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  1. I guess that's what it's all about. Oh... so it's to add more realism to the game? Good that devs have already handled all major realism-breaking issues like for example, bots sailing though land, which allowed them now to focus on fine-tuning things like this one. What about reals then? Why those are not represented as "physical" items, but still - are used to buy things? They are the currency after all as well, right?
  2. I'm not monitoring forum so sorry in case this has already been asked, but couldn't find anything using search. Just wondering - Doublons stack up to 10k and there is only space for one Doublon stack in money chest meaning - if You have more than 10k, You need to keep some of them elsewhere - Is that a bug or "works as design", in other words - intentional behavior?
  3. I guess this is how those Epic Event buffed 1st rates look like
  4. UPDATE 2 (new post as the screenshot wouldn't fit into the other post due to size limit). I have noticed that not all is right as I have a strange ship in my docks in KPR now: a 5th/4th rate violet Victory with an Ingermanland paint and a lot of swinging bed and elevaing screw refits
  5. Not sure if that is related to user interface, but I have encountered a strange issue today. I went in Indiaman to Barahona to buy some LO. On my way there, I captured a Traders Brig and added it to the fleet. I went to Barahona, created an outpost there, bought LO (~2000) and put it into Indiaman's hold. Then I went to Azua to buy some WO. I also bought some mahogany logs, that were in the shop. Here are my shop logs (first two from Barahona, last 3 from Azua): Since it wouldn't all fit into Indiaman's hold, I split it between Indiaman and Trader's Brig. Now - I remember struggling with the UI for a moment. I will describe it here as I'm not sure how much it has contributed to the issue I noticed on my way back. I had a fleet window open (wanted to repair ships after the battle), and the brig's hold window was above it to the left. The Warehouse hold was on the right not obscured by anything. When I picked up WO from warehouse trying to drag and drop it onto the Brig's hold, the Fleet window became active while I was dragging the item above it and went on top of the Brig's hold leaving just the title of that window visible. I have dropped the item on that title anyway, then I think, I made the window active, moved it to the right so that it was close to the warehouse window, and tried to move the item again, but there was something wrong with it (don't exactly remember what). Anyway, I moved the other item I had in warehouse onto the brig hold and noticed that the item which I dropped in the beginning (the one dropped onto the window title) is actually in the hold (so the drop worked). Next, I left Azua. With the whole fleet (I didn't have outpost built in Azua). Half way into the trip back, I noticed, that I'm not traveling on indiaman, but on Trader's brig. I thought that I must have switched the ships while in Azua doing the whole repair/cargo move stuff. So I opened the fleet window to confirm that and I noticed that instead of an Indiaman and a Traders Brig, I have two trader brigs with exactly the same hold contents in the fleet. It's like that Indiaman I had, was substituted by a copy of the Traders Brig and its cargo. Also, I couldn't open hold of the other trader brig (I can only open one at a time - I assume I should be able to open both if everything was working properly) I reached the KPR and indeed, I have two identical Trader Brigs in fleet instead of an Indiaman and a Trader Brig. What is interesting - I can't select just one of them. When I select one, the other one selects as well. It seems like the game can't distinguish them from each other. UPDATE: I then right-clicked the ships and selected "Set as main". One of the brigs disappeared, and the second one remained with the "Fleet" status (i had no ship with "Main" status at that moment). Then, I selected that Brig again, and used "Set as main" option. Now, it changed the status to "Main" and all seems to be well, despite the fact that I'm one Indiaman and its cargo short.
  6. DaRho

