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  1. Dear community, please read and follow the good advice. Don't forget about "Kind Words in games reviews" book as well. No offense Urchin
  2. Here is the depictation of GL menaging to sell ice cubes to inuit community Some more pictures from the event Also, here is the written coverage
  3. Cheaper edition and ridiculous edition.
  4. admin will move his clan first and will tip the balance more towards east.
  5. There is no elegant way out of this. Was adding China to the game profitable at least? 3 ways. 1 - Delete some nations ( that will cause upset among some players and probably its not possible with Flags DLC) 2 - Make it possible for 1 nation to totally conquer another one. Defeated nation cant attack conquerors anymore (that will cause upset among some players and would require seasonal map reset - I dont like seasons but there's nothing else besides RvR to do in NA anyway) 3 - Develop more single player, small group content so loosing nations will still have something to d
  6. Borch

    Free TW: Shogun 2

    If anybody still dont have one of the best TW titles, it's free to get on steam atm. https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/34330/view/2199388922833586389
  7. Introduce achievements and deeds including player kills, AI kills, ports visits and conquering, trades done, sailing mileage, cannon ball shot, battle surviving etc etc. Make some differences between achievements and deeds between nations and reward them all with cosmetic stuff, titles, ships, cannons, dublons, CM's etc.
  8. Add OW dropped items that provide ship refits which give ships PB bonuses. 1-2 point max per item. Nations wont be so dependent on crafting ports and more people will sail in OW.
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