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  1. Throughout my time in Naval Action, i have gotten lost several times. First time; Open World had just launched, i spawned in as a Frenchie with @Ellis. As there was no map i hopped onto google maps, found the island i believed we had spawned at and tried to figure out which way we had to go, to get to our destination; Plymouth. We came up with an angle we had to go at and set sail, after sailing for a little while we could not see land... We felt lost and decided to try and go straight back to the island we came from. We reached our original starting point and decided that instead
  2. I must vote no! Otto remind me of the main character in an old Danish kids movie and i don't want that to change!
  3. According to the API, it is 3% "Armor" HP Buff.
  4. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1t8DDHiC6dA22dM5Q_tMZdTiyNo-Jvlv7OZDfvB5GqEg/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Removed from list; Pirate/English/French Refit Bonus. Those 3 are old regional bonus and have most probably not been readded to the game. If you do however come across a ship with either of the 3, do post it here and i will add them to list again. Cheers.
  6. I honestly have not played enough with the latest changes to know the "meta". Currently; Demasting is very easy if you have decent aim and know at which range you can penetrate the different sections. (But at the same time, i see many people shooting masts for very long time, not being able to demast.) Shooting Hull is super easy with new thickness values, and so destroying the Hull is super easy. So in my opinion, it is hard to tell. But as i said i have only had limited time to test the new stuff. (I would say Mast HP deserves to be slightly buffed though.)
  7. Added to list; I'm quite certain the Privateer ship itself has that Prep Bonus.
  8. @admin Perhaps nerfing modules/books/trims to miniscule values (Like old 0.5% Copper Plating) would make more people welcome the RNG Crafting. Reasoning; If modules/books/trims provided such small bonus it will make them "Nice To Have" instead of "Must Have".
  9. Even if that slight edge is only say, 5% extra HP? 1% higher speed? (Copper Plating was once 0,5% speed boost forexample).
  10. Yeah but is the issue the RNG, or that some mods/trims/books are "must haves" rather than "nice to haves"? I'd say it is the latter.
  11. We will need a lot more Data before we can actually say whether or not it is completely random. Maybe they are still regional based, but with a percentage chance of getting one. Or maybe they are just 100% random. Maybe wood types play a role as to which trim your ship might get. Etc etc. So basically; We don't know. There are many variables that may, or may not, play a role in this. To get closer to the answer, we will need to gather enough data that we can start analyzing it.
  12. Ships and modules used to be "Color Coded".
  13. From what i can tell, we are back to "color coding". (Grey = Basic, Green = Common, Blue = Uncommon, Purple = Rare, Yellow/Gold = Super Rare). Perm slots, and "Special" Trims being the deciding factors as to which color your ship gets. PS, Liq, you know what this means right? You gotta craft tons of Pavels untill you get me a Yellow/Gold Pavel!!!
  14. PS. Some of the Trims listed were once "Regional Trims", whether or not they are still in game i am not sure. So please continue to post even though the "Trim" you are posting is already on the list. Cheers.
  15. Already added. Added to list; Barbary Refit (Jib Sail Force +0.03 and Boarding Preparation +10).
  16. Added to list; Redoutable Refit (Barricade Melee 0.2 and Barricade Firepower 0.2) Heavy Rig (Mast Thickness 10%) French Refit Bonus (Max speed 1%, Cannon Reload 2,5%, Cannon Dispersion 10%) Dont get confused by percentage values, i will add a column called "Negative" if i find any "Special" Trims that provide a negative bonus so to speak. (So, Cannon Reload 2.5% means 2.5% faster reload.)
  17. Added to list; Very Cramped (+10% Crew) Cramped (+5% Crew)
  18. It is literally spelled Nassay. (Most probably a typo, @admin @Ink)
  19. Added to list; Very Agile (4% Turn Speed) Agile (2% Turn Speed) Nassay Refit (Jib Sail Force +0.03 and Morale +10) Fixed wrong value for Boston Refit. (Main Sail Force is +0.03, not 3 percent). All values in sheet, with no "%" sign, is "absolute" values.
  20. Added to list; Strong Rig (5% Mast Thickness). Cartagena Refit (5% "Armor HP" and 3% "Armor" Thickness).
  21. Black Sea Refit added. (5% Mast Thickness, 5% Mast HP)
  22. Added to list; Sturdy Fast Very Fast Boston Refit
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