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  1. I lolled so hard. Good one Admin! <3 :*
  2. Did i ever tell you that i love you? If not, i love you <3
  3. Extreme wind changes... They suck. Small changes, awesome. PS, i'm not going to use any kind of numbers because even if i state that those numbers are arbitrary, someone might think i actually think the wind turns 4000 degrees in 5 minutes....
  4. Wraith my love, please read my suggestion again. If you get "ganked" you can still get your revenge. But if you go gank someone and they kill you, forget all about revenge. In my opinion its not hard to make it so people don't exploit it. A PB Fleet exploits it? Demote every single player and if someone feels like its unfair they can go make their case in the tribunal. Invisibility/Speed boost is alright for me too, but it need to be long enough that you can get past the "net" that a 15 man gank group can make. And it has to take into account that not everyone loads the OW in 1 second. (Oh, and ofcourse, decreasing the god damn time that battles are open would help too. But we all know the friggin outcry that comes every time someone mentions that...)
  5. Demote everyone who exploit it to rank 0. But i'm just a silly guy who loves sailing solo in OW doing PvP and enjoying the awesome combat model that NA offers (It might not be perfectly balanced but it is still superb compared to any other Age of Sail game out there.). I know very well that Naval Action is now a "RvR" game and there is little room for those like me. But since i love the game (I truly do, otherwise why the heck would i have spent 4.6k hours in it), i just can't be bothered anymore... Maybe some day, repeat tagging/revenge fleeting will be fixed again. I sure as hell hope so because i'd like to keep playing
  6. I completely understand the attitude of the people who gank; - They get rewards. - Risk is extremely low compared to taking on a proper fight. - "ITS A WARGAME N00B!" I honestly have no problem with that. I'll happily go get ganked on purpose just to shoot at some stuff, i've done that every time i play for a long long time now. To me however, it becomes an issue when you fend off a "Gank", but they just tag you again. And again. And again. Eventually you run out of repairs, or real life stuff takes over. (To name a few; Dinner, Sleep, School, Work, Kids, etc etc.) This is where i get frustrated. If the enemy wants you bad enough, they will get you. (And some will argue that you just need to sail the right ship. But as we have seen in the past with revenge fleets, even the fastest Surprises can get caught and killed by so called "revenge fleets". And especially now that repairs are limited to what you can carry on your ship.) Fix repeat tagging/"Revenge fleeting". Suggestions; - Exit to nearest port. (Only available if you are the "defender".) - Log off after battle. (Only available if you are the "defender") I am not sure how it can be implemented without the "After Battle Report" thing we used to have. - Longer speedbost/invisibility. (Only available if you are the "defender"). I get about 9 seconds of it now, i can barely set my sails in that time. This also solves one of those things that i have seen many a player complain about; "Counter Tagging". Only problem i see here is that first "gank fleet" you face will simply wait till they are right on your fight before they tag you. So your first fight will be alot tougher but if you win/escape you will be rewarded by not having to suffer repeat tagging untill you die or simply log off because you have more important stuff to do.
  7. The following is not aimed at anyone specific. No matter what you do, the "pros" will smash the "noobs". And most often the "noobs" will claim whatever tool the "pro" uses as being OP. Whether they get raked, hull bashed, chained or demasted does not matter, it is OP if they lose. And i absolutely cannot understand the logic behind this kind of thinking. 90% of people i meet in the OW can't demast for shit, they fire broadside after broadside but their aim i so terrible that only 1 out of 40 balls hit the target. Not only that, none seems to understand the fact that each section has its own HP and they keep switching it up; 1 Broadside at my front masts Top Section. 1 Broadside at my front masts Middle Section. 1 Broadside at my front masts Bottom Sectoin. 1 Broadside at my middle masts Top Section. 1 Broadside at my... You get the idea. People don't understand the game mechanics and are too drunk to aim, yet they know exactly what is OP and what isn't. (And furthermore, even if it is OP they can't do the same themselves.) TLDR; Humans are weird and i wish i was a martian.
