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  1. I believe it's exactly the opposite (unless something has changed today). You don't get info about Your enemy, only about yourself.
  2. Your "tag" timer and mechanics works the same as it used to, before the changes. it's only the "opponent" attack timer, that changed. This means, that You still tag yourself, eachtime You hit even one sail with a ball from 10000 km. But in order to reset HIS "tag" timer, You need to deal him a certain amount of dmg within certain time. Unfortunately, unlike it was before, now, You never know, if You actually taged him, or not, as Your timer will always reset with a hit, while his will only reset if that dmg requirement is met. You basically no longer get "enemy tag feedback".
  3. That was just a loose suggestion based on assumption, that this would render highest probability of fitting most players. nothing written in stone Also, only 25 + 25 can join the battle so that also needs to be considered, in case there are too many players form some clans, wanting to join.
  4. On behalf of PRIV - we will gladly join this noble event. Sunday and La Tortue?
  5. Hello. Few days back (26.05.2020) we were chasing Russian Rattvissan (Teak (S) / White Oak (S)) From Fort Zoutman to Willemstad. He sailed directly into Willemstad capital zone (North of the island) and sailed past 5 or 6 VP Homeland Defense Fleets, and none of them tagged him. He wasn't fast at all. Today, I was at french coast on a Bermuda (S) / Mahogany (S) Trinco, full speed upgrades (14,46 kt), and I wasn't able to escape French Homeland Defense Fleet, neither going upwind, nor downwind. This got me thinking if perhaps the VP Homeland Defense Fleets are bugged somehow?
  6. Internal Clan Leaderboard. Similar to the Clan Leaderboard, but containing only players from Your clan. Rationale: This could promote internal competition, as, for many clan members, appearing on the global PvP leaderboard is not achievable due to time they have available for the game (that global PvP leaderboard is basically for hardcore players ). Also, this leaderboard would be weekly-based, not daily-based, as the global leaderboard is. Such internal competition would hopefully increase amount of content, by giving people one more reason to do PvP (or PvE, shall they want to
  7. Battle replay recording. Add possibility to record battles in form of a replay, which could then be replayed afterwards from any perspective. So it's not a movie, but actual full battle replay holding all necessary information to replay the whole battle instance offline afterwards. Like Starcraft II replays, World of Tanks replays and many others.
  8. Fix battle instance map issue, after sinking. Currently, when You sink, the map interface is broken and the click hit boxes are misaligned making it impossible to click on ships on the map. The issue is presented on the video below:
  9. Battle Commander's interface. Naval action, apart from solo/small PvP battles, also has it's obvious, RvR and/or large PvP battles, which can't be performed without proper commanding officer. That officer has a very difficult job today, due to lacking interface. My suggestion is therefore to add a new feature to Battle Instance interface, where a commander could see the status of each ship under his command. The interface would be triggered with a hotkey. The information about each ships would be as follows: Hull/structure status Sail position Sail status (HP and how
  10. DaRho

    Server down

    at least chat works
  11. DaRho

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    ok. there is a topic about that already. sorry - didn't notice (although I've been looking for it) . I'll try to delete my post.
  12. DaRho

    Server down

    EDIT: (removed my post, linking to the main one) No, I was not first. Here is the main post (thx Sekiro):
  13. Dear moderators, it seems that my post about chat insult towards me from Mumblink Muttley dissipated before being approved. I haven't received any message in regards to it, but I assume, that this means that it has been not approved and, as such, that You came to conclusion, that calling me, a Pole, while totally unprovoked, a "polish shit", is ok, and does not break any rules? If it was a single occurrence, I would have not reported that, but that guy (formerly "Traveling Tutrle") has a history of being rude in Nation chat. So, I can start calling
  14. Frenchies flipped Cano Araguabisi. We (VP) went to screen for Frenchies. Unfortunately, we came too late, and Americans already managed to enter the PB by the time we reached the area (they entered the battle long before Frenchies did). At some point an American prince showed up. I was in Redoutable and I tagged him to prevent him from scouting and (hopefully) sink him. In the battle, forts started shooting me, so I went away. He used his speed to take wind advantage on me and continued taging me from distance, dealing no damage at all, not willing to engage in direct fight. I
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