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  1. How is that gonna help?
  2. https://gyazo.com/9c9fe43b2253700f3aac84fa476233d8 Should have stayed Neutral
  3. Nice to see that you don't count defens of canalete and the times we took Cabo Rojo or defended conttoy.
  4. Any Danish captain wanting to fight swedish can get Russian build ships, until san juan is given back to danish.. either by conquest or by negotiation.😎
  5. So 10 players are to much for a nation?? Should Pb be 3vs3😂 With lower BR you will never get close to port because of screening. RvR is nation based and should be nation effort.
  6. Most battles in RvR is about player skill or fleet skills. If battle is desided om 30 min is because tactical mistake or that the player skill diffrence is to high.
  7. Not to be rude, but most of the experienced RvR community and the hard core players that keep this game running has now raised there concern about this. This goes for players on both sides of the war/battle. Think this feature need to be nerfed back alot and rather turn og up slightly until the sweetspot is achived. Better to to slightly increase on how it was, then go to max then try to fix it. If this keeps going players Will loose intrest for big ship RvR or RvR all toghter. As one of the organiser for RvR within Russia i will most likly stop it, because it is not worth loosing al
  8. seen screen of several of them with fireship fitting, was not just 1 ship.. also loose 700 crew on 500+ meter but only 17 % sails??? thought the crew in brace hide below deck not standing waiving to the ships that explode
  9. sail damage is not high, but crew damage is like a nuke.
  10. You did a mistanke and got tagged, has nothing to do with streght. Defender can join on the undock without being tagged into battle. Same happend to BF at rossau Pb, or are the swedes just too strong and needs to be balanced???
  11. yea🤣 Intresting fact that we had 2 screening fleets enganging Dutch screeners and Still the Dutch had a third screening fleet that was able to tag some of the PB fleet into battle.. This aswell as their PB fleet so had to be around 100 dutch there compared to about 60 Russians So think at carta we got outnumbered by around 30 players🙄
  12. Do like Russia, screen them out and kill them😎
  13. If we wanted to go for them🤐 yes then they have a just AS good chance as us to win☺️they had more then 25 ppl there to defend.. Frontline system makes nations attack where it has no meaning before you get where you need to be🤪 Don't get me wrong, i love the system AS it makes rvr harder and more complex.
  14. Several of the ships in that screenshot got sunk om Dutch side after screenshot was taken, will post enda battle result when i get home on computer. Btw 2 Christians was alone in that battle the first 15min and our reinforcement spawned in the middle of them. So start og battle was Dutch 6030Br vs Russia 1200 Br
  15. This is Nice😁😁 no more port timers to dogde getting attacked 😁😊 noe npc will attack at those timers det just to avoid battles👍💪
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