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  1. Can we expect any updates from developing anytime soon?
  2. Maly up: Rekrutujemy caly czas! Posiadamy 17 portow (2 z pelnymi bonusami portowymi) ktore zamierzamy skutecznie bronic przed raidersami. Zapraszamy!
  3. Only if devs add them (Chinese) on the same rules as Russia, Prussia and Poland 馃槈 But ofc you don`t know it
  4. Don`t mind ANY nation in game but only if we get whole world map here
  5. Suggestion: Dear developers please consider to add architecture style like other nations have in game for Russia, Prussia and Commonwealth of Poland. Poland examples: Prussia: Russia: Just examples above. This idea could make game more colorfull.
  6. Well we will see. Waiting for devs reply.
  7. Hi there We try do some hostility (as Commonwealth of Poland) on PvE server and we find some issue here. As nation without port (still) we must take hostility missions on free port. So two of my friends who had outpost in free ports (Shroud Cay, La Tortue and El Rancho) try find hostility mission for port Conception (neutral on map) but there was none as we have only two ports to attack: Strange was the fact that Pedro Cay PB was already set but we have still hostility mission on list Later (about 30 min) we noticed than Conception is under spanish attack despite we don`t h
  8. What ships we can expect in SL? And what time frame? 17th, 18th century?
  9. This maybe change. Wait for patch notes
  10. Its more about ability to get ship when clan shipbuilders are offline. Same with guns...Make clan gameplay more user friendly
  11. Clan Shipyards is great idea as well - all clan members would use them limited only by their crafting level.
  12. Since clan warehouse space is limited and we got new seasoned woods, permits for them and blueprints my proposal is to add new buildings for clan use to free some space from clan warehouses. - Clan Library - place for storage books for clan members - use free for all clan members. - Clan Armory - place for storage cannons for clan members - use free for all clan members. I know topic of clan dockyard was mentioned before at least few times before but this would be as well great suggestion. Of course with permission system and limit how many ships can me withdrawn by one captain
  13. A lot of confusion here. Can we get full and clear description of port raid mechanics?
  14. Up. W imieniu Admiralicji Marynarki Kr贸lewskiej mamy przyjemnosc zaprosic wszystkich kapitan贸w plywajacych pod polska bandera do dolaczenia do naszej flotylli. Discord:https://discord.gg/Bvn8WZz Strona:https://navalactionpl.wixsite.com/marynarka
  15. No reason to be ratty. Salty? Nah i felt just a bit sentimental...even after i loose interest in RvR at all.
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