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  1. only crafting port LMAO, best line ever!!!
  2. Ok i would just like to say this has come from seeing general discussions throughout my time in Naval Action and how the current game is right now....... This would be a massive change with how the current game is and whats going on right now, so here it is. I believe that crafting ports should be at the nations Capital with all resources needed also being available to build within that same port. Therefore making it so much easier with outposts. My reasons - 1. In my opinion RvR is very inactive due to people being terrified of losing there crafting po
  3. Owning the Northern masters depot lol. You have seen all the russian alts buying it all right?
  4. 20 days lol, Couldn't agree more with Liq, i'd love to see any other group of 10 of so players go against the fleet Ram, Reverse, Dron, sekiro, Tutan put together that would always turn up to the important PB's. GG guys was 4+ months of good fun which i sure brought more people to the game with all you streaming most of the action.
  5. During RvR holding people in battle's as everyone knows is allowed, russians have done it, brits, pirates, swedes bla bla bla and everyone knows this!! So i have know idea why this is even here?
  6. lol thanks for the mention Greg
  7. Try sailing along the Florida straight and see what happens, 40k away from the capital
  8. Read the next sentence And i agree there should be that section
  9. Re-read it and your see it in there
  10. Considering all the chat that goes on, i would like to say a congrats to the devs for in my opinion getting the game to a point where i cant think of much that needs fixing. Recent changes to the trading, Port Battles BR, the change of how hostility is done, and fingers crossed the latest patch to the fireships that were just stupid!!! Finally i feel this game is at its strongest point ive seen it and hope it brings alot of new people to the game, even some old may come back!!! If there was a suggestion i would make its the distance of the Privateer fleets that come and tag you. I
  11. Exactly, just lower the cost of timers for county ports
  12. Correct, its why making this change and letting us hit 10,000 BR ports first could show that if the BR is correct people will set up Port battles
  13. So i've been meaning to write this up for a few weeks at least now and never got around to doing so, since i spoke with a fellow clan member about this idea i have heard from others and everyone seems to agree with the idea (apologies if it already been suggested) The current set up for RvR is making it very difficult for smaller clans/nations to get involved, currently the only nations able to field Port Battle fleets and screeners are the dutch and Russian's this is due to the high BR needed to fill the port battle, and i know its already been mentioned before which i not going i
  14. haha, really... you were in a deep water ship and we just stayed in the shallows. If you call that screening well ok, i call it what a waste of time and a sail for you. So instead of turning up to your PB you and another player didnt turn up to a PB you were short of number for. So again when was the last PB you turned up to??
  15. All i'm seeing here is everything is getting wiped to make it an even playing field for the new players, so if this is the case why is the game not being released over a weekend which was one of the biggest issue's the US timezone players had during the last map wipe. How is it an even playing field if EU players can get straight online and start grinding ports (yes i know its harder in smaller ships but still possible) while the US timezone players will be stuck at work. Surely its not that difficult to release a game on a set day.... SATURDAY!
  16. Dam, i never thought i'd see the day... Congrats to everyone involved
  17. Texas be quiet bud, US players wondering why you get hit all the time on the coast, maybe look into the constant crying on the forums. Should be a page just for that.
  18. Ok, what I'm understanding from mainly your responses admin is that your willing to piss off a lot of people with thousands of hours tested into YOUR game to please the first 2 weeks worth of new players, and if that. As after 2 weeks (that's how long you said it takes) we will all be in our big ships. Problem is these new players are going to get stamp on no matter what. I can guarantee there going to be losing 5th rates to some of the experienced PvP players who are in cutters. And once these PvP guys get to the DLC Herc and Requin they are going to start sinking th
  19. Totally agree, the current system is in my opinion stupid as stated above. Other reason i find the current way an issue, the nation that gets sunk can also be the ones who are able to get away with the rewarded doubloons. I've seen many good PvP players in battles such as 2v6 for example and there sinking ships and obviously not able to turn around and sit next to a sinking ship to collect the loot due to being up against more ships, so then the enemy sails up and gets it instead. I've also seen players in the same nation get to the ship that someone else sunk and grab the loot and
  20. Hostility is a big issue, i remember there being a post when it was changed to this current system saying its going to make it alot easier for the smaller clans. Which is totally the opposite as it now makes it harder and longer for the smaller clan. We spent over 3 hours running up a port last night due to the fact we didnt have the numbers. Its safe to say i wont be doing that again!! There has been quite a few patches since ive been involved with this game and feel this current hostility system isnt the best we've had. Just look at the last time there was a PB at one of the 10,000 BR ports
  21. Again look at a map and count the squares from Aves to Christiansted... 4 which is around 100k. See you soon "BUDDY"
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