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  1. I can't see how sitting outside a port fishing for ages is improving anybody's performance. It's just..... fishing.
  2. Ortac

    ROE Handbook

    Item 1 in your suggestions in particular would be extremely useful. One example - - Given the volume of dubloons now needed to create and upgrade buildings, the limit of 10,000 in the money chest is a hindrance. Without writing down on paper where I have stored some in warehouses, I have to teleport around to find/recall them, in the process wasting them for no reason other than current game programming. Thus a live scribble pad/personal l.edger is a great idea.
  3. This topic and many similar to it, have been discussed in detail under "Suggestions" a number of times. Unfortunately, Game Labs have indicated that it has no intention at this stage, or in the future, of implementing consensual-only PVP of any kind on the PVE server.
  4. I have to disagree. Think you are somewhat underestimating the intelligence and resilience of the regulars on PVE server. The community as a whole observes a common understanding, not just within nations, but between nations.
  5. I spend most of my time on the PVE server - I hereby confirm my approval of consensual (only) PVP on the PVE server. I do not believe it will affect the atmosphere at all.
  6. One way to make a market for medium cannons is to craft them and undercut/sell by contract against the ai cannons listed in any port. It does work if people can be troubled to do it.
  7. A lot of us do undertake fleet battles together. Both same nation and mixed nation against a common enemy. It's happening all the time.
  8. Bearing in mind that Port Battles are the highest level of fighting in NA. I am thinking that the rewards for participating in, and winning a port battle would be along the lines of ship notes, top level upgrades/books, a quantity of rare woods - these kinds of things. I am not thinking about taking port ownership, as we don't fight eachother on the peace server, and so port ownership has little or no meaning. There is therefore no need or desire to deprive other players of the resources from any port. I'm mostly interested in the workings of a Port Battle, participating, not so much the port itself. Ports have different BR levels and some seem to be more complex to capture. A challenge over and above the straight-up fleet fights we undertake. To be continued in due course.
  9. Port battles are a step-up from regular fleet battles. They require an element of planning, of fleet allocation, of positioning at start, and last but not least, of tactical decisions made during the battle. I, and many others, would like to have the opportunity to have a go at this advanced level of fighting against the AI. - Mechanism already exists on Peace Server for hostility missions. Work it in the same way that it operates on the War server, fighting against AI. - Port ownership does not need to change hands. Stays neutral or original national flag, available to all, in conjunction with the programme the developers have recently announced for future Port activity. - Maintain the same port battle BR limits as the War Server. - Rewards for winning to be commensurate with the challenge. Suggestions welcome.
  10. I would like to see more comprehensive retreat instruction options - - go straight ahead and retreat - turn left 90(degrees) and retreat - turn left about (180 degrees) and retreat - turn right 90 and retreat - turn right about and retreat .... although i suspect the coding of this might be somewhat complex.
  11. I'm guessing that the fleet ship, if told to retreat, tries to find the best point of sail, and will simply continue on that path regardless of whatever obstructions exist, including you and the enemy ships.
  12. I've tried some conventional over-ear headphones whilst operating in Teamspeak, but simply don't feel comfortable. I'm looking for recommendations for some sensibly priced lightweight headphones/earphones with built-in microphone, wired or wireless. Any advice would be welcome. Many thanks.
  13. Hold the left mouse button down over the boarding window, and you can move the window around the screen.
  14. At the start of battle ( the countdown), I couldn't allocate ammunition type to any of the four cannon sectors. Would only activate once battle had commenced.
  15. Ortac

    Victory Marks

    I don't recall which tab it is, but in port it is possible to convert Dubloons to Victory Marks. The conversion rate is 1,000 Dubloons = 1 Victory Mark.
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