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  1. Dear moderators, it seems that my post about chat insult towards me from Mumblink Muttley dissipated before being approved. I haven't received any message in regards to it, but I assume, that this means that it has been not approved and, as such, that You came to conclusion, that calling me, a Pole, while totally unprovoked, a "polish shit", is ok, and does not break any rules? If it was a single occurrence, I would have not reported that, but that guy (formerly "Traveling Tutrle") has a history of being rude in Nation chat. So, I can start calling other people russian shit, spanish shit, german shit etc,. and it will be ok?
  2. Privateer Fleet names have been changed. That is for sure. They are now called "Home Defense Fleet" or something like that. And they are no joke with the port bonuses and (S) woods.
  3. Frenchies flipped Cano Araguabisi. We (VP) went to screen for Frenchies. Unfortunately, we came too late, and Americans already managed to enter the PB by the time we reached the area (they entered the battle long before Frenchies did). At some point an American prince showed up. I was in Redoutable and I tagged him to prevent him from scouting and (hopefully) sink him. In the battle, forts started shooting me, so I went away. He used his speed to take wind advantage on me and continued taging me from distance, dealing no damage at all, not willing to engage in direct fight. I even doped sails at some point but he kept hitting my masts from 400+ range just to keep me taged. Battle was closed by now. At some point he got closer to me. When I started dealing him damage, he sailed away, still taging my sails, having no chance to do any damage. He kept doing that until his friends left the PB. Then, he "suddenly" stopped hitting my sails. All my friends left by that time as, have in mind, we were only there for screening and it was 04:00 AM local time and we found no-one other than that Prince, outside. I left battle as soon as I could and met a full fleet of his friends outside, who has just left the PB and were waiting for me. The whole battle (if You can call it like that), lasted for almost an hour. So - was it a tactical advantage to keep me in battle for over an hour, until his friends leave the PB? maybe. Is it the way, we want this game to be played? I'd say - questionable. Below is a recording of that "fight". I started recording when I got annoyed enough to call it griefing. I was tempted to leave it at 100% speed, so that You could feel the same way I did, but decided to spare You the pain and sped up the video 2x. But if there is someone liking the pain, I can share the video in original speed. Does it qualify as griefing, or is it totally ok to act like that? EDIT: One more thing that, I think is worth pointing out, is His message in battle chat " I translate this to - "don't tag me , or I will be wasting Your time with pleasure". And then, his "ultimatum", 45 minutes into the "battle":
  4. So, an alt clan in nation "A" can now safely grind a hostility on the "enemy" crucial port from nation "B", not even planning to contest the PB, but just to prevent the "actual" clan from nation "A", from flipping that crucial port (PB countdown timer)? Other clans from nation "A" can now do nothing to prevent that. Is that ok? or would that be an abuse?
  5. @SnovaZdorowa You forgot about the "Strong Rig" in Your calculation. Strong Rig gives 7% Mast Thickness. So the calculation is still off. Anyone knows how that works? I just met Dinark's demstable Surp.... And I'm determined to understand how is this mast thickness calculated (and mods in general)
  6. I'm wondering, how is Your internet now @[TOXIC] LoneHunter , while You're in Prussia? Still having connection issues from time to time?
  7. Didn't Russians recently lose Nassau due to not being able to catch NPC before they reached the circles?
  8. So, LoneHunter. I've seen no internet issues from You this time, after You joined Prussian side in that battle. I guess Your internet is fixed now.?
  9. I'm struggling to find words suitable to answer that post, but I'll try 1) It makes sense to have a at least a decent internet connection, when You aim to play online games, especially the competitive PvP ones, as experience of many players may depend on it. 2) As for the second part of Your post, I will ignore it to avoid not on the matter discussions here.
  10. Liq - AI, as You said, tries to escape. That guy stayed depowered, Bow 15 degrees into the wind, with sails parallel to the wind, for more that 15 minutes (just like You see it in the recording). Even AI does not run away like that.
  11. Seems like LoneHunter and the attackers (clan KRAKE) share a good deal of battles alongside each other. Add to that the fact, that Captain R4G3yyyyyy, who was one of the attackers in that battle, used to be LAMA and now is KRAKE. This makes things even more suspicious.
  12. Sure - I understand that there might have been some technical issues. I hope devs would have ways to check and clarify that with the use of the almighty logs In my experience I have never seen such dc behavior, hence the report. If devs confirm, it was not flawed player's behavior, but indeed - technical issues - I will be more than happy, as I'd rather see him as person that wanted to help but was unlucky, than some deviant spy, who deliberately joined just to mess with the defenders.
