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  1. Navigating in steam is so trash, why abandon this platform?
  2. Delete and reinvest, CNS is rich from all those alts anyway. 🤙
  3. Yea, this is what GA and EAR/CNS did at Selam and Vermiou with alt clans, that had below 300 crew. But i know you think of Trux
  4. Make sure that you have "All raid" on, the X and Y is for teleport spawnpoints.
  5. So imagine if we took our swedish alts to HDFs with a lynx, picked Up the flag and flippede English Harbour before EAR.
  6. Sweden has a 50 point port right under the capital zone... I dont even think its possible to plant a flag there.
  7. You might, i like it. ;) Means i dont have to sit through empty VOX PB's. 🤙
  8. Britain: loses a crafting port to Sweden. Teutonic: Blame the devs.
  9. So i was chillin at La Tortue docks getting ready to leave, when i got dragged into a battle. And as far as i know, LUCKY is a Chinese alt clan in Russia. A very common thing is that players tag their alts, to drag other people from the same nation into battles. Then in the battle the "russian alt" sternraked me. ^^ They then noticed knuddle had joined, and the russian guy(LUCKY) ran away. We then proceeded to finish off the chinese alter.
  10. At this point Nixolai didnt wanna play anymore 🙈 ^^
  11. Tbh if you switched around the "Russian Empire" and "Russian Empire (ALT)" it would fit Russia... Nowadays i see more alts from other nations playing on Russian accounts, than i see normal players...
  12. We were doing a port raid, last time we did port raid server crashed aswell. https://gyazo.com/7005955ca203f8f5cc88af66a60cc771 Seems very buggy ^^
  13. There was this graphical representation of the playerbase after release, and it could be nice to see how it looks now.
  14. The most endless debate i have ever seen
  15. What is this... im gonna get poor 😭😭😭
  16. Or you will have most of the current clans stay where they are, and you can bring convo up again in 6 months
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