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  1. MÃ¥nis went to the corner store For a newspaper, and brew... Ooooh!
  2. Jeremiah O'Brien, Jeremiah Johnson, and Jeremiah Weed are all brothers.
  3. I sprung for Elite and quite frankly find it very engaging while I wait for an NA open world invite. I get the Eurotrucker feedback, but honestly that's going to be the main gripe about any game in that genre, I'm sure people will be saying it about SC too when it releases.
  4. Jeheil's woman and his dog ran away from him. He's offering a reward for the return of the dog.
  5. Computer nerds don't get out and sail! Wait a minute... err, nevermind.
  6. Validated! I am selfish, I am wrong! I am right, I swear I'm right! Swear I knew it all along...
  7. Ray Stevenson. I thought that was an excellent casting choice.One more episode, then it's wait till next year.
  8. Are you guys collectively playing anything else besides NA?
  9. Ampaholic goes to Ampaholics Anonymous meetings.
  10. That cant hold forever if they follow the book at all, Flint will come into a ton of gold and I dont thik that will be from winning the Carolina lottery. Flint and his crew end up in bad positions but they have literary immunity from complete disaster while our historical pirates shoud eventually get slaughtered to a man.
  11. Nonsense. Chain 'em to the damn sweeps and give 'em the lash.
  12. Vane's already badass. He's so badass, he doesn't need a ship to be a pirate. Leaves Low's ship in the harbor and he and his men swim to Charleston, and still get there ahead of Flint.
  13. Open world! If you choose to support donations, then if i donate money I want a small island named after me that only I can bury treasure on. I dont care if it is only an acre big, I want to visit the Isle of Don Alvarez.
  14. I want an oyster boat - fishing for pearls baby! Yeah!
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