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  1. Russians having power or being big nation is apperantly allways bad, does matter who it is BF, REDS has no meaning... This has happend before, cause server don't like Russians to have a seat at the table as a powerhouse.
  2. The Fun thing here is that alot of veteran players call Russian zerg, and yet at santo domingo and salamanca most the screen was done by 1 clan not the nation. From Reds side there is a reason why we don't do pb/screen atm with BF, mainly because this would be no fun for the players as our numbers would be to high and create less content for each player.
  3. BF biggest russian pve clan confirmed😂😂
  4. The Danish flag is red and white!! This has just as much to do with the subject matter as your totally salty and useless post.
  5. You made the choise at bani for us and yourself😊 nye you attacking swedes won't happend as you can't defeat their fleet or get through their many allied screening. And calling danish a equal fight is a strecht.
  6. Why the hell do i get mentioned here? I'm just a normal sailor in the Russian Empire 😊 i have no say over @dark lord rediii or @Anolytic.
  7. Sting??? Tagging us and running, why would that sting? We only planned to go to Pb if none showed to fight😊 not suprised about swedish tagging but that you tag and running away😂🤣
  8. No matter, picture posted for great battle as it was from our side. Not about getting in Pb or not😂 just awesome K/d i the screenshot from capt. reverse😎
  9. Did it look like we hadde a fleet compesition for going to the Pb? Do you think that is why er sailed early and sit waiting for screeners?
  10. Nope could still get in after they runned😁 so if that was the case it was bad screening 😂
  11. Then why tag and engage us in the first place? Fleet ships was french that joined the fight after swedes tagged. Truth is they were cocky and thought the could win with less number and started running when they started taking alot og damage.
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