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  1. I think it was Patch 25 which encouraged us to move shipyards away from Home/Capital ports, to improve the chances of building higher quality ships. It was also an intention to spread players around the map a bit more. I thought this was a nice touch by the development team. The teleport/passenger charge however, conflicts with this idea in that it is necessary to teleport back and forth to check on warehouse stock for transporting to more distant outposts. As somebody has mentioned above, I also cannot see what the teleport charge actually brings to the game, other than to act as a handicap.
  2. Ortac

    Very Low quality PvP

    You really think two enemy players are going to sit inside a battle for an hour and a half just to avoid a third party enemy?
  3. If battle is near a shoreline, the AI quite often get stranded in the shallows on the shoreline, unable to manoeuvre out. Sometimes half a fleet can do this.
  4. Does the better chance of crafting a "quality" ship in a capturable port still exist?
  5. Ortac


    Another solution to the hugging problem, is the use of Muskets and Pistols. If they are loaded in a skill slot, a button lights up to fire when a ship comes within about 30 yards/metres, with a cooldown/reload timer of say 30 seconds. This doesn't require modelling of a set of swivels on all ships in NA.
  6. Ortac

    Crafted BluePrint Admirality

    Clicking "Use" only unlocks the blueprints. It doesn't produce the items at that point. After clicking "use", you will now have the ability to make the item with additional materials required. You will find the unlocked blueprints in CRAFT > Manufacture.
  7. Ortac

    Economy rework needed

    It would add to the wider economy significantly, if many of the trade goods had a purpose other than just BUY/SELL > PROFIT. Example - The infamous "Textile Machinery" 1. Sneak one in to the port in which you have a workshop. Right-click on the Textile Machinery, menu pops up with an option to "send to workshop". Each textile machine added to workshop (up to say 10 max), provides a percentage reduction in labour cost of all things to do with sail making. Once the Textile machine has been sent to workshop, it can't be retrieved as a trade good. 2. This would convert the textile machines into useful commodities that have a direct relationship to crafting, and thus buying and selling of items usable in ships.
  8. Been having a great time doing different types of missions. All 5th rate, in the trusty Hercules sailing upwind dodging 18 pd & 24 pd cannonballs. Also done three hostility missions against one port with a clan associate, but none of the hostility has shown up in the conquest section drop-downs of the map. I presume this function is disabled.
  9. It takes a while for the most commonly used icons/buttons/tabs to become instinctive. But once there, it's no problem. Haven't yet found any glaring faults or oddities. Cost of mining iron ore is excessive, to put it mildly. (ps - First time in over two years of owning NA I have seen a Santa Cecilia in the flesh in OW. Not only that, an AI ship. Thank you Developers 🙂 )
  10. Ortac

    Boatswain skill book.

    When preparing the boarding function, I have to disengage either gunnery or sail crew allocation to get "Preparation" at, or as close to 100/100 as possible. With the Boatswain skill book installed in a skill slot, does the crew transfer happen faster? Thanks.
  11. A question to the developers I guess - Is there a plan at some point to allow crafting of either random or specific "named" refits into ships such as Madagascar Refit, Boston Refit, Bermuda Refit, that currently only the AI have? Cheers.
  12. Thanks for the responses everybody. It's a game function/mechanic rather than a visual interpretation.
  13. The Herc is the only ship I've used in boarding that doesn't have "Fire Deck Guns" active. I've tried different things before boarding (deactivate gunnery, or sail to free up crew) to see if the instruction will become "live" during boarding, but nothing seems to do it. Any suggestions? Cheers.
  14. It's a pretty dodgy gyro when it's 180 degrees out of sync. :-D
  15. 1. - it is the same issue on both servers. 2. - Take a look at the wind direction in the screenshot outside. It bears no relation to the heading in battle. Thankyou.