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  1. Don't forget that the British attacked us first. Anyway, the port near KPR was taken away by us. As we are doing now .The next target will be black river.
  2. Think about what did to pvp2 Denmark. We only have 20 players, but they are attacked by all countries(Except Pirates) We're not going to cry and hide in the harbor like GB. We're going to fight back!
  3. I don't know if any other Russia clans have joined the Santiago screen Fleet.
  4. Yes, we helped pirates. BL4CK is HAN friend, so we go to help Pirates .
  5. Only my sink Thank you to other Russian clans for their contribution to this PB
  6. mortar brigs became very weak. First Georgetown We failed because we developed a strategy around mortar brigs.
  7. Yes, CN clan and CCCP clan will become HAN clan to rejoin the battlefield,For my friends
  8. Me too, I've been lurking for a long time.
  9. clan wars system ,It's a good idea ,think about the anti Denmark+Pirate alliance of pvp2
  10. I tried, but it didn't . (I also tried using mobile phones and other computers. ) This is the case with most of my Chinese friends and I. Only using VPN can we enter the forum.
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