifying statistics; this will hopefully absolve me of any allegations of "salty n00b". I bought Naval Action on January 27th of 2016, and have since then racked up roughly 3,425 hours of gameplay. Consistently. I have played on both servers, in every nation, using a plethora of names. I saw this game go from multiple full servers with a wait queue for log-in to merged servers due to low populati
  4. I believe the issue at hand is most likely in relation to whether or not clans really do have the right to work against their own nation in general. Obviously something shady was done here to deprive VCO of a port, whether or not it was against the rules will, when determined, set a precedent for the future.
  5. I think you didn't check the quoted portion. The green-on-green is the concern. The "trash attitude" is not.
  6. This isn't relevant to the actual tribunal affair; INK will tell you to use the "Report" button in the right-click menu.
  7. I did what I could, It's loose but I hope it's accurate enough to help anyone visiting the thread.
  8. To put it quite simply, the apps are by nature harmless. Discord is only an instance of a web browser and you're not in any danger whatsoever provided you do not click untrusted links or download strange files. TS3 is the same in that is has no danger unless you click unknown links or download unknown files. You are completely safe on either to the extent that you act responsibly.
  9. Would this not lose all Rank XP, etc.? Or is that only on PVP Server. If it does constitute losing all Rank XP, I feel that should be included in your response. -I.LM
  10. Unfortunately this would quickly become an unbalanced mechanic when it comes to PVP. To be clear, this is not possible since the entire game is calculated and handled server-side; but in the hypothetical situation that it was possible, we'd have to account for the fact that A.) Not all players will be hindered by the storm if their preference is not to see it; and B.) Those who have chosen to disable inclement weather will have an advantage in every area when there is a weather effect.
  11. To be frank, and now having read this abhorrent comment for yet another time on the review of this thread: How absolutely self absorbed one must be to equate playability with realism, and concern over population distribution to egocentrism. The argument for too many nations has never been just about "hurr duhrr they weren't here historically!" because it was very clear when they were added that there was a reasonably elaborate backstory as to why they were being added. The fact of the matter is that this being a player-stimulated economy, absolutely nothing is possible in a small nation t
  12. DLCs to spawn ships will kill the economy in other places. More ship-faucet DLC is not the solution.
  13. The wipe had been advertised well in advance, and was talked about constantly in every chat channel in-game. If you were on a vacation and didn't know beforehand, you can take solace in the fact that all players are in the same situation.
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