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  1. FrostZone

    Game Crashed Lost my Ship

    The game froze and crashed, when I got back in I lost my ship to boarding. I submitted an F11 report.
  2. FrostZone

    Grind discussion

    Sure after 1600+ hours playing the game unlocking knowledge levels PER ship is untenantable. It feels like I have to level up again, when I spent so much time getting to Rear Admiral. It feels like the developers lack imagination when creating game content and have resorted to making it a grind fest instead. It is a serious problem when it takes over 40 hours of game play to unlock all the slots on a 2nd rate. I think it would be better if they fixed the open world tagging system, and worked on improving trade and commerce making the game more customizable and interesting.
  3. FrostZone

    Grind discussion

    The grind is unbearable and had put me off from playing naval action over other games lately.
  4. Eu server crashed many times last night while sailing, we had to stop playing. Will our ships be saved ?
  5. FrostZone

    Teleport to Port Battle

    I think the idea of "30 min cool down same as logging off at sea" is a good fix.
  6. FrostZone

    [PVP EU] Server Issues 25-06-17 21:00 server time

    SLRN confirms PVP EU server down.
  7. FrostZone

    Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

  8. FrostZone

    Cartagena & Salamanca PB's 24-06-2017

    I think the Spanish should prepare to defend their ports. Good luck gentlemen.
  9. FrostZone

    Logout at sea - known issue

    Some times due to real live situations it is unavoidable.
  10. FrostZone


    Yes thank you Capt Rice we are still around. Currently since the patch out ranks are growing and we have an active community.
  11. Since the patch SLRN's ranks are growing. We have a very active Team Speak and play base. Please come and join us!
  12. FrostZone


    Thank you very much for the kind words sir.
  13. FrostZone

    [AHOY] Great Britain | PvP

    SLRN has sailed with these fellows and they are a joy to fight along with.
  14. Yes in fact it is required. We do not have a activity requirement. That is fine.