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  1. @admin Can we please have some clarification on when hostility registers - 1. Is it at the point when each player exits battle? 2. Is it only when the entire fleet has exited battle? Thank you.
  2. The cost of developing and maintaining ports on the PVE server is the same as on the PVP server, but with less than half the population size. This effectively means that every player on the PVE server involved in port ownership and management has to put in more than double the amount of effort to make things work. The grossly over-powered NPC raider fleet rolls into town and will in at least 90% of the time capture the port from the players, destroying one level of each of the crafting bonuses alone. The players then go through the process of recapturing the port, and having to rebuild the lost developments. The prospect of having to do this potentially every two to three weeks, will demoralise even the most committed and time rich of players. @admin- I propose that the raider fleets are toned down to a level at which the PVE server at least has a chance to defend its ports. I would suggest at this stage by maybe 50% by volume.
  3. That is just ridiculous. Would make sense if the devs allowed us to help players, of any nation.
  4. I think this answers the important question. Thank you Revolver.
  5. On the PVE server, players can not do eachother damage. SKULL may have entered the battle, but it would be prudent to know if they could help the raiders by doing damage to the victim. It is as simple as that.
  6. But did the SKULL players help the raider fleet by attacking you?
  7. It will be very difficult for any port owner to get enough experienced 1st rates together in same nation to defend the increased number of 50 point ports (today's patch) against the NPC raiders.
  8. Can somebody please translate this into English for me? Many thanks.
  9. I've noticed on the Netlify map, that the ship types for these 10k BR ports do vary. Saint George does indeed say 1st rates, but others say 4th rates.
  10. As at 23rd November 2019 First and foremost - let me thank the Game Labs development team for including port ownership on the Peace Server. It has added a completely new dynamic and significantly more content. Alot of players are taking an interest, and this group is growing rapidly. THE GAME MECHANICS OF OWNING A PORT 1. The owner of a port receives 80% of the tax revenue generated from all taxable trades within the port (minus the costs below). Received in Reals on a daily basis at maintenance, and paid directly into the owning clan's warehouse. 2. The owner of a port can "invest in"/ build crafting bonuses which are applied to all ships crafted in the port. The crafters must be in the owner clan, or on the owner's friendly clan list. (friendly clan list members can also contribute to these investments directly if the owner of the port adjusts the parameters to allow it). 3. The owner of the port can adjust the overriding tax percentage rate (max 10% - min 0%) for all taxable trades within the port. 4. The owner of the port can at a price (deducted automatically from tax revenue), increase the amount of trade goods/resources that naturally fall into the port on an ongoing basis. 5. The owner of a port can at a price (deducted automatically from tax revenue), reduce the number of labour hours required to craft anything or withdraw resources (eg from mines/forests) in the port. 6. The owner of the port can set a flexible time window of three hours (cost deducted from tax revenue) in which to defend the port from an NPC Raider attack. COST OF OWNING A PORT 1. Absolute minimum of 4,000 Reals per day - no investments or adjustments whatsoever. 2. To set a defense time window - add 250,000 Reals per day. (expensive) 3. To increase port production of naturally falling goods and resources by 25% - add 5% per day to 1 and 2. 4. To increase port production of naturally falling goods and resources by 50% - add 10% per day to 1 and 2. 5, To reduce number of labour hours required for any crafting activity by 20% - add 10% per day to 1 and 2 6. To reduce number of labour hours required for any crafting activity by 40% - add 20% per day to 1 and 2. HOW TO CAPTURE A PORT Hostility Missions You will notice that the vast majority of the map is currently owned by NPCs, non-player owned. Every Friday maintenance, the developers set up an NPC Raider attack on 9 regional random ports for the weekend. The attacks on NPC owned ports we have no influence on, and are unable to do anything. These attacked ports become owned by Neutral NPCs, and a randomly generated time window of three hours is set for players to launch an attack after the following maintenance.. To commence an attack, a player clan plus allies (with even international assistance if available), must undertake hostility missions on the port. These missions are only available in national flag ports and free ports. The attacking players must generate 100% hostility by sinking Neutral NPCs to activate a port battle 24 hours after hostility is completed. A start time for the port battle is now set. Can be seen in the conquest tab of the map page, or by putting the mouse pointer over the port. The Port Battle For shallow port battles, the largest ship you can take in is a Surprise. Each port has a maximum BR value which the attacking fleet must not exceed. (Eg -a Surprise is BR 130. For a BR 1,500 port, you can take upto 11 Surprises Total BR 1430. You can get more ships in if you wish by adjusting which ships go into the battle according to their own battle rating). For deep water ports, you can take any ship in (minimum 80 BR - Mortar Brig), and (as above) the total fleet composition must not exceed the ports BR level as identified on the map. Arrange your attacking player fleet at the postion you wish to enter the port battle (wind direction is significant). This is not straight forward, as there is a circle which players must be outside of to be able to enter the battle. Each player must click on the swords infront of the port to see the outer circle, and then press ENTER. Groups do not enter as one unit, each player has to enter individually. At some ports, it is almost impossible to see the swords because of land obstructions. Be wary of your start position, and straight line view to the port front. Inside battle, you will meet six enemy NPCs, who start from just infront of the port. They will mostly sail out to meet and engage you. The enemies will be - - shallow port enemies - six random 6th rates. - BR 10,000 ports - six random 4th rates. - BR 20,000+ ports - six random 1st rates. There will be three circles to capture, which if occupied by player ships, will speed up victory in the battle. Once a circle has been captured (and ironically turned into a White Square on the battle interface) and started accruing points, the player ships in it can move out pending return of any NPCs. Watching what the enemy fleet is doing is thus important. Once the player fleet has accrued 1,000 points by any combination of sinking enemy ships and capturing circles, the battle is won. TO BE CONTINUED AND ADJUSTED ACCORDINGLY.
  11. You forgot about the Dubloons and crafting permits required to build a 1st rate.. None of which just magically appear in your warehouse. You have to work for those aswell, unless somebody will either sell or give them to you.
  12. Official hostility window was 19:00 to 22:00. We entered at 19:00, and when we came out of our battle (GB), the Spaniards had already spawned the port battle at 19:01 the following day. This is very unreasonable.
  13. Cornusiac's Tavern ladies in La Navasse are actually quite nice. Mostly.
  14. Both of these suggestions already happen in battle. 1) Enemy warships will chase you regardless of health until they are sunk. 2) All trade ships try to run away. The only difference is the open world attack mechanism. In other words - aggressive ai, which I believe is slated for introduction to both servers.
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