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  1. Just a note to all the new players arriving in GB. The SLRN are still one of the most active, most populated Clans in Game, and very much recruiting for 2021. Those wishing to take Naval Action to the next level, reach out and grab any SLRN member in game and we will start the recruitment process rolling..... God Save the King!
  2. To be replaced by what is the question, a new Evil Empire or benevolent Rebel Alliance? 😉
  3. What? Is this you utilising your insights again... I clearly said its when 'I'm' - 'me alone' is hoping to return to the game, not anything other than that. So still holding back on your in-game name though, shame!
  4. I've seen lots of discussions from GB leaders, thankfully now from the wings, however the ones that shouted the loudest seem to have left GB, so perhaps now a calm will descend on the GB leadership and we can all move on.
  5. I tend to agree, consolidation for GB isnt a bad thing!
  6. No, from the encounters I've had with the original Swedish players, they are skilful and excellent seaman. a real force in-game... however, as I say, those who want to jump on the bandwagon can with little or no effort. Just merely port across to who's winning, and they become by some warped morality, winners also!
  7. I agree 100%, add to that the ability to flip nations on a whim with Prolific Forger, its a recipe for disaster. Have a grudge against someone or some clan, flip, hurt them, flip again!
  8. lolol so thats clear and resounding 'hide' then. However, im surprised your insight never extended to my shore leave & absence from the game since June due to an operation and my childrens holiday. Due back end of August, and can't wait, but you knew that surely with your insights?
  9. .... ..... C'mon tell us who you are in-game, then we'll see why I have the honour of being in your Book of Grudges. Or you could just hide behind some Random name!
  10. Sadly this cannot be disputed, I only hope that Sweden is saved from the baggage & personalities that they bring. I'm proud to call myself GB form the start, and I'll be GB at the finish. So Sweden do your worst, because GB will endure in one form or another. o7
  11. Its a tradition in the British Military to salute the fallen with the last post, in Seeferkel honour o7! RIP
  12. Thank you, I've been back since March helping the SLRN get back on its feet.... I must admit I'm loving the challenge, its been great fun!
  13. Yes I should have been more specific. I've only just returned to the game, and my memories of the Victory are from back in 2016. It was a mainstay of any PB Fleet then, however its common knowledge 'now' that the Victory is vulnerable to leaking and as a result sinks quickly. The Victory like most ships had its strongest planking at its water line, the Victory was no different. I think if you ask any PB Sailor, they will all tell you the same, the Victory in its current state is not the best choice to take in combat based on its 'game' weakness. In the Above vid at 40:00 a broadside none
  14. Are there any plans on fixing the current Victory, when the new 'Classic' Victory is dropped?
  15. Well @Anolytic I'm back and as keen as ever to turn this tide against the GB nation. "From an acorn grows a mighty oak" and I'm hoping with the help of many returning SLRN members to achieve that, and put the GB nation back on the map (literally). A message to any non clan GB member, the SLRN are recruiting with a purpose. Feel free to contact any existing SLRN member in game to start! God Save the KING!
  16. Thanks for the welcome gents, furyGer S! John and Macjimm, loved politics but sadly it didn't like me
  17. Lol I still up until recently had you in my steam listing, damn you play NA sir! Surely you've got a medal for such loyalty!?! Its great to see some familiar faces, yours being one of the finest. The SLRN is under new Command, and is being led admirable. I'm just glad to slip in from the wings and have fun. I have of course not been idle, I put out a call to arms, and many have replied, so who knows you may see the SLRN back to its former self at some point.
  18. Its been a very long time, 4 years in fact, but a few of my old Shipmates at the SLRN said why not come back and check it out. Test the water! I must admit, its looking gorgeous, so much more polish 'Not the people of course'. The UI and graphics vastly improved. I've clearly not yet played enough for a complete understanding of the mechanics, but on the surface its clear, a lot of hard work has gone into it, Well done Devs! I did chuckle at the current Politics and RvR action, its good to see the same old rivalries and skulduggery in play, but now with additional Nations, excellent!
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