  8. Dayum, it is really hard to have a proper discussion with people if they disagree with you. @Licinio Chiavari You want "tactical decisions" yet you want to remove 1 of the 2 ways of "crippling" doing damage to an enemies sails. I find that slightly ironic and contradicting... You claim that "demasting" makes the game experience worse for a "Majority" of players, yet when asked how you simply ignore the question. You get very upset/frustrated about the issue and suddenly make wild statements like; Once more, i would like to point out that even the "super elite pro noscope 1337 demasters" are asking for demasting to be OP. They argue for balance between 2 tactics; Chain and Demasting. In fact, most of them have asked for Mast HP to be buffed for a long long time. Even longer than you have been active here on the forums. - Add to this point, you can go back in this topic and find several comments from the "super elite pro noscope 1337 demasters" stating that the thickness nerf was unwarranted and not needed at all. Care to elaborate as to why you think losing a mast is far more crippling than losing sail HP? Could you also explain why "demasting" makes the game experience worse for a "majority" of players? (And maybe also explain how you know what the majority of players think?).
  9. 2. How come? How does a bigger variety in tactics not make the game better? 3. So does chaining, hull-bashing, raking, boarding, etc etc. In case you did not know, we did try that. For something like 2-3 months demasting wasn't possible because of extremely high Thickness values. It did not make the game better, it just resulted in every single battle starting out with both sides chaining the opponent. Many players (I will not claim it was the majority, because i don't know what the majority thinks.) found it tedious and boring because the only counter to the "chain spam" was to spam chain yourself. With demasting and chaining being equally viable tactics, you suddenly have a "tactical decision" to make; Demast; - Does not produce any damage untill you actually take down a mast. - Requires good aim, especially if you try to single shot. - Requires patience. (You gotta wait for the right moment to fire your broadside). - Used to require that you had a rough idea of when your guns could actually penetrate the mast. (So you need to be aware of mast thickness and cannon pen values.) Chain; - Produces instant damage. - Doesn't really require you to have good aim as the sail area is so large. - Even without patience, you can still do decent damage to sails. - Doesn't require you to really know anything, except "point and click". Why is it a bad thing to have 2 options on how to slow down/cripple a ship? Noone here is arguing that demasting should be OP. From what i can tell, everyone defending demasting are defending it purely because some people want to completely remove demasting. Furthermore everyone defending demasting argue that it should be properly balanced and that Chain and Demasting should be equally viable tactics.
  10. Chain is already very powerful. A Snow can take about 20% sails from an Agamemnon in 1 broadside. Ofcourse, it requires patience and decent aim just like demasting. "The best gunner". I'd argue that when properly balanced, demasting is more about being "the best gunner" than both chaining and hullbashing but maybe that is just me? Furthermore, when chaining and demasting is equally valid tactic, you still have to make "tactical decisions". I don't understand why everyone is so much against demasting, but loves chaining?
  11. Well, i'm rusty so my take on this could be wrong. But i always like to look at the numbers, because numbers don't lie. And if i were to summarize what i think based on the numbers, it'll be something along these lines; 5th, 4th and 3rd rates; Mast HP looks pretty good now. Thickness nerf, unwarranted, unneeded and cancels out the HP Buff. (Because demasting can now be done from even further away.) 2nd and 1st rates; Mast HP Buff is a bit over the top. Especially on 1st rates. (Just to put it in perspective, the Mid/Top section of a L'Ocean has the same amount of HP as the Bottom Section on a Pavel...) - I think if 1st rates had about 800-900 Mast HP on bottom sections, that would be more balanced. Thickness nerf, not needed but because of the huge HP Boost i doubt it will make any difference. I imagine the result will be something like; In general i think "Super Pro 1337 no scope" Demasters will demast you from even further away now.
  12. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Naval Action\Database\DesignModel\Modules - Then in the Modules Folder, "XXXXX Sail" contains Mast HP Values Unfortunately not, i do not have the pre-patch values so a "comparison" sheet is not possible. However a normal sheet containing the values of Hull HP/Structure HP/Hull Thickness should be relatively easy to make. Then, when/if those values are changed, a comparison sheet can be made as well.
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