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  1. I understand the player will be operating at deck level and able to move around the ship in 3 dimensions. - Will the player be in 1st person, 3rd person, or adjustable between the two? (I am thinking here of Skyrim, where the player can use the mouse wheel to "roll" in to 1st person, or "roll" out to varying degrees of 3rd person. I found this incredibly useful for widening peripheral vision, and reducing the effect of motion sickness in 1st person). Cheers.
  2. Hmmm, I received 17 Vic Marks last Monday.
  3. @admin Today I have received three less Vic Marks than my Lord Protector "Ports" total indicates None of the ports I earned these from have been lost. Is this a bug or is there some other reason?
  4. Feedback - Captured a Diana in an Implacable. My outfit included Redoutable Muskets and Marines 15. A long sequence of surprise attacks gadually whittled down the Diana's crew. She fought in a similar to, or even stronger manner than an Elite ship. The Redoutable muskets were killing no more than 10 crew each time. It took three rounds of surprise Attacks with Diana's morale on only ONE and a fraction of my crew, to finish her off. Both ships were alongside eachother, so you'd expect firing grape from my cannons would do some damage. I got more mast hits than enemy crew in the entire boarding event. Interesting indeed.
  5. On the PVE server the hostility mission battles themselves have become irrelevant. We all know how to sink ships within a specified time. The winners of competitive ports simply need at zero hour to have the fastest fingers on the ESC button > then LEAVE BATTLE. It is down to miliseconds the difference between victory or defeat. For a war game to have battles that are irrelevant is almost oxymoronic.
  6. @admin George Town - Regional County Capital. Is it correct that the BR is 5700 and, NPCs are 1st rates? Many thanks.
  7. @admin Can we please have some clarification on when hostility registers - 1. Is it at the point when each player exits battle? 2. Is it only when the entire fleet has exited battle? Thank you.
  8. The cost of developing and maintaining ports on the PVE server is the same as on the PVP server, but with less than half the population size. This effectively means that every player on the PVE server involved in port ownership and management has to put in more than double the amount of effort to make things work. The grossly over-powered NPC raider fleet rolls into town and will in at least 90% of the time capture the port from the players, destroying one level of each of the crafting bonuses alone. The players then go through the process of recapturing the port, and having to rebuild the lost developments. The prospect of having to do this potentially every two to three weeks, will demoralise even the most committed and time rich of players. @admin- I propose that the raider fleets are toned down to a level at which the PVE server at least has a chance to defend its ports. I would suggest at this stage by maybe 50% by volume.
  9. That is just ridiculous. Would make sense if the devs allowed us to help players, of any nation.
  10. I think this answers the important question. Thank you Revolver.
  11. On the PVE server, players can not do eachother damage. SKULL may have entered the battle, but it would be prudent to know if they could help the raiders by doing damage to the victim. It is as simple as that.
  12. But did the SKULL players help the raider fleet by attacking you?
  13. It will be very difficult for any port owner to get enough experienced 1st rates together in same nation to defend the increased number of 50 point ports (today's patch) against the NPC raiders.
  14. Can somebody please translate this into English for me? Many thanks.
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