    Loss of all ships at outpost

    Seriously - there is a compensation possible for that??? I have closed my Vieques outpost with a Victory, some purple Santi, if I recall well, some other ships and clan cargo, while moving here just because I was dumb (and maybe drunk a bit), and it never occurred to me as an option to ask for a compensation for that as the game clearly asks and warns You few times, before it lets You close the outpost... But seeing this post it seems like I am dumber than I thought...
  7. Well. I feel like my post below will be like putting a cat among pigeons, as I assume that most of those, who replied above have at least one (possibly more) alt accounts themselves, but.... ..current game mechanics favor players having multiple accounts (where each additional account costs) by giving those players an advantage in the game over those, that didn't spend that additional money. On top of that, Developers seem to have nothing against it.... If that is not Pay To Win, then I don't know, what is. side note - I fully appreciate and admire Lenin's mutlitasking skills as obviously If I had money and 3+ alt accounts, it alone would not allow me to do, what Lenin did in that video. So skill is obviously important as well, at least for this kind of alt utilization. But utilizing atls for the economy does not require skills at all while providing a significant economic advantage over those, that don't use alts. And that is Pay To Win in my humble opinion.
  8. DaRho

    Public "API" for Naval Action

    Thank You @qw569 but I guess I was not precise enough in my question. What I meant is that I would like to check, how many, and which resources do I need to obtain to craft a ship of a certain type (to calculate, for eg. the real production cost). So I look at, let's say, item template 747, which is the L'Ocean Blueprint, and I can see all "ingredients" in "FullRequirements" node. Of course, those ingredients, have their own ingredients and then I need to find those as well, etc, until I reach "raw materials". The problem is, that ships, as opposed to other craftable items, have different "versions" (different frame and planking woods). Depending on choice here, different woods wood framing parts and planking are required, and also - a different amount of those materials, depending on the choice. I was able to find how many framing parts of a certain wood is required depending on wood framing choice ("WoodTypeDescs" node), but I can't find information on the "planking" part. For eg. if I choose L'Ocean Teak / Fir, I can find, how many Teak Framing Parts I need, but not how many Fir Planks I need to craft it. I thought for a moment, that it would be a fixed amount, just a different wood type, but it's not like that and the number of planks needed changes depending on the wood choice, so I'm missing this information in the recipe. Or am I missing something?
  9. DaRho

    Public "API" for Naval Action

    O7. Where do I find Ship planking (trim) recipe data? I could find all recipe data except for that one. For eg. L'Ocean Blueprint (Item ID 747), provides all crafting ingredients information in "FullRequirements" node, and Frame Ingredients in "WoodTypeDescs" node, but I fail to find information on Planking ingredient amounts. What am I missing?
  10. Adding on top of that - shall there be any clans in DK willing to join a non-aggression pact, or even a full alliance, we are of course very much open - please join our discord or contact any of the officers ingame (OjK, DaRho PL, Don Pioman) to agree on terms.
  11. DaRho

    Storm weather in port battles?

    If we're trying to introduce more realism with that change, then let's add a fog of war to the map in battles as well. If You can't see the other ship with Your eyes, You shouldn't be able to see it on the map either. That would be interesting... and battles in such weather conditions would most likely be very boring and ineffective. at least for the attackers
  12. DaRho

    Public "API" for Naval Action

    Yup. I'm familiar with the HTTP headers, it just didn't occur to me to use them to check if the data has been updated already very useful thing to know Thanks
  13. DaRho

    Public "API" for Naval Action

    Quite strange... I checked again a moment ago, and could see differences with my bare eyes. Then used some online comparison tool for URLs (https://www.diffnow.com/) and it has shown no differences... refreshed the pages in browser again, and now they're the same... very odd. Perhaps some cache issue or something. However I checked that on few PCs at my home at the issue was on all of them, now it's gone... Anyway - thanks for the reply. BTW. Did never consider to check the headers to see if the data was updated already. Good idea. Thanks.
  14. DaRho

    Public "API" for Naval Action

    API data on HTTPS not updated during today's maintenance? The HTTP link was updated, HTTPS one seems to be the same as day before. for eg: https://storage.googleapis.com/nacleanopenworldprodshards/Ports_cleanopenworldprodeu1.json http://storage.googleapis.com/nacleanopenworldprodshards/Ports_cleanopenworldprodeu1.json
  15. New nation, new clan, new post, old Vazco.