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  1. Hello I bought 200 compass wood and when I went to drag it into my cargo hold and it was not there but my gold was gone I lost 150k (thats the amount I bellieve) can I please get compensation. That was most of my money.
  2. Alright. Lets start with the basics. There is much glitches or bugs that I could have found which is good for alpha. The reason for concern is content. There is only one mission which is rather boring after doing them for 6 hours and sitting not enough for a better ship. Adding more missions is necessary. When starting out the first hour or 2 is most important. For me starting out ended up being asking in chat what to do to get a better ship. Finding out I need to do missions for gold or capture a ship. I was too bad to capture a proper ship so I tried missions. After 12 hours I got the snow. This was hopelessly too long for a new player to be stuck doing the same thing over. I think the reward system for missions should increase by 200%-400%. I recommend 300%. New players should only need to spend 1 - 2 hours before being to get a new ship like a privaat (I think thats the name). Trading is also lacking. I only see people coming in chat typing "I bought XX where can I sell for a profit" or "Guys how do I trade and how do I know whats in demand" and no one can reply since either no one is sure or this system does not exist or there is a very limited amount of people who understand it. I would love to trade and do things like that instead of going to a port picking up a mission and shooting a ship, go back and repair and repeat for 12 hours for a new ship. The game's grinding aspect should start with little grinding and go up not start in space and continue on. Adding missions like escorting or courier will make the game more interesting. Also it will get people to move around instead of sitting around the port they spawn. Thats my thoughts atm after 30 hours of gameplay do with it what you like but adding content should be high on the list. Ok after another 48 hours of gameplay I have some more things to add. The game has another mistake you are not limited by gold (which I believe should be what limits you in such a game) but xp. There is a lot of people I have talked to that have 500k+ money but nothing to spend it on. This seems wrong. I should be trying my hardest to make best profit, be that trading or pvp or raiding not sit on missions for whole days trying to grind more xp. I know this is not a problem for all the players but my goal in this game is to sail a big warship and from what I know best xp comes from missions and so I spend 90% of my time just running mission after mission and it gets boring after 12hours of missions in one day. The thing is in a week I will only be able to spend 2hours a day on this game. this will mean I will need to spend weeks for a new ship and that would just not be worth it. King Regards Tristan
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