  13. Dear Devs. Strange things happened in the PB for Cano Araguabisi today at 12:36 ST. On the Polish side, 3 captains joined. At the beginning, all was good, but at some point, after reaching the circles, the only player in 1st rate - LoneHunter from clan XYZ, started reporting connection problems and seems like he went AFK. He had his sails up, but didn't shoot enemy Requins that were swarming him, even dropping sails right at his broadside. Requins continued balling and graping him while he remained silent to all our inquires to him and passive in the battle. We thought he might have gone AFK (he was certainly not disconnected, as his sails were up all the time), but soon as the PB ended, he escaped instantly seconds before sinking, which is a proof that he wasn't AFK after all. That seems shady, although I'm not sure, what could he want to achieve by that behavior, other than filling BR, which would, most certainly, not be filled anyway, but perhaps he just wanted to be 100% sure? Recordings below: Remaining passive despite having sails up and requins attacking him: End result of the battle, showing that he has escaped even before most of the enemies did. Unfortunately I don't have a recording of the whole battle.
  14. Burmistrzu Pucka: First of all - What is Your ingame nick? @Burmistrz Pucka account was created only 5 hours after that thread was published. I wonder what Your real name is. Secondly - I will say that once more and will do that for the very last time. 1) Cano Araguabisi and Cano Macareo where kindly donated to Poland by VP back in days when front-line mechanic allowed these ports to "hide" behind Santo Tome. This was aimed to help our friends - former PRIV members, who decided to stay in Poland after the release, but not only - Poles in general, while they struggled with their ports near French Capital. We did that as we felt sentiment towards Commonwealth as that is where most of PRIV (many of which are ex PFK), started years ago. 2) After front-line system changed, those two ports became vulnerable from GG. Had no timers set and Amercians took advantage of it by taking Cano Macareo. We have immediately started reaching out to contacts in Poland trying to get the clan who owned that last port, to set the timer. We were wiling to donate them money for that. But the clan appeared inactive and therefore we flipped it, still trying to contact them till the very last moment before the PB. An hour before the PB someone from that clan (don't recall the name) contacted me and said that they understand the reasoning, and it's ok for us to take the port in that case. The plan was, from the beginning, to give them another port, perhaps even Santo Tome, once we get rid of the American threat. 3) Once we did, it appeared, that there is noone in Poland willing to spend their time in grinding hostility for the port, to regain it. Literally, that is what they've said - they don't want to waste time on it. In the meantime, Poles, that raged on us after we took the Cano Araguabisi, having no will to understand the full picture behind our actions, spread the hate on us everywhere around, including the Polish nation itself, Nation chat etc (I won't mention the names here). 4) Seeing no will from Poles to cooperate (we hoped, that this was only temporary), we took one final effort to give Poles port back. We switched our alts to Poland only to retake the port for Poles. Our goal behind that was to give them at least one port with Admiralty. We almost got banned in the process , as You kindly mentioned, as we chose a way, that wouldn't cost us too much time, but also, was not 100% within the rules (which we were not 100% aware of at that time). After we got punished for that, port was dropped to Neutral by devs, and we spent WHOLE Freaking day grinding hosti, "the proper way" this time. We got sunk by Brits along with Frenchies while doing that, but continued on until late night in our small ships, as that was all that our alts could crew. And all this while fighting Americans and Russians on other fronts. 5) We finally got the port back for Poles and now Prussians attack it. 6) Today we screened for Poles, and some Pole from AHOY (Geralt of rivia), tagged us outside the Port without any obvious reason other than just being obnoxious (or being Prussian alt?). He chose that rather than joining the PB to defend his own port... We then spent an hour trying to defend the port with alts in the PB. And then, there comes this guy - Pole on Santi - LoneHunter, from clan XYZ. He will get reported soon, as he joined the PB, went into circle and stood there still for the whole battle, allowing Prussians to demolish his crew and hull. And when he was about to sink, battle ended and he immediately escaped. Seems like he wasn't AFK after all, but was simply unwilling to shoot Prussians. Not sure what was his point to join the PB then. And after all this time we spent on trying to provide You with Your own port, we are called the "shady" guys, that are "hiding" behind Polish port. WTF!? "Ungrateful" seems to be waaay too gentle, to describe Your (Polish) attitude. But perhaps You were misled by the anti-VP propaganda shared by some of those Poles, that are unfavorable to us (for the reasons I don't understand), and You simply never got to see the other side of the coin. Hereby - You have it. What You'll do with it, it's up to You (and all other, who share Your view on that matter). Anyway - seems like past is past, now is now. Personally - I'm done helping Poles in ANY way, as apparently my help is not welcome, to say the least. (Just to be clear - that is my personal opinion, not PRIV's nor VP's). Fair winds and happy sailing. EDIT: corrected few typos, added punctuation and changed wording slightly.
  15. Well. this time they "came to help". Like Russians did in '39.
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