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  1. Charles Edward Stuart

    Flags Flags Flags

    The custom flags in-game have been largely made by myself, or people following my guide. They are not official assets, and they can only be seen on the client-side of yourself, or anyone who uses the same modified files as you.
  2. Charles Edward Stuart

    Port up for grabs

    That's what she said, too.
  3. Charles Edward Stuart

    Flags Flags Flags

    I still have that file. I should remake it with a deeper texture so the white doesn't shine like a neon light. 🤔
  4. Charles Edward Stuart

    Server Deployments

    There were previously more servers for different regions; but these were all merged into the current "Caribbean PVP" shard, likely due to player population.
  5. Charles Edward Stuart

    What are your favorite myths?

    A finished product being marketed on Steam.
  6. Charles Edward Stuart

    A Treatise On Custom Banners

    I take credit for this.
  7. Charles Edward Stuart

    Success as a solo player

    It is, in my opinion, rare to find a post that I can disagree with on nearly every single point made. Even to the end that we would begin to remove the experience of some players just to "pander" to another group. The OP in this thread is disgruntled because he does not have the same success as players who choose to work together. I found myself mostly unwilling to grudge a response on the post until I got to the OP proposing we return to anarchy simply because he refuses to work with a team. To speak quite plainly; a player who is not part of a clan or group is less viable than a player who is part of one. There were times when all players regardless of clan affinity could partake in a port battle, simply by waiting until the flag was planted and all those in the area jumping in. The result of this was utterly abused. By restricting port battles to the clans that organized it, regardless of if they are filled, we avoid this. Any suggestion of return to the dark age preceding that mechanic can simply be thrown right out. If a player wants to participate in a port battle of any kind, whatsoever, they must be ready to contribute to it at all steps of the way. Join the clan, raise the hostility, attend the battle, capture the port. If you want to be part of national events, you must learn to play as part of the nation. You alone are responsible for feeling excluded. I personally am familiar with many players who have greatly improved at the game, widened their horizons, and refreshed their experiences through joining clans. I would go so far as to say new players are the most likely to join a clan, as they provide them with assets, ships, activities, and opportunities to improve. I am not familiar with one single player who has gone "I'm not part of a clan, therefore this game is unplayable."
  8. Charles Edward Stuart

    Tremendously stupid AI

    It sounds like we could use something along the lines of the Total War unit moving mechanics. Left Click our AI ship on the map and Right Click where we need it to go.
  9. Charles Edward Stuart

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    Inferring since Admin posts have recently showed "3-4" months as an intended goal. January would make sense for release/asset wipe in that timeframe.
  10. Charles Edward Stuart

    A Treatise On Custom Banners

    Anything that displays in the game as a client-side object can largely be modded. This game's unity is extremely open. I don't imagine it would cause any problems since this game is entirely run on the server-side and the only thing players can mod are what appears to them, and them only. Flags, banners, sails, paints, etc. | Textures for walls, items, crew, etc.
  11. Charles Edward Stuart


    General consensus on the topic is that PVP/Combat marks are going away in their current form to be replaced by alternative currencies. Incidentally this also solves people farming alts for pvp marks.
  12. Charles Edward Stuart

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    1. Is January still the accepted date of release? 2. Any update on skills/books decision? 😕
  13. Charles Edward Stuart

    The Bank of the United States

    Loans, like steaks, are best when served undercooked.
  14. Charles Edward Stuart

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Quality video, +1.
  15. Charles Edward Stuart

    A Treatise On Custom Banners

    Anyone who has requests can message them to me. I've got spare time.