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  1. You can't set contracts in enemy towns so unless you take it from the russians then - no you can't get WO. Coincidentally the french, allies of the russians has teak and live oak i.e. creating a systemic hegemony - but no worries you can always sail an oak/oak ship.
  2. Like that suggestion, would make 1v1 battles easier to arrange.
  3. I agree on the OW content thing, but honestly not on the 'ganking' or assist thing. If someone is tagged in their 4 t-brigs by a bellona then he can't get assistance from a bellona because if he does then the next enemy player can get in and so and so forth. It's a gank just waiting to happen, at least with the fixed timer you knew what to expect.
  4. #Nevergonnahappenalwaysgonnaletyoudownalwaysgonnamakeyousadandhurtyou
  5. Why come to the assistance of a trader in need then? - It'll just be BR wasted on a ship that is useless in a fight and the opponent will be able to match any BR that you join with. 15 min or 30 min join timers makes no difference since most of the battles will be, if not over then decided after the first 15-20 mins.. Especially if one side can focus fire on 1 tagged ship and the other side can't do much but match the max BR with some of it wasted on an already sinking ship. I prefer a RoE rooted in realism, which means u can't join the battle if the time it takes from OW to get to the battlesite takes longer than the instanced battle would've taken in OW.. Remember OW time is compressed much more than instanced time. The current rule is a cartoon rule, kinda like the nations, rooted in anything but realism.
  6. I wrote even before the implementation of the new RoE that it would basically be a sealclubbers party - too many ways to exploit in favor of the experienced PvP player and it'll just end up in a situation where any1 getting ganked can't get assistence because partly no one knows what lies beyond the horizon and more specifically - the ganked will most likely be sinking before reinforcements can arrive which basically locks part of the BR available to a ship that from the start has been focus fired. We've tested this before.
  7. Agreed, and the most depressing thing... We've tested this before.
  8. Do we want many players to sink or do we want an empty open world?
  9. Either pay attention to where they're sailing or get the sextant perk. Honestly I believe the perk shouldn't be a perk since it's basic seamanship, but if any player doesn't know where they are in the OW it's because they've had no idea what course they set, no idea how long they were sailing that course and been afk sailing for hours. It's the caribean, not the atlantic and most of the time we just island jump..
  10. Just use the magic of the traders tool and you'll be fine.
  11. I got to agree with the other one Hethwill. There's a reason why other MMOs attract a wide range of players, and there's a reason why NA doesn't. You can't say that the econ doesn't need a lot of work mate, and to take inspiration from other games that has actually made it work isn't imo a disservice to NA. To censure discussions simply because they don't only take point from NAs current state of econ is honestly arrogant and rude. I prefer a game that caters to many players that I can then sink. In order to get this we need a game that actually involves many different aspects other than combat, which has been the ONLY thing to work fine in the past 2 years and yet the only thing devs seem to tune again and again. There's nothing inherently 'new' to the current econ patch, it's still sail from point a to point b and print your own money, players with alts and lots of time will get excessively amount of reals and players without alts or perhaps pressed for time will find it to be unable to compete because inflation, again, will run rampant through the server.
  12. You need an easy way for devs to control inflation yet still make everyone able to compete. By making trading goods craftable you can basically control inflation by controlling the amount of LH that goes into every item. You could even make a more finely tuned econ fx. gold + gems (harvested, LH+reals) = jewels (crafted, LH+reals+jewellery worksshop), this way low-level or casual players could opt to harvest the ressources sell them to someone else who'd rather want to use those LH to refine those ressources - Only important thing is to make the different workshops prohibitively expensive so as to encourage players to slowly progress towards the more advanced industries. All can still be regulated by devs in terms of LH req to do the tasks if the inflationary tendency goes out of hand.
  13. Insurance shouldn't give reales but the woods the ship was crafted from.
  14. True, but that was implemented as a way to keep ppl from farming one another..
  15. The richest players will be those that invest the most time at the moment. If all trading goods were to be playercrafted then every player account (and yes those with alts will have an advantage, but they will always have an advantage) would be forced into a choice: 'do I want to craft today or make reals today?'. This would limit inflation somewhat, in a sandbox there will always be inflationary tendencies, and it will ensure that atleast everyone has a cap limit to their daily earnings. As it is atm I can run 4 indiamans on 4 of my accounts and make reals while still be able to play on my main and I can do this in principle all day. It's a moneypress where you're just printing your own money. Make SoL req a maintenance fee, have a cap on how many a single player can have in their docks and implement a total playerdriven economy, this would help curb the inflationary tendencies in the game